Anthony’s weekly report

Well last week I got some fishing in. I decided I was going to hit it hard on Thursday. So Wednesday night I hit the sack early . Woke up at 3am and trailered the boat to wildwood. Decided to hit the back bay for some fluke first thing in the morning . Well I fished my butt off and only managed to put 2 shorts in the boat. I fished the grassy sounds area. After talking to a few guys down there it seems that the water was a little to cold still. I believed the fluke were there, but the water wasn’t warm enough for them to bite . Well I fished till about 11, and then I got the call from uncle Ray. Time to get the boat ready we are headed to the drum grounds. Well I pulled the boat and the fun began. We got the boat all ready and around 4pm we pushed off on the miss Addison II. I had the pleasure of fishing with Capt Ray, Rusty from off the hook bait and tackle , and one of the toughest 87 year old men I’ve ever met. His name was Harry.  We got out to the spot at the end of the outgoing and had to battle the wind against tide . What felt like for ever, but about 2 hours of sitting sideways, with all the wrong bites we finally straightened out and it was game on. Harry took the first 2 drum and beat the living crap out of them. Never have I seen an 87 year old fight a 50lb drum like he did. Hat off to him . Even when fighting a fish and the reel broke loose off the rod he kept his cool, and attached the reel back on.  After Harry landed 2 drum I was up . Was fixing a rod when another one in the holder took a weird bend . Handing the rod to ray I said that rod looks weird, probably a horseshoe crab. Ray grabbed the line and agrees with me and starts trying to free the snag/ crab from the line . When not giving we think it’s stuck on a old crab pot and start to try and break it free when all of a sudden the snag woke up. It was a drum that didn’t know it was hooked . I grabbed the rod and began the fight. 15 minutes later I had a nice 60lb drum in the boat. Took some pics, and let her swim away. Next up was Rusty. We told ourselves 1 more and we are out of here. rusty hooked up a few minutes after me and landed the biggest fish of the night a 67 lb drum.  What a good night it was. Happy i was invited and even more happier to see the smiles on everyone’s faces . It was high fives all around all night .  

That was my fishing story for the week. In other shore news, fishing has still been great. Guys are still catching big blues, and some bass mixed in up north. It has slowed down but still picking at them. Also heard of some nice fluke off of the barnegate jetty. Dick was in and said the fishing in brigintine is phenomenal. He said there is fish absolutely everywhere. With tons of striper, blues and a significance amount of drum being caught off the surf. He said whatever u throw out there is getting eatin. Lew Halas was out at wildwood over the last Memorial Day weekend and did very well. He managed to land a 37, and a 43 incher in the north wildwood area. Also seen some pictures online of some guys landing some real nice bass from the same area.
The river has slowed down a bit . With mostly small stripers being caught and tons of catfish. If you are looking for a bigger bass in the river, the trick is to fish at night right now . I would be catching perch or using bunker and fishing deep holes during the hours of the night.  The penny pack still has plenty of fish in it with some small mouth starting to show up. It’s always a fun day wading in the creek when the small mouth are there . Well that’s all I have for this week right lines



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