River slowing down, BUT….


Things are starting to drop off in the striper but it is still not time to give up on them. I was out myself on Tuesday and fished just above the Tacony Bridge. With bunker I ended the day with 10 stripers and 10 catfish. Biggest catfish was 10.1 with lots of 4 to 6 pound fish mixed in. Stripers were 22 and 23 inches for the slots and the rest were smaller fish. Wednesday Helen and I headed out early to one of the nicest days I have fished this year. It was just too bad the fish were not hitting like the day before. Now we still had a pretty good day with a 35-inch throw back, 24 and 25-inch slot fish with 8 catfish up to 7 pounds. These fish came about 1 to 2 fish an hour with long breaks in between. Talking to lots of guys out on Wednesday and it seems we just crushed the fish. Anthony was out for about 6 hours catching a catfish and loosing one striper. Frankie was out early and picked up his first fish about 11 a mid size catfish. Rich was all up and down the river only catching one slot fish. Steve fishing off the dock at Linden had plenty of white perch and smaller stripers all with bloodworms. Another fisherman down at the airport on Tuesday picked up a bunch of smaller stripers and catfish with bunker, clams and bloodworms. Now Frankie was out on Monday catching a 31 and 33-inch striper right where he only caught the catfish on Wednesday. What a difference a couple days makes. Customer just back from Petty’s Island picking up 11 stripers last night all 22 to 29 inches. Fresh bunker and clams working best. Anthony from the store was out all Thursday morning catching nothing. He was fishing right out of Linden Avenue.

Now I had several different reports from the upper river. One fisherman up for shad at Lambertville on Wednesday not catching one fish. So they headed down to Trenton fishing spoons catching all the small stripers you wanted to catch. Several different guys trying to catch shad in the Frenchtown down to Trenton all having no luck. Now Kevin up at the Water Gap said the shad fishing is slowing up but they are still catching 5 to 15 fish an evening. Here the best has been 1/16 darts and smaller shad spoons. Kevin has also been doing very good on smallmouth bass and walleyes fishing grubs, crankbaits, live minnows and fishing a nightcrawlers on the back of a Erie Diaries trolling in 15 to 20 feet of water. Other guys have been doing well on walleyes at New Hope and Point Pleasant with minnows and grubs. This past week was not as good with the higher water. Now I talked to one fisherman at Narrowsburg that hammered the shad last weekend in the rain with spoons and double hook flies. He also caught some smallmouth bass, walleyes and river chubs mixed in.

Trout fishing has still been pretty good for the few guys that are still doing it. At Rhawn Street one fisherman picked up 3 rainbows Monday evening all with yellow power bait and wax worms. One other fisherman out 10 times in the past couple weeks caught 17 trout, 2 smallmouth bass and a un countable amount of bluegills. Mealworms, wax worms and spinner were working best. Woodward Avenue another fisherman picked up a nice 2.3-pound palomino trout on Tuesday with a Rooster Tail. Up at Pine Road they are doing better on smallmouth bass, rock bass and bluegills but they are still catching a couple trout mixed in. Smaller minnows, shiners, spinners, Pin’s Minnows and smaller crankbaits. Core Creek has been still slow for trout but several guys have still been doing quite well on largemouth bass fishing the upper end with spinner baits, rubber skirted jigs, crankbaits and plastic worms. Levittown Lake again been slow for trout but some nice crappies and smaller bass are being caught here. Minnows, mealworms, twister tails and plastic worms working best here. One fisherman up to the Canal picking up a couple trout each trip with power baits, spinners and earthworms.

Fall’s Township Park has been picking up for smaller bass, crappies, perch, pickerel and bluegills. Jim up several mornings this past week fishing power worms, Senko worms and crankbaits. He picked up 11 bass this week 1 to 3 pounds. Keith was up trolling deeper crankbaits for walleye catching 5 pickerel and 2 largemouth bass this past Sunday. A few guys fishing smaller minnows and mealworms off the shoreline have been doing well on crappies, perch and bluegills. A few guys started fishing the Neshaminy Creek just below Core Creek catching some nice smallmouth bass, bluegills and rock bass. Minnows, grubs, spinners working best. Same with the Perkiomen Creek with guys catching the same fish on the same baits. Here the Collegeville section of the creek has been the best yet Denny was up behind the prison catching smallmouth bass 13 to 17 inches on bigger minnows, shad bodies and rubber jerk baits. Joe is still doing very well on catfish, yellow perch and smaller stripers fishing the lower part of the Schuylkill River with nightcrawlers and bloodworms. At the Art Museum several guys are catching smaller walleyes during the evening hours with shad bodies. During the day plenty of smaller stripers and catfish hitting chunked shad, bunker and bloodworms. Above the dam the catfish crew have been catching 10 to 15 fish a night with chicken livers, shrimp and nightcrawlers. They fished hard all week with live bluegills and perch for flatheads with no luck. And Ron fishing above Norristown is starting to pick up some nice smallmouth bass fishing Senko worms and 3 and 4 inch grubs. Rich fishing the lower Pennypack creek did very good on small perch and catfish with nightcrawlers and chicken livers. He tried several mornings for carp with no luck.

Blue fishing down the shore has been hot for the past couple weeks. Derek and Lou have been fishing the canal with diamond jigs, gator spoons and bucktails catching fish up to 8 pounds. Chris has been fishing at night in the Long Beach Island section catching bluefish up and over 10 pounds. He has been fishing allot of pencil poppers and other top water lures. Weezer was up to the Raritan looking for stripers but was happy to troll up a bunch of 4 to 8 pound bluefish. He picked up most of the fish with Moro rigs. Mike and his son were fishing the island on Monday with bunker and mullet. They landed 11 bluefish 4 to 7 pounds with 2 small stripers mixed in. Manasquan Inlet has been another great spot to troll for bluefish and stripers. Mojo rigs, bunker spoons and umbrella rigs have been working best. Most guys are picked up 5 to 10 bluefish for each legal striper. So if your using rubber baits you better supply up well to feed the bluefish. One customer with fresh bunker off Lavallette picked up a nice 21-pound striper off the beach. And he was telling me of a 33 pound fish picked up on a Mojo rig early in the week. Danny said there are some good numbers of weakfish starting to show up in the Fortescue section of the Delaware Bay. He also said some smaller stripers have been picked up with clams and bunker off the beaches. Gary at Reed’s Beach on Saturday picked up 5 stripers and a small drum fish with fresh clams and bloodworms. All the bass were 16 to 22 inches. In the main part of the bay some good size drum fish have been caught fishing clams.

Only talked to a few Jersey freshwater guys this past week. Jerry has been doing the best with pickerel, bass and crappies fishing several different lakes in south Jersey. He is doing best with live minnows. Richie did not get out this week but his buddies are crushing 20 to 24 inch stripers in the lower Egg Harbor River. They have been doing best with bucktails, spoons and poppers. One fisherman at Collin’s Cove on the Mullica said plenty of smaller white perch hitting bloodworms and minnows. There were some nice stripers there a week ago. Further up the river in the Batso section of the river several guys have been catching 14 to 19 inch pickerel with live minnows, Rapala’s and yellow twister tails. John at Union is still fishing the shorelines with spinner baits, plastic worms and top water frogs catching some nice bass and pickerel.

Well I have just run out of time. Nice to see the sun out today but the long time weather is still not looking all that well. Only good part is the cold rainy weather has been keeping the river below 60 degrees. This should keep the stripers in the river a bit longer. Good luck, Bill

Hey guys, The Last BassMaster here. Gravel beach has been a hot bed for 3 to 4 lbs drum, with a 6lbs + pulled right in front of me.
Oyster creek nj, has been a hot bed aswell. White bucktail 1oz-11/2 with with 4″ curl tails have been doing it for me well.
Barnegat light- ship bottom – twin ladies – and last but not least Surf City producing steady stripers, its up to you to find what rips, troths or pocketa are producing , but they are there, and the full moon is not far off.
Please remember to support your local bait shop, and when you get a chance stop by Brinkmansbaitandtackle on your way out to you favorite fishing spots for all your heavy and light tackle needs. And if your in the LBI area specifically Surf City dont forget to stop by and say hi to my good friend John at Surf City Bait and Tackle, for some of the freashest bunker and great veriety for the fisherman on the go in LBI.


One thought on “River slowing down, BUT….

  1. Was out on Falls Township Lake on Wed may 11…Caught 5 walleye on deep diving Wally Diver crankbait…trolling. A few small bass and some crappie as well…I have never seen a pickerel in that lake…been trolling big lures for tiger muskie as well…no luck yet


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