Anthony’s weekly report

Well  the stripers are still out there . been talking to many customer who are still catching plenty of fish. Bunker seems to be the hot bait right now. I. Hopefully going to get out one day this week but we will see if i have any side work. The shad bite up north has been great the past few days . they seem to be coming through in big pods. Fisherman are saying they are having quad hookups at times. The smallmouth fishing has been quiet. Havent heard of many guys fishing the upper river. But the few guys that are,arent Doing much. They are mostly catching walleye.

    Down the shore the bluefish bite has been phenominal. They started around point pleasant and now they are starting to make their way down. Barnegate seems to be the spot now. They are catching most fish on a47 and spoons. Theese fish arent picky . island beach is starting to slowly pick up some good bass . allot of shorts, But some keepers mixed in.

The penny pack still has a ton of fish in it. Only thing is noone is fishing it. The handfull of guys that are fishing are absolutely slaughtering them. If you head down there you will have the stream to yourself . Bob my neighbor said he got his limit yesterday in 15 minutes with his fly rod. He said that they were biting everything . most guys are taking down wax worms. They seem to be the ticket as the weather gets warmer . well thats all i have for the week tight lines . Anthony

Well thursday didnt go as planed . was suppose Hit the mountains to see if i could try my luck on a turkey , but things didnt go as planned . so instead justin and i decided to hit north jersey and see if we could close in on some bluefish. We headed north to our spot in the late afternoon to see people dragging their limit of blues to their truck. Man this is gonna be good . headed to the spot and boom like a switch they turned off . damn. Well thats fishing. I hooked up twice but i like to fish lite , and ended up breaking the fish off. Fished to aroumd 9 at night and decided to call it a night . bad move . got a text from dyl half way home stating it was on fire again. Whell we didnt turn around we said screw it and headed home. Well i guess everyone is pretty depressed right abput now with this dumb rain we have been having. Hopefully this is the end of it.  The shore has been on fire for big blues . all north jersey is litered with them right now. Island beach state park has been doing decent on bass as well. No giants but some good fish mixed in.

The river is still doing good. Fresh bunker has been key. I wasnt able to fish it my days off but a few friends of mine were out and did very well. Frank had 2 fish over 34 inches on thursday. He was fishing a little south of linden avenue . still plenty of fish around. I will be fishing theese fish into late june. Allot of guys don’t believe they are still around then . but the tactics just have to change . have to start fishing at night.  Dont be afraid to head out there . still plenty around .

The lakes are still producing. With plenty of bass pickeral and panfish. Now is that time of year before it gets hot. The pennypack is still loaded with trout. Guys for some reason seem to forget about this once the stripers start. But man there is plenty of fish around. If this rain would stop and it would get a chance to clear out the creek would be phenominal. Karl has been doing great posting pictures on face book everyday with some beautiful trout . for the guys that are going out saying its beautifull because they have the creek to themselves . power baits and wax worms have been working great . well thats all i have for this week. Tight lines  Anthony


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