Anthony’s weekly report

Well fishing has been non existent for me. I have been busy. But they are still catching fish in the river. Allot of smaller fish out there and slots. Haven’t heard of many big fish being caught lately. But I’m sure there are big ones still out there . Allot of guys are switching over to the shore to catch big blues .

 The shad fishing on the upper river has been good. Bruce was up the mountains and said he seen allot of fisherman up towards Portland shad fishing .  Smallmouth has been quiet. Haven’t heard of allot of guys heading out for them .
The shore has been on fire lately. Blues everywhere up north with some bass mixed in as well.  Island beach state park has been great for big blues.  They are crushing them on plugs and bunker. Clams have been working well for bass as well on the beach.  For blues any thing you throw at them they will eat. I suggest bringing swimmers, and bucktails with you if you head down. Heard some days they are on top and others are on the bottom.
The penny pack still has plenty of fish. The handful of guys that are heading down there are still crushing the fish. It’s starting to get hot out so early morning and nights will be best for the creek. I would also be fishing small things. My choice of bait for trout this time of year is wax worm with tiny hook and split shot.  It’s a great time of year to be fishing either salt or freshwater. The fish are out and about feeding . Well that’s all I have for this week . Tight lines . Anthony

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