Hit or Miss Week


I wish I had a better fishing report but out on Tuesday for 8 hours with Helen and by days end we caught 3 catfish and a perch. We fished from Burlington Island down to the Tacony Bridge. Big problem this day was the 30 mile and hour wind blowing across and against the tide. Fishing was tough and running the boat was brutal. So Wednesday morning I got up early to beat the wind. I also had to be in work by 9. Well on the river at 5 and the wind started at 6. Good part was the wind and tide were together and fishing was not all that bad. But only picked up 3 catfish, 1 perch and a 5-inch striper. Able to get out of work at 4 I headed right back out. Well I finally found a few bass. Fishing bloodworms in 20 feet of water I boated a 22-inch slot fish, 7 other smaller stripers and a 5-pound catfish. Wanted to stay out till after dark but the wind picked back up and it got so cold I headed home to clean a fish.

Now for as many stripers that were caught last week this past weekend was a bust. Anthony was over at the Rancocas fishing with 30 boats around him. On Saturday he was the only one to land a 15-inch stripers and he said not even catfish were hitting. He was back out on Sunday having the same luck. Several guys from Station Avenue said only one mid size fish caught. Five different reports back from the Tacony Bridge over the weekend without a single fish caught. Off National Park 2 fisherman were out all day Saturday with bloodworms and bunker. They picked up 2 smaller stripers and a catfish. Weezer and Dave fished all night and most of the next day with all kinds of bait not even catching a catfish. The only good reports came from Trenton fishing at night with poppers several 20 to 31 inch fish were taken. And down around the Navy Yard several guys picked up fish 20 to 34 inches with bunker and bloodworms. Now since the weekend several guys started to pick up some bigger fish at night with bunker.

The upper river has been really good the past couple weeks. Several good walleye fisherman had their best week in years. One fisherman off the New Hope wing dam picked up 11 fish in an afternoon all 15 to 20 inches. These fish were all caught with minnows. Tom wading at Point Pleasant landed a 27-inch walleye on a Big O and also had 12 others with 4 smallmouth bass and 2 stripers this past week. He caught these fish with quite an assortment of lures. He talked to several guys that have been doing great on shad fishing under the walk bridge at Bull’s Island. Spoons and darts have been working best. Another fisherman out of Lambertville picked up several walleyes and smallmouth bass fishing above the 202 bridges. He caught fish with minnows, grubs, spoons and spinners. Shad tournament held over the weekend produced lots of 3 to 5 pound shad. I didn’t hear what the winner was. Several guys have been anchoring up below the railroad bridge at the lower tides at Trenton doing very good on 4 to 6 pound shad fishing darts. They are also talking up some pretty good numbers if you can keep the herring off the lines. Kevin up at the Water Gap said the shad dropped off over the weekend but picked up big time Monday evening.

Trout fishing the Pennypack has still been pretty good for the few guys that are still fishing. One fisherman below Pine Road fishing bead head flies, dry white millers and cone head wooly buggers has been picking up 3 to 5 trout a morning mixed in with a few bass and bluegills. A few guys fishing Woodward Road down to the falls at the Boulevard have been catching a few trout with power baits, mealworms and spinners. This creek will be restocked on the 28th of the month. Core Creek has been fair for a few guys fishing power baits, wax worms, spinners and jigs. Mixed in have been white perch, crappies and bluegills. Levittown Lake several guys have been doing fair catching 1 to 4 trout a morning. Power baits, wax worms, mealworms and spoons have been working best. One fisherman at Dark Hallow Road picked up several nice brown trout with Phoebe spoons, Pin’s minnows and small minnows over the weekend. French Creek I had one customer send me a picture of a 21inch palomino trout caught on Friday. He said the fish was 5.2 pounds. I did not hear any reports of the up state opening of trout.

Nockamixon has been very good for bass, crappies, perch and bluegills. John and Robin were up on Sunday catching plenty of nice smallmouth and largemouth bass. Minnows were there hot bait. The other John had another great weekend picking up bass 4 to 6 pound in deeper water. Spinner baits, crankbaits and jigs working best. Ray went up for the first time this year and crushed the panfish along the shorelines. He fished trout magnets, twister tails, beetle spins and mealworms. The lower Pennypack below State Road has still been very good for smaller carp, catfish, perch and stripers. Carp have been hitting carp baits; corn and boilies while the catfish and stripers hitting bloodworms and strip bunker the best. Kenny fished Marsh Creek over the weekend for bass but ended up crushing the pickerel with the few bass he did catch. Fishing spinner baits, buzz baits, poppers and chatter baits he boated 25 pickerel, 4 smallmouth, 2 largemouth bass and a pike that he thought was a musky. FDR Park has still been fair for the snakeheads with lots of bluegills hitting smaller jigs. I got my first report from Ron in quite sometime with him landing 27 bluegills, 1 largemouth bass and a snakehead at the park. Trout magnets, Rogue minnows and smaller spinner baits were working best. He did see a few other snakeheads taken with top water frogs and crankbaits.   The group fishing the Schuylkill River is back at the cat fishing with 10 guys out over the weekend picking up 23 channels and whites. Fishing with a live perch one of them picked up a 36 inch 19 pound flathead. Several guys fishing the lower part of the river have been doing great on smaller catfish, yellow and white perch, carp and stripers. These guys have been fishing bloodworms, nightcrawlers, chicken livers and bagels. One of these guys even picked up a 9 pound flathead with a chunk of chicken livers.

Saltwater fishing has been picking up. One report of several big drum fish caught off the beaches of Wildwood on clams. These fish have been 30 to 40 pounds. Up in the Villas one fisherman picked up several smaller stripers fishing with chunked bunker. Fortescue has also been pretty good for mixed size stripers caught with bloodworms and bunker. Crabbing picked up this past weekend at Barnegat Bay. Bunker, eels and chicken backs working best. Plenty of bluefish 3 to 5 pounds are being picked up in the Sea Isle north section of New Jersey. Spoons, mullet and chunked bunker working best. Raritan Bay still hot for stripers. Bunker spoons, umbrella rigs, shad bodies, snagging and dropping bunker have been working best. I even heard of several nice flounder being picked up in the northern section of Jersey. I hope these fish hold till the season opens. With drum fish on the beach I would think there should be some fishing hitting in the Delaware Bay. Problem is I have not heard a word, good or bad. Back bay of Wildwood there has been plenty of 22 to 30 inch stripers hitting clams. These guys are buying lots of clam chum and bringing the fish to their boats.

Busy day so to get this report out tonight I have to end it here. Some rain coming for Friday but the weekend is looking great again. Sorry about running out of bloodworms last week for a couple days but I had people coming from 30 miles away due to everyone else out of worms. Looks like a good supply of bunker and clams coming tomorrow. Good luck, Bill







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