Anthony’s weekly report

Well things are definitely changing for the better. Stripers have showed up in numbers the past few days, but one problem. They are all small. Billy was out today catching a bunch of fish but again all schoolies. Firefighter Anthony has been out for the past 3 days catching a bunch of stripers, biggest being 25inches. So yes I’d say they are showing up. Weezer and myself hit up Trenton last night landing two shad and losing 2. All on flutter spoons. He headed back out tonight but I didn’t hear anything yet. We have bloods in stock and Saturday looks fish able but Sunday look like the hardcore guy will be the only ones you see on the river. Plenty of catfish being caught. Also seen a kid land around 20inch striper at Trenton with a plug. I don’t know if this was a resident or a migratory but I did see it with my own eyes.

Trout week is coming up and make sure you stop in to grab your bait. We have wax worms, mealworms, night crawlers, and earths ready to be used. Plenty of power baits, and spinners. Allot of the local lakes, and creeks are closed for the remainder of March so make sure you pay attention to be you are fishing. Core creek is still open. Even though is stocked yet people are still catching trout.  Also allot of panfish as well being caught up there. Penn Warner has been great for jay and Chuck. They have been catching a variety of fish mostly on Minnie’s. Spring is slowly approaching so dust off the gear and get out there.

Tight lines. Anthony


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