Anthony’s weekly report

Well for me it started off great, but now it’s starting to slow down . 2 weeks ago I was on fire with the stripers in the river. This week nothing . Justin’s, Drew and I were out last night up north last night. We fished from 8 to about 1 am without a single bass. We had one run off that was definitely a striper but somehow when the rod went back for the hook set the fish was gone . Other than that I caught a 12lb catfish and Justin got a small guy . Back at it again tonight to see if we can change our luck.

The river has been on fire the past few days, with guys doing great everywhere . Bunker has been the best bait, followed by bloodworms. Billy had one of the best days he ever had on the river yesterday . But I will not go into detail I will let him tell you his story. So get out there and fish. The big boys are still here and they are biting . Fish are being caught from Trenton all the way down to the DOD . They are everywhere. The shad bite has also picked up tremendously . Talking to guys with 30/40 fish days . They said shad spoon are working best .
The penny pack is being stocked again this week , with plenty of fish still in there . It seems the fish have been bigger this year . Allot of quality breeders . We just recieved a order of some really nice waxworks and they are a trouts favorite meal in my opinion. So make sure u stop in and grab some gear to hit them hard this weekend.
The shore has been on fire with big blues off the beach. Friends of mine were on point pleasant area and managed to catch a bunch of blues in a blitz on metal and bait as well. They are catching a bunch of short bass on bait with an occasional keeper mixed in here and there . Island beach has also been a great spot . Well that’s all I have this week . Tight lines Anthony

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