First Striper Of The Season

Had a great week to start golfing and fishing. Wednesday I hit the links for a great day in the 80’s with no wind. Did not help my game out much shooting a 94 to start the season. Thursday I hit the lower river with bloodworms and bunker. The river was 45 degrees, clear but full of debris. It was dead low tide and when it switched I had about 2 hours having a hard time keeping my lines and hooks clear. I had to go to a trolling sinker to keep most of the junk from collecting. Fished with bloodworms and bunker and ended the day with a monster white perch and a 2 pound catfish. One other bite and they was it. Anthony came out later in the day and fished for a couple hours picking up one catfish and a smaller striper. He again had bunker and bloodworms. One fisherman down at the Tacony bridge picked up 2 stripers this past week both under 18 inches. Now the airport has been one of the better places to head with lots of smaller fish taken early in the week with some 20 plus inch fish caught later in the week. These fish all caught with bloodworms. The DOD a 40 inch fish was suppose to be taken. Other than that just a bunch of catfish have been caught with bunker, nightcrawlers, chunked eels and shrimp.

Now the upper river has really picked up. The water level is runner a couple feet above normal but that is allowing the boats to get around much easier. One fisherman at New Hope picked up several walleyes fishing off the Jersey side of the dam with Zoom grubs and minnows. He had 4 keeper size fish all over 20 inches. One other fisherman at night has been doing real well with walleyes, catfish, carp and even picked up a decent size snakehead. Not sure what he was using. Ray has been fishing Bull’s Island catching walleyes with minnows, grubs and crankbaits. He also has been catching catfish and carp fishing nightcrawlers. Charlie tried to fish over the weekend but after a dozen casts found the river a bit high for him to fish. So he headed to the canal catching a few smaller bass with K & E worms. I would think there should be some shad starting to show up in the next week or so. They have been catching them in the Delaware Bay now for a couple weeks.

Penn Warner still hot for perch, crappies, bass and pike. Most of the guys I have been talking to have been fishing live minnows and jigging metal. One guys picked up a couple monster crappies 15 to 16 inches 1 to 2 pounds. These fish were picked up with small tube tails. Chuck and Jay have still been doing great just fishing off the shore line with minnows for perch and crappies. Core Creek has been fair for perch and crappies fishing the main lake. The guys fishing for bass said the fishing slowed up with the warm weather this past week. Noxamixion one fisherman up looking for muskies picked up several pickerel and bass fishing with jerk baits, crankbaits and bigger spinners. Lou and his son were out fishing for panfish doing great with crappies and yellow perch. The caught most of the fish with shiners and twister tails. I had one fisherman say the crappies have been hitting on Levittown Lake but I thought this lake was closed till trout season. ? Fall’s Township Jim took his first trip out catching nothing. He said the water is freezing cold and the bass are too far off shore to catch. Watching one boat out in deeper water catching a couple smaller pickerel.

One fisherman at the Perkiomen said plenty of bluegills have been hitting meal worms, wax worms and smaller twister tails. No bass or rock bass yet. The lower Poquessing one fisherman said there are several suckers swimming around but not hitting a think. He fished earthworms and strip squid looking for a catfish with no luck. At Haunted Lane several guys have been doing good on 2 to 4 pound catfish with bunker, chunked eels and nightcrawlers. Further up the creek at Hulmeville Fall a few smaller largemouth bass were caught with lots of carp swimming around hitting nothing. And in the marina one fisherman did well on crappies and yellow perch fishing off the back of his boat. These fish were caught with minnows and hair jigs tipped with minnows. And several guys fishing the lower Pennypack have been catching some white perch and catfish with nightcrawlers and bunker. Again they are seeing several carp swimming around but not hitting a thing.

Jersey Lakes are still hot for pickerel, crappies and perch. Richie said lots of 12 to 13 inch pickerel are hitting in Lake Lenape on yellow twister tails, Mepp’s silver spinners and minnows. Below the spillway some good numbers of white and yellow perch have been hitting minnows, shiners and grass shrimp. His buddies fishing the lower part of the river have been doing great on bigger white perch and 14 to 18 inch stripers with minnows, bloodworms, Fin-S fish, spoons and bigger Pin’s minnows. Bruce talked to one fisherman on the Mullica river fishing above Crowley’s Landing doing great on bigger crappies. They bought minnows so I figure that is what is working. Batso Lake has still been very good for smaller bass while the spillway has been very good for smaller pickerel. Tom has been fishing Lake Hapatcong for the past month but did not write me not doing a thing. But this past week the water got up to 50 degrees and the pickerel and bass started to hit suspended crankbaits and spinner bait. Now he spends most of his time trolling for muskies but still no luck here. John passed this weekend on Union to vacation in the islands but said his buddy was out on Saturday catching several pickerel, perch and crappies fishing beetle spins along the shoreline.

The only saltwater action I heard this past week was fishing the Raitian and all the river feeding into it for stripers 17 to 24 inches. These fish have been hitting pretty much anything you throw at them. The upper Delaware Bay one fisherman picked up 2 small bass off Fortescue with bloodworms and clams. He talked to one fisherman that was up at Money Island catching a bunch of 12 to 17 inch fish with bloodworms.

Well that is all I have for you this week. 60’s again all weekend so it may be a great time to knock the dust off those fishing rods and head out.

Before sending I headed out again for a couple hours. Got my first striper about 12 inches and another 3 pound catfish. Both on bloodworms. River 48 to 51 degrees in this area.



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