Anthony’s weekly report

Things are slowly starting to change for the better. The ice on the local lakes has disappeared and the up state lakes are starting to loose safe ice as well. So spring is slowly creeping around. With Sunday and Monday suppose to me in the 60s. I think allot of guys will get out and give it a shot.
The fresh water lakes are doing really good right now on pan fish. Core creek has been great for crappies, bluegill , and perch. The lower river has been great for catties . Had allot of guys that went out this week, and all said they did well on cat fish. Mostly using cut bait , and clams . Eels are working good for bigger fish .
The ocean report has been the same . Tomorrow and Sunday are the last days for black fish in jersey so get out there while u can. The cod fishing has been good still. But other than that. The salt has been the same . Right now we are just waiting for the river to warm up in the river and the shore, and hoping for a solid spring . We most likely will have blood worms in the up coming week if the weather cope rates with us . Not much has changed but the weather , at least it’s changed for the better . Tight lines


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