Best striper week yet!!

I’m glad most everyone likes the new way I’m doing the fishing report. Sorry for the few that didn’t but you will find it better in the long run. There is a reply link on the bottom where I hope to get more people to post what they did that week. Questions won’t be a problem as long has you don’t need a reply right away. If so just call the store. Also if you want to get a picture posted on web page please send to Trying to get more update photo’s and with all the monster stripers taken this year I hope to get plenty.

Day one met with some of the worse conditions I have seen on the river in some time. I went out with the dog the only one wanted to deal with the weather. Fished from the Tacony Bridge down to Petty’s Island. This day I only caught fish with bloodworms trying clams and bunker with no luck. I ended the day with 2 slot fish and 9 fish 12 to 19 inches. Wednesday Helen went out with me early to a very windy morning. What was nice was the wind laid down sun came out and it was a great day. We fished several different spots catching a 31-inch, 26 inch, 2 slot fish and a bunch of throwbacks. This day it was all bunkers. We also had 2 big catfish 5 and 8 pounds. Now pretty much everyone is doing well up and down the river. Paul and his girls fishing down below the airport picked up several 30 to 40 inch fish this past week. They are catching most of the fish with bloodworms. Frank out on Tuesday picked up a 40 plus inch fish but lost it next to the boat not able to get it into the net. He also picked up several smaller fish. Derek fishing at the Neshaminy Creek had a great week catching a 48, 44 and several other bigger fish all with bunker. Most of these fish are being caught at night. Another fisherman above the Tacony landed a 40-inch fish and then busted off a much bigger fish both on bloodworms. Anthony was out Wednesday night catching a 44 and 36-inch bass both with bunker. John the river guide had a nice 36-inch fish, one slot fish with a bunch of smaller fish. He is catching them with bunker and bloodworms. The Burlington Bristol Bridge has been hot for bigger fish at night with bunker and bloodworms. Down at the airport they have been catching lots of slot fish with some bigger fish mixed in. Here bloodworms seem to be working best. If I had all day I could keep typing how well they did but I think you get the picture. Trenton is another great spot with lots of 20 to 30 inch fish hitting poppers, shad bodies and crankbaits. Some guys are starting to fish bait catching lots of smaller stripers and all the perch you can want. If I had all day I could keep typing how well they did but I think you get the picture.

The upper river has really been great with some higher clear water. The shad fishing from Trenton all the way up to the Water Gap has been great. The lower sections of the river anchoring up leaving shad spoons out the back has been working best. Chartreuse, pink and orange have been the better colors. Most guys have been catching 8 to 20 fish per boat with lots of 4 to 7 pound fish. In the Water Gap section Kevin said smaller spoons and small darts have been working best anchoring up during the day and trolling in the evening. These guys have been catching 15 to 30 fish a day. Most of these fish have been bucks but the rows are just starting to show up. Kevin has also picked up lots of 15 to 19 inch walleyes mixed in with the shad darts. Some good numbers of walleyes are being caught the Point Pleasant down to New Hope section of the river. These guys are doing best with white, pumpkin, watermelon and chartreuse grubs. Charlie had the best numbers wading in the Bryan section catching over 20 fish this past week. He did best with walleye divers, grubs and Cleo spoons.

Trout fishing has still been great but now many guys are doing it with all the stripers in the river. But one fisherman at Rhawn Street picked up a nice 19-inch palomino on a Tsunami spinner. Several guys fishing in the Boulevard have been catching limits of decent trout with mealworms, wax worms, earthworms and power baits. Core Creek I had one fisherman have the best report catching 5 rainbows all with power baits off the point just past the ramp. He also caught plenty of bluegills and perch mixed in. Another fisherman off the dock across from the ramp fishing for crappies picked up 2 rainbows with trout magnets mixed the 25 crappies he caught. Levittown Lake has also been pretty good for trout. These guys have been doing best with power baits, wax worms and spoons. The second trout season opens this coming Saturday.

Core Creek has also been very good for largemouth bass. These guys have been doing the best fishing the upper end with spinner baits, Spro crankbaits, plastic worms and jigs. Some of these bass have been 3 to 5 pounds. Penn Warner has still been very good for perch, crappies, bass and pickerel. One fisherman this morning picked up a 5 and 3 pound largemouth bass both with 5 inch Senko worms. He also had several pickerel 17 to 21 inches. Chuck and Jay have still been doing very good with live minnows catching perch, crappies and bass. John had an exceptional week up at Nockamixon this past weekend for both largemouth and smallmouth bass. Fishing the ledges in 25 to 40 feet of water with spinner baits and rattle traps he boated 11 bass all between 3 and 6 pounds. His biggest was a 23-inch smallmouth bass that weighed 6 pound 4 ounces. He also lost several fish missing the hits on the dropping spinner bait. My Churchville guy was back at it again this week still catching 3 to 4 pound bass with spinner baits and rubber worms. FDR Park one fisherman took my report and headed there with some long body crankbaits. He had a blast catching 2 snakeheads one 22 and the other 24 inches. There were several other fisherman they’re catching bluegills and perch with worms and smaller lures. The lower Pennypack is starting to pick up for carp with lots of smaller catfish, perch and stripers hitting. The carp have been hitting corn, carp baits and boilies. The catfish, perch and stripers have been hitting bloodworms, nightcrawlers and chicken livers.

South Jersey lakes have been on fire with pickerel, perch, crappies and bass. Jerry has been crushing the pickerel and perch fishing minnows at Malliga and Wilson Lakes. Richie said his buddies are getting bigger stripers now in the lower Egg Harbor River. They are doing best with chunked and live bunker, metal spoons, bucktails and SP Minnows. Richie only got out a few time in Lake Lenape catching a few mid size bass and plenty of pickerel with grubs, Senko worms, spinner baits and Rapala Shad Raps. John only fished Saturday morning in a cold wind looking for bass but could not work the shoreline right. So he trolled around picking up a bunch of 12 to 13 inch crappies with 4 inch yellow, white and purple twister tails. Tom got what he was looking for this past week on Lake Hapatcong landing 2 muskies. One fish 41 inches 24 pounds and the other a skinny 37 inch 12 pound fish. He picked both of these fish with Large Whopper Ploppers. He also caught several nice largemouth and smallmouth bass and lots of pickerel. And one other fisherman hitting some of the lakes along Route 9 is picking up some nice bass and plenty of pickerel with live minnows, shiners and worms. Several guys hit Round Valley Reservoir doing quite well with rainbows, browns and lake trout. Minnows, trolling spoons and jigs were working best.

I heard that plenty of bigger bluefish are being picked up in the Sea Isle section. These fish are hitting bunker, mullet, metal spoons, diamond jigs and crankbaits the best. Some of these fish have been 6 to 10 pounds. A few stripers in the Cape May section have been picked up but these fish have all been small. Bunker and live eels working best. The upper Delaware Bay picked up with some 15 to 30 pound bass caught in the Fortescue and Reed’s Beach areas. Clams, bunker and bloodworms working best. One fisherman at Brick picked up a big flounder this past week looking for bass. The fish took a chunked of bunker. This fisherman also had 3 short stripers. The Raritan Bay has been hot for all size stripers. Carl was up on Monday fighting wind but managed to landed 32 stripers from 22 to 41 inches. He picked up most of the fish with Tsunami shad but also had fish with bunker and poppers. If I had all day I could keep typing how well they did but I think you get the picture.

Again I just ran out of time. Great looking weekend on tap for the first time since March. Hope everyone gets out and don’t forget to either send fishing reports or reply on web page and send pictures to so I can post on web page.


Billy I picked up my first big striper fishing down below the Tacony bridge. I fished the bunker on a top and bottom rig and double hooked this 41 inch bass that weighted 34 pounds. Lots of other fish were caught that night. Catfish, perch, smaller stripers and even a yellow perch. See you again on Friday evening. Ted

Out with my son today and we fished down at Veree Road in the fast water. Pinn’s minnows were working best but we also caught fish with panther martins, rooster tails and trout magnets. Chris and kids.

This week I went fishing three times,spent 2 hour’s each day.I fished the same place each time.Caught a crappie every cast yes every cast Wind wasvery bad each time but fishing was great. Only problem crappies were only 7 inches long. private pond New Jersey.  Jimmy k


One thought on “Best striper week yet!!

  1. love the reports. keep ’em coming.
    caught two catfish on gulp blood baits this week in Trenton. I’m still undecided where I’m going tomorrow night after work. ibsp or tuckerton/mystic.



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