Anthony’s weekly report

Well I wish I had tons to report this week. But the truth is its dead right now. In the fresh water spectrum, Jay and Chuck have been doing good up at core creek. They have been catching allot of panfish, and Jay say he saw a giant catty caught there the other day.  He has been using Minnie’s and trout magnets. Theese are working best for him.

The problem were having now is a few days of cold, and then bam warmer . This is making it impossible to have safe ice. One day we have borderline ice, and it looks promising and the next it’s raining and windy. Which means the ice is gone. If you want to ice fish you need to head north. No lower than the poconos. They have been catching plenty of fish up there . On the lower river the catfish are starting to bite better and better every day. Guys are heading out with eels and chunk bait and catching them up. Hopefully this is a good sign and means we’re going to have an early striper run .
Down the shore it’s all offshore fishing. COD has been the number one target in jersey. They are getting them off the party boats. If ya want to make a trip to Maryland, Alex said they are still doing good on blackfish, and some nice ones that is .
Well I wish I had more, but it’s been pretty dead in the store and not hearing much reports . Till next time . Tight lines Anthony

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