Big Stripers starting to show up!

Getting an early start on the report this week with trout season starting this coming Saturday. I hope we are way too busy to sit and type out a report. Myself I worked all week so no personal fishing reports from my boat. Talking to several guys that help stock the Pennypack and all said they put several hundred big trout and the rest were all decent 12 to 14 inch fish, And by the looks of the weather it should be a great opening day.

Now the lower river is just getting better and better each week. This week started the big 40-inch fish down river from the airport to the Delaware Bay. And up in these waters several 28 to 32 inch fish were also taken. Over all the bloodworms are still working best but fish are just starting to turn over to bunker. Derek had a great start picking up on 28 inch bass and a nice 12 pound catfish the past couple days fishing at the Neshaminy Creek. He caught both these fish on bunker. Anthony out early in the week picking up over 20 fish with his wife with several nice 16 to mid 20-inch fish. Tim picked up a 32-inch fish at the Tacony Bridge on Wednesday evening on a chunk of bunker. Off the dock down the street one fisherman picked up several smaller fish with bloodworms but said the perch were driving him nuts. At Trenton there have been some decent bass picked up on poppers, crankbaits and shad bodies. Most of these fish have been 20 to 24 inches.

The upper river has been fantastic for shad. At Trenton several guys have been fishing among the bridges with shad spoons catching 5 to 20 fish a day. Most of these fish this week have been the bigger 4 to 6 pound fish. At Washington’s Crossing Frank fished all day Monday picking up over 40 fish all with pink and chartreuse shad spoons. One bank fisherman at the walk bridge at Bull’s Island picked up 9 shad on Sunday with 1/8 darts fished on a teaser rig with a spoon fished above. This is a great way to fish as long has your not getting snagged too much. I even heard of some fish being caught at the Water Gap. Kevin said several guys have been picking up 3 to 8 fish an evening. Now at Point Pleasant Charlie had another great week on w alleye even picking up a few decent smallmouth bass mixed in. This week rattletraps, shallow Yozuri crankbaits and twister tails were working best. One fisherman off the New Hope wing dam had a pretty good evening Saturday catching 2 legal walleyes, 1 24-inch striper and an 18-inch smallmouth bass. Minnows and smoke grubs were working best.

Core Creek several guys did real well on largemouth bass fishing the upper end of the lake. Fishing with Spro crankbaits one fisherman had 5 bass 3 to 4 pounds. Another fisherman working the shoreline with his kayak picked up 9 bass 12 to 15 inches with 4-inch power worms and 3/16 Booyah spinner baits. The lower end has been very good for perch and crappies fishing smaller minnows, mealworms, wax worms and twister tails. And this lake will be stocked with trout for the opening day of trout. Penn Warner still hot for perch, crappies, pickerel and bass fishing off the shoreline with minnows and jigging metal. Several different reports from boat fisherman catching 3 to 6 pound largemouth bass with crankbaits, pig and jigs, jigging metal and spinner baits. One fisherman on Struble Lake had a very good day on bass, yellow perch and crappies fishing with minnows, nightcrawlers, mealworms and trout magnets. He said all the panfish were on the bigger side. On Nockamixon John started his bass fishing this past weekend not doing too much. But he is talking to several guys that have been crushing the perch and crappies with shiners, twister tails and small shad bodies. A couple guys have been fishing the Pausing Creek at State Road catching a few smaller catfish and suckers with earthworms. They have been trying for largemouth with no luck.

No saltwater reports for off shore fishing with all the heavy winds we been dealing with. Now blackfish open back up this coming weekend so I hope the weather allows the boats to get out. Oyster Creek cove several guys have been doing very well on smaller stripers with clams, bloodworms and shad bodies. Most of these fish have been 20 to 24 inches. The Raritan Bay has also been very good for smaller bass but in the next week I would expect some bigger fish to start being caught. But with the high winds not many guys got out on this body of water either. Up the Mullica River Richie’s buddies did very good in Crowley’s Landing cove with stripers and white perch. These did best with bloodworms and strip clam. Richie also seen several guys fishing off the bulk head at May’s Landing catching some bigger yellow perch, smaller white perch, stripers and pickerel. They have been fishing bloodworms, minnows, grass shrimp and twister tails.

Richie has also been out on Lake Lenape catching plenty of smaller pickerel with spinners, spinner baits and plastic worms. He said there were a few bass this past week but all on the small side. John had a pretty good day on pickerel on Union fishing Saturday with twister tails, plastic worms and spinners. He did talk to one fisherman that picked up 3 crappies all close to a pound. These fish were hitting small marabou jigs fished under a slip bobber. Tom had another great week on big smallmouth bass fishing Lake Hapatcong. Now he has been fishing for muskies but is happy catching bass 2 to 4 pounds. This past week surface jerk baits were working best in a yellow perch pattern. Again no muskies even know he did have a couple follow up of fish in the mid 30-inch range. Bill was down to Manasquan reservoir catching plenty of 2 to 4 pound largemouth bass on spinner baits, poppers and plastic worms. He also caught plenty of pickerel mixed in.

Well I have again run out of time. Looking for some new pictures to put on main page of the web sight. So send in your better pictures if you want them posted. Also if you want the report sent right to you mailbox send you e-mail address and I will ad you to the mailing list. Good luck and enjoy opening day of trout. Bill


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