Stripers on everybody’s mind

O. K. Still working on getting web sight and Facebook page switched around. I hope in the next week or so I will be all up and running. Things have been quite slow with lots of business of guys coming in getting new licenses and asking when our fist batch of bloodworms will be in. Looking at the future weather Bruce and I are looking for about the 15th of the month for the first batch. We were thinking this weekend but end of the week snow and rain changed our minds. Minimum we have to order is 80 dozen so we have to be able to sell at least 50 in a week or so just to break even.

Catfish have been hitting in the river with nightcrawlers, bunker and chicken livers. Nothing big but enough action to keep lots of guys heading out. Upper river has been very high and off color the past week. One fisherman did get over to Dredge looking for bass, perch and crappies to strike out on early Tuesday before the rain. He tried jigs, minnows and meal worms. The best action has been Core Creek for some bass, perch, crappies and bluegills with smaller jigs, small Fin-S fish and minnows. Levittown Lake a couple smaller trout have been caught with metal and wax worms. Penn Warner plenty of perch hitting minnows and jigging metal.

The only other action has been Jersey lakes with lots of pickerel, perch and crappies hitting minnows, meal worms and wax worms. Steve on Union picked up a bunch of bigger crappies fishing along the island. Richie said some pickerel have been hitting minnows, shiners and spinners off the docks. Mullica River one fisherman picked up a few smaller pickerel with minnows and twister tails.

The only saltwater action has been blackfish this past week. With the season closing soon most guys have been getting out to put a little meat in the freezer. I seen some pictures of fish 6 to 12 pounds taken in the past couple days.

Well that is all for now. Don’t forget this is a great time to check out your rods for broken guides before the season starts. Remember it takes two weeks to get them done so the sooner the better.




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