Fisherman Magazine Update

The Fisherman Magazine’s 50th anniversary special edition went to print on Monday morning – when this May issue hits your mailbox this week, you’re going to find it packed to gills with commemorative features and special 50-year highlights that you may find tough to put down! Features exclusive to the New Jersey and Delaware Bay edition however are geared towards the hot bite – a 55-plus-pound striped bass was chunked up on the Delaware Bay, the linesides continue to feast up on the Raritan Bay and lower Hudson River for the annual spawn, while trophy weakfish turned on in Central Jersey as of Saturday morning (all “how to” and “where to” features spotlighted in this special edition of The Fisherman Magazine). Bluefish blitzes are underway throughout the state with gators in the upper teens, while the first bluefin of the season is reported in to Lewes, DE taken on a ballyhoo behind a blue and white Iland Lure between Poorman’s and the Baltimore just outside the 500 line. The young guns are out in force on the Jersey Shore putting a beating on the stripers and bluefish right now, so we’re pretty sure the next 50 years look about as bright as the first 50! Join us for the celebration and get the latest forecast for this final weekend in April now at



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