Will The Wind Ever Stop!!


Sorry about missing last week but after I got home from the mountains there was so much work to do I never had a chance to sit and type anything out. Up the mountains I had three of the worse wind days fishing in my life. John showed up Tuesday and we headed right to Duck Harbor. We were working on catching a bunch of fish to stock in our pond that took a beating two winter ago. The pond had over 30 inches of ice and oxygen blocked the fish and we lost everything. Tuesday we fished the afternoon with 30 mile and hour winds blowing us everywhere. But we stuck it out throwing trout magnets putting 47 bluegills, yellow perch and golden shiners in the pond. Getting up early Wednesday to beat the wind was not worth it. Heavy rain till lunch so again we headed over mid afternoon. Well this day it was off and on rain with 25 to 35 mile an hour winds. Well we really got beaten up but did end up with 85 mixed fish for the pond. This day I was never so happy to sit and have a beer. Thursday we only had the morning to fish so up early with the wind already blowing and back to Duck Harbor. There was no reason to try another lake. We fished till lunch catching another 35 mixed fish for the pond. Now with all these fish we also had tons of small bass both largemouth and smallmouth, one 3 pound largemouth bass with tons of pickerel 3 to 18 inches. Every single fish was caught on a chartreuse trout magnet. This week it was blowing on Tuesday so I just stayed home and cut the grass. But Wednesday it was one of the nicest days with light wind and plenty of sunshine. Helen and I hit the river by 8 and fished till 1. We ended up with 29 catfish and 2 white perch. Nightcrawlers and shrimp were working best. Most of the catfish were ½ a pound with a few fish 2 to 3 pounds.

Now being away not tons of things to report. The Pennypack had one fisherman picking up 4 trout last week with mealworms, corn and power baits. He was fishing south of the boulevard. One other fisherman in the upper part picked up a few smaller bass with shallow crankbaits and spinners. The lower part of the creek Rich picked up a bunch of small catfish and perch with nightcrawlers with 2 small carp on corn. Several guys fishing the Neshaminy Creek at Homerville Falls and Haunted Lane catching catfish on worms, carp with corn and cornmeal, smaller bass with live minnows. Perkiomen has been very good for smaller bass, bluegills and rock bass with minnows, spinners, shallow crankbaits and small top water lures. It goes for the upper Tohickon.

Fall’s township just one report with Kyle picking up 3 walleyes trolling Rapala’s and walleye divers. He said there were several other guys doing fair on smaller crappies and bluegills with worms, smaller twister tails and minnows. Core Creek bass action slowed up but still plenty of panfish hitting small grubs, spinners and smaller minnows. Chet said plenty of decent crappies a week ago with poppers and small marabou jigs. John is starting to pick up more largemouth bass fishing plastic frogs and smaller plastic worms in the shallow water. Most of these bass are 1 to 2 pounds. Another Nockamixon report with this fisherman picking up plenty of crappies and yellow perch with smaller minnows, twister tails and jigs.

The upper river has really picked up the past week for smallmouth bass. Kevin said the Water Gap has been on fire with 1 to 3 pound smallmouth bass hitting minnows, shiners, crayfish, grubs, top water plugs and spinners. He said the shad are now done and the walleye action is slow. Further down river at Lambertville several guys have been out on the New Hope wing dam picking up 3 to 8 bass and a walleye here and there with live minnows and grubs. Fishing in the rocks above the 202 bridge one fisherman picked up 8 stripers with live eels all 24 to 26 inches. And even below the wing dam another fisherman wading with live eels has been catching stripers 24 to 30 inches. Yardley I had two reports from both not good. First guy fished in the islands catching several bass 6 to 10 inches. The other fisherman working below the railroad bridge only had one decent striper with a popper late Sunday evening. This fish was 32 inches but his only bite.

John on Union is still crushing smaller bass in the pads with weedless frogs and plastic worms. He said plenty of pickerel mixed in. Jerry is still doing well on his 4 ponds in south jersey with crappies, perch and pickerel. He said minnows and grubs are working best. Dennisville one fisherman picked up 19 pickerel Saturday morning all with live minnows. Richie has not been out but said anyone fishing Lenape with catching plenty of pickerel right now. Bill picked up one smaller snakehead on Newton Pond on Saturday. And another fisherman on Evan’s Pond picked up 2 snakehead with live minnows over the weekend.

Well I have not been in the store enough to hear anything on saltwater so I’m going to end it here. Looks like a great Father’s Day weekend so I hope everyone gets out and enjoys it. Bill


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