Crazy weather

Well one day we have ice next day zero ice . Some days safe some days not. We can’t win at this point because of the weather. Last week was great little Run of ice fishing. Allot of guys were up at core creek fishing through the ice and doing very well. They were catching crappie, perch, trout, and even some bass. Seen some pictures from a customer, and they were all nice fish. But hate to say the ice is definitely not safe right now. The weather has just been insane . One day cold one day hot. I don’t know wether to be happy or sad at this point. I would love to get on the ice, but at the same time if it stays warm we should have an early spring striper run. Allot of guys were doing great up the poconos, and above fishing through the ice. Prompton lake was pretty good to a guy last week. He said they pounded the panfish all day long. I’m not positive on how the water looks like up at core creek, but one thing is for sure, there is definitely fish biting .
Not much in the river except the back coves, and marinas. Theese are loaded with crappie, and perch right now . Idk if they are still frozen or what do to theese past few warm days.
Down the shore has been pretty quiet. COD has been the fish to target as of now. Allot of guys are jumping on the head boats and heading out to try and score on some nice, tasty meat . They are doing pretty good. Mostly on big jigs and rigs . Talked to Alex last couple days and he has been doing good on the porgy IV with black fish . Not sure when that season ends or if it’s even still on. Another customer came In yesterday and said he caught two trout on the fly rod down penny pack a few days ago. He said there are still plenty, just have to look for them. Well I wish I had more to report but this seems to be the slowest Time of year for us. Remember if you have any rods that need to be repaired please drop them off now before it gets to be striper season


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