Anthony’s weekly report

Still no change, besides the weather. We will be getting blood worms in on Tuesday. This week coming up is going to be phenomenal weather. I have a feeling it will be a start to the run after we get this solid week of warm weather it should start up. Talked to a guy who was starting to catch fish in Salem. So I would say we are not far behind for the river run . They are also catching bunker down the shore which is a great sign . Now all we can do is wait .
Chuck and Jay did awesome the other day up Penn Warner club with a mixed bag. They said they were catching fish every cast. Minnows was the number one bait. Still plenty of panfish up Core Creek. This is one of the only trout lakes you can fish in March . The Pennypack still had fish but is now closed until April 2 which is opening day . Make sure you get all of your rod repair in the next week because once the season kicks off we are going to be extremely busy and it will take longer. We are getting ready for the trout and the stripers starting to get gear in everyday, so make sure you stop in and stock up. Don’t forget to get your fishing license.
Down the shore it is still cod fishing, and offshore . Not much has changed . I need to head down to get my beach buggy pass for island beach. Hopefully it will be a great spring run for the shore as well as the river . Well tight lines and hope to see some of you guys on Tuesday . We will have bloods, and warm weather . Can’t ask for much more . It will be a great week for drowning bait




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