Fisherman Magazine Update

It’s been a great couple of weeks for folks chunking and trolling along the Raritan with stripers in the 30- and 40-pound class feeding on bunker. Trophy stripers have also been on the move up the Delaware River with bloods by shore and chunks by many boaters doing the trick with fish in the 40-inch class. In the Great Bay and Little Egg area, dinner-size drum have moved in and are actively sucking down clams from some shorebound hotspots; should keep boaters active along the mussel beds and creek mouths in the next few weeks; the Cape May fleet is still looking to shoot for May 1 to start dedicating trips for drum, but it’s worth keeping an eye on the reports in coming days. With the full moon coming April 22, the weakfish bite seems to already be turning on in key areas of the state; a late report on Thursday morning has “big weakfish” showing in western Barnegat Bay. Bluefish have been active along Delaware beaches and should only be a matter of time before these racers spread out throughout the local rivers, inlets and bays. The regional weather forecast for the weekend and into the start of next week is spectacular offering a banner weekend to kick off The Fisherman Magazine’s season-long Dream Boat Contest for subscribers.



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