Fisherman Magazine Update

It was a gangbusters bite on striper on the Raritan last week – however, things slowed down a bit through the weekend and into the early part of this week. As the pendulum swings, with Friday’s full moon looming, it appears that stripers have gone on the feed again mid-week (good news with a pretty good looking weather weekend on the horizon.) The big news from north to south is the invasion of hungry bluefish; some lean racers and a few 10-pound plus gators, but it’s definitively made for an interesting mix in recent days. While Central and South Jersey lips are sealed, word is that tiderunner weakfish are on the prowl, with a recent run on “paler” plastics and terror-eyezing bucktails a good indication of the weakie run underway. Black drum are biting in Great Bay and Little Egg, as well as along the front side beaches, and the April 22 full moon could light the Delaware Bay drum bite on fire a few days earlier than usual this season. First Dream Boat weigh-in of the 2016 season comes by way of a 15.42-pound Cape May tautog, and if the spring season ends anything like the winter season did, you can expect a few more monsters to come to scale before April 30. As The Fisherman Magazine gets set to celebrate our 50th year with a very special May edition going to print on Monday morning, it seems as if the fish gods are smiling down upon us all this anniversary season!



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