Anthony’s weekly report

well I haven’t been fishing in almost two weeks but I did have a good fluke around 6lbs up at the highlands. Flounder fishing up there has been great. Allot of guys doing good in the Raritan bay. Some big fluke hanging around up to 12lbers. South jersey has been quiet with a few here and there . Which isn’t good for the duke of fluke this weekend which I will be participating.  I did hear the fortescue was doing very good on big fluke as well . Customer showed us a picture of a 7 and 8lber he caught this. Week in the same day . 

Fresh water fishing has been decent as well. Other than it being a billion degrees outside . If you can stand the heat it’s worth getting out. Chuck and jay have been doing good up the club with a mixed bag.  Penny pack still holding plenty of trout. Justin has been hitting it first thing in the morning and doing great on trout . He said once the sun comes out and it warms up they start to get skitish. Hopefully we have a nice weekend of weather that’s not to hot . Well that’s all I have this week , I will keep u posted how we did in the tournament. Tight lines Anthony



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