Anthony’s weekly report

Well things are starting to go underway. With reports of stripers being caught. All I can say is if it wasn’t for the pictures I wouldn’t believe it. But yes they are catching some fish and it looks like it’s going to be an early run. Now by no means am I saying they are crushing the fish, but for this time of year they are doing good. Heard they were catching allot of shorts down around the tacony bridge yesterday. Todd caught a bunch of shorts in his spot in jersey and lost a keeper at his feet. Down by the airport the fishing has also been good with a bunch of schoolies being caught over the past few days. I did hear of a 40 inch er down at the DoD a few days ago. So yes things are starting to start up and hopefully within the week some bigger fish will start to show up . Billy went out and didn’t get anything but a perch, and a catfish I believe. And within half hour of him coming in, firefighter Anthony sends us a picture of a schoolie striper he caught right out here . All these fish are being picked up on bloods. This will remain the key bait until the water starts to get warm, and then the fish will turn to meat.
The penny pack is closed right now, and they are getting ready to stock it in the next few weeks. Core creek is still open with plenty of fish being caught there . Pan fish to bass it is a mixed bag. Jay and Chuck have been doing great up pen Warner club. They have been fishing minnows and catching a ton of perch and other pan fish.
Saltwater is the same. We are waiting for the water to warm, and hopefully the blues and bass to show up. Going to get my beach pass again this year, and plan on getting down there and fishing my butt off. Offshore fishing is winding down for now as it gets in to the spring season. Well that’s all I have for this week, tight lines . 


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