Another Cold Windy Week!

Out only one day this past week. It was cold and windy like ever other day I have been out. I had a very good day boating between 30 and 50 stripers, 4 catfish and 2 white perch. Now I lost count on the stripers with so many 5 to 10 inch fish with bloodworms. But I did catch one 25-inch fish that tasted very good. Plus another 19-inch bass, a 6 and 8 pound catfish all on chunked bunker. Then the tide changed and all the boats headed to the ramp with 2 to 4 foot waves on the river. Now all week long I talked to so many people that caught some bigger fish. Most of the fish did come from down river but one 30-inch fish up at Station Avenue, a 44 inch 40 pound fish at the Tacony, one 24-pound fish taken on the New Jersey side of the river at the Burlington Bristol Bridge. These fish were caught with both bloodworms and bunker. Down at the airport most guys have been catching slot fish with lots of throwbacks with bloodworms. And down below the Commodore Barry Bridge several 15 to 30 pound fish are being caught with bloodworms, live eels and bunker. Mixed in have been some 10 to 15 pound catfish.

The upper river shad fishing dropped off with all this cold weather. Now they are still catching shad but not in the numbers they were a week ago. One fisherman at Washington’s Crossing picked up 11 shad on Monday all with pink and chartreuse spoons. And up at Bull’s Island one bank fisherman caught 2 shad and a nice walleye working ¼ ounce darts below the walk bridge. The further up river you go the worse the fishing gets with lots of snow up state melting chilling down the river. Now Charlie up at Point Pleasant did great on walleye over the weekend landed 8 keeper size fish all with white and smoke grubs. Across the river he saw one other fisherman land several walleyes, shad and even a couple smallmouth bass. This fisherman was using minnows and worms.

Trout season opened on Saturday with a bang. Most everyone I talked to that fished the Pennypack all did great. From what I heard meal worms, wax worms, power baits, salted minnows, trout magnets, Berkley trout worms, C P Swings, roostertails, Panther Martins and earthworms were working best. There were several 3 to 5 pound palomino trout caught with one monster brown hooked and lost several times by a couple different fishermen. Anthony seen one guy hooked up for 3 hours with a fish on a fly rod and got broke off in the end. Anthony’s brother had one nice palomino 18 inches caught on power bait. Levittown Lake I only had one report back with this fisherman catching his limit in less than an hour with wax worms floated by a marshmallow. He seen plenty of other guys all doing well with worms, power baits, worms and spinners. Core Creek no trout reports but plenty of guys doing well with perch and crappies fishing twister tails, spinners, mealworms and wax worms. The Delaware Canal lots of fish were caught but they did have a big fish kill on the first bunch of trout put in due to an oxygen block. So either they came back with more fish or enough survived for opening day.

I know it is off limits but I had 2 pictures of bass 5 to 7 pounds caught at Churchville Reservoir this past week. These fish were picked up with rattletraps. John up at Nockamixon had his first good day on bigger bass fishing deeper holes with spinner baits, rattle traps, suspended Rogue crankbaits and jig and pig. Fishing both Saturday and Sunday he boated 9 fish 3 to 5 pounds. John also said plenty of guys are pan fishing around the docks catching plenty of perch, bluegills and smaller crappies with minnows, shiners, twister tails and marabou jigs. FDR Park has been pretty good the past week for snakeheads. One customer was down 4 times in the past week catching 9 fish 19 to 24 inches. He is doing best with top water and sub surface plugs in bright colors. Penn Warner has still been very good for Chuck and Jay catching plenty of crappies and perch with live minnows. Mixed in have been a few bass, pickerel and pike.

Newton Lake in New Jersey has been another great spot if you’re looking for snakeheads. Here they fish have been hitting rubber frogs, crankbaits and surface lures. Here also the bass fishing has been very good with spinner baits, rubber worms and jigs. John at Union told me that the bigger bass are starting to move into shallow water bedding up. Problem is they are hitting nothing. But fishing along the shoreline with spinner baits, twister tails, spinners and other smaller lures plenty of crappies, yellow perch, bluegills and pickerel have been hitting. Nothing of size but plenty of fish. Richie is still catching plenty of pickerel looking for bass with plastic worms, spinner baits and Rapala’s. He did pick up several smaller bass but nothing of size. His buddies fishing the lower Egg Harbor River have been crushing smaller stripers and monster white perch down in the Collin’s Cove section. Minnows, bloodworms, grass shrimp and jigs have been working best. Mercer County Park has started to pick up for pickerel and bass. Here minnows, nightcrawlers and smaller lures are working best. Tom up at Lake Hapatcong is still doing well on bigger smallmouth bass and pickerel trolling jerk baits, large spinners and crankbaits. Again he is out looking for muskies but no luck again. Mullica River has been very good for pickerel, crappies and bass fishing with minnows, yellow twister tails and spinners. Batso Lake has been fair for bass but the over flow at the sawmill has been great for 15 to 19 inch pickerel. Here minnows and twister tails are working best.

I wish I had a saltwater report but with all the heavy winds this past week I did not talk to anyone that got off shore. The only few reports are coming from Salem canal for smaller stripers, white perch and catfish. These fish have been hitting bloodworms, strip squid, minnows and clams. Oyster Creek has been great for stripers 18 to 26 inches. These fish are hitting bloodworms and clams best but several guys are doing well with bucktails, shad bodies, smaller spoons and crankbaits.

Well that is all I have time for this week. Good luck, Bill

My name is Carlos Ramos, I was fishing at Pennypack in the morning of opening day with artificial lures for trout and nothing at all not even a bump. So I left and drove to Brinkmans…got me some night crawlers and scored a 9 inch trout and this 16 and 1/2 trout. Might I add these are the first two trout I’ve ever caught!!!!


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