Sorry For Missing Several Weeks!!


Sorry that I missed several weeks but with the wedding down in Virginia and our work weekend up the mountains Monday was the first day back at work for me. Anyone interested the wedding was just awesome with great weather other than the 100 degrees for the 25 minute outside service, but the rest was held inside a winery and with good friends and new family from England we had a blast. Golfed a couple times down there and played some of the best golf of my life. Shot a 69 with two other guys playing best bass the first day and hooked up with my judo teacher the second day to hit an 82 of a course I only played once. The views on this course made it all worth it. Up the mountains we did what we had to do for the club and really enjoyed all the deer, bear and turkeys we had running around the lawn and different food plots. From what I seen there is 6 different monster bucks hanging around right now.

Missing several weeks was really not a big deal. With all the dry weather fishing has been slow all over. The lower river has still been pretty good for catfish. These fish are hitting best in boats but off the docks and shoreline there are still several fish being caught. Most guys have been doing best with nightcrawlers, shrimp, bunker, chicken livers and bagels. Most of the fish have been 1 to 3 pounds. A few flathead were caught in the lower river in the Betsy Ross Bridge area with live perch, eels and bluegills. These fish have been 17 to 24 pounds. At the arsenal a few 15 to 28 pound carp have been caught with corn, carp baits and boilies. Another fisherman picked up a 24-pound carp in Tullytown Cove with a chunk of bagel. Bass fishing has been slow in the lower river with only a few smaller fish hitting rattletraps and plastic worms.

The upper river before the rains was extremely low, full of weeds and really warm. Now looking at the level after the rain there is not much difference. Even with all the low water the smallmouth bass fishing has still been very good. Most guys have been catching 5 to 25 fish each trip up. Minnows, grubs, tubes, spinner and Senko worms are working best. One fisherman at New Hope picked up a 17, 19 and 21 inch fish last weekend. He also picked up a couple smaller stripers and walleyes all with watermelon and cotton candy Zoom grubs. The one drift fisherman picked up 38 bass, 12 stripers, 4 catfish and walleye last Friday afternoon. He drifted Frenchtown to Byran. Kevin said the Water Gap heated up and has tons of duckweed and floating weed beds. Smallmouth bass fishing has been fair with most fish hitting minnows and spinners the best. Striper fishing dropped off even for the night fisherman.

Penn Warner has been very slow with a few bass, perch and crappies hitting minnows, twister tails, shad bodies and smaller spinner baits. Chuck and Jay have only been picking up perch with live minnows the past couple weeks. John and his father fished for pike with big shiners on Thursday last week only catching on 19 inch 4 pound smallmouth bass. The shopping center lake has been fair for smaller bluegills and catfish. Nightcrawlers and meal worms working best. Fall’s Township I talked to 4 different guys not catching a thing the past week. Jim switched over to Magnolia Lake catching 3 to 5 bass with plastic worms. He said these fish have been 4 to 8 inches. John up at Nockamixon started fishing the deeper water for smallmouth bass catching a couple fish each trip out. Live alewife, shiners and jigs have been working best for these 3 to 4 pound bass. Tom was out to Struble Lake a week ago fishing late afternoon into the evening not having a single bite. He fish all his lures and even had live minnows. Pete at Marsh Creek had a few decent afternoons with yellow perch and crappies fishing shiners and trout magnets.

The creeks have been very good with all the low water. Problem has been most all the fish have been very small. Several guys fishing the upper Pennypack from Pine Road up to Lemur Park. These guys have been catching 5 to 20 fish each trip out with most of the fish being bluegills. But there have been a few smallmouth and rock bass mixed in. Charlie is still fishing the lower Tohickon late in the day doing well on decent smallmouth bass, rock bass and bluegills. Spinners, smaller Fin-S fish, Slug-O’s, and tubes working best. He said with the lower water at Point Pleasant decent amounts of smallmouth bass are being caught with grubs and spinners but with his bad leg he can’t wade the fast water this year. The Perkiomen Creek has also been very good for smaller bass and bluegills fishing spinners, tubes, grubs, small top water lures and smaller crankbaits. Larry fishing behind the prison picked up over 45 bass Saturday with several fish 14 to 15 inches. Tons of bluegills mixed in.

South Jersey lakes have been picking up for the few reports I have been getting. John in Union said some better largemouth bass are being picked up right outside the pads with ½ ounce black jigs tipped with Zoom Brush Hogs. Last Saturday he landed a 22 inch 5 pound 11-ounce fish just before light. That day he also picked up 11 more bass, 17 pickerel and a 1.2-pound yellow perch. Richie buddy’s are sill doing very good fishing the lower Egg Harbor River for bigger white perch, stripers 22 to 30 inches and even catching some good spots. Bloodworms, Fish Bites and Daiwa SP minnows have been working best. Tom has been fishing Lake Hapatcong had looking for muskies, bigger largemouth and smallmouth bass. Well over all fishing has been very slow but he managed to land a 39 and 41 inch musky, 3 smallmouth bass 3 to 4 pounds and a 6 plus pound largemouth bass. Now this all sounds good but he said these fish were caught in the past month with 4 to 10 hours of fishing 4 evenings each week. Lots of time will get you a few nice fish. He has been doing best with jerk baits, trolling large crankbaits and throwing all different top water lures. He also talked to another fisherman that has been doing fair on Farrington Lake doing very good on largemouth bass 1 to 3 pounds with spinner baits, Senko worms, drop shooting all different grubs and tubes and always live shiners.

The only thing I do not have is any good saltwater reports. With all the winds before I headed away most guys had pulled their boats or found it way too rough to head out. But talking to a few guys there have been plenty of spots being caught in the Cape May to Wildwood section with bloodworms and Fish Bites. Atlantic City one fisherman picked up several flounder in the Back Bay with Gulp mullet tipped on a jig head. All these fish were less than 14 inches. Back Bay of Wildwood Steve and his buddies picked up tons of 12 to 15 inch flounder, 12 to 14 inch weakfish all with smaller bucktails tipped with squid or Gulp mullet. Out of Dad’s place one fisherman had a keeper flounder mixed in with 32 throwbacks last Friday. Minnows, squid and spearing were working best. Tons of guys heading to the Chesapeake Bay with spots, croakers and stripers hitting bloodworms and Fish Bites. Most guys hear have been coming home with coolers of fish.

Well that is all I have for you this week. With bow season opening last weekend will give me one more thing to do the next coming months. Hope to get a few to keep the freezer full. Bill


I fished back bay of Wildwood July 31st near Grassy Sound. We used killies and squid with top and bottom rigs. It took less than an hour to catch about 5 flounder but all were about 14 inches…looked like the same fish each time. The day before it was 2 to 3 ft seas so we went out Cape May inlet about 10 miles out to a reef. 2 hours of chum and and bunker for bait we had 2 hits but no hook ups… there were lots of bunker schools out there. Brian B

I subscribe to your report and look forward to the updates to the river as we come from up North and try and get an idea of the conditions before making the trip. The other week we were planning a trip to the CBB at the Talon center however upon arrival we found an event going on and decided to make the trip to Linden Ave. We fought traffic through Philly as there was a game also at the stadium. We arrive at Linden Ave about 8pm and launched a few minutes after 8. There was 1 other boater parked in the lot but we didn’t see him on the water. We anchored near the channel just north of the launch at the green marker so we could keep an eye on the truck. AT 10 pm the police came to the lot and announced for everyone to leave then closed the gates to the lot. 2 minutes later he reopened the gate and drove up to the boater’s vehicles and wrote both of us tickets for illegal parking $41.  The owner of the boat was upset that he got a ticked we packed up and went to the dock however the battery on the boat was dead and it took us several minutes after the ticket was given to get to the dock. After speaking to the Fish and Game and the Philly Parking Authority they explained they have no authority there. I said it was BS because where we live even if the park closes at sunset and boaters have access to the water no one ever bother the fisherman.  The reason I am writing this is I am wondering where these people launch from that they have access to the river after dark? I was told that Neshaminy Marina has access and there is a fee to access the ramp, however that is much farther North than we want to be. Being in a 16 ft boat and only carrying 10 gallons of fuel we feel we will not be able to safely go down and back. We wanted to try night fishing for Cats and since we do well during the day  but have limited schedules it would be great to be able to access the river at night. Dave

Fisherman Magazine Update

Thursday marked the first day of autumn while New Jersey’s fluke season comes to an end on Sunday – it doesn’t get any more official than that! We received late word on Wednesday of the very best fluke fishing of the year out of Belmar with multiple fish from 7-1/2 to nearly 10 pounds, while the fleet along the Raritan Bayshore is sure to be stacked through Sunday on top of the action; Cape May Reef and Axel Carlson remain two of the better producers of good fluke action through the weekend. Speaking of Axel Carlson, the new “Shady Reef” was deployed there on Wednesday in honor of the late John Grady, III, while another old commercial vessel called the Lisa Kim will be deposited this week at Wildwood Reef as the New Jersey artificial reef program continues. In Delaware, the wrecks and reefsites continue to produce a summer flounder bite, and as long as that’s happening it’s still game on for First State anglers where there is no 2016 fluke closure. Of course, both states anxiously await the October opening of black sea bass, while the first reports of stripers being plugged up in the wash are beginning to file in to The Fisherman as peanut bunker and finger mullet begin making their way down the beach. This weekend, join The Fisherman staff at Lakewood Blueclaw Stadium for the Jersey Shore Boat Sale and Expo from Friday through Sunday; that’s presented by the Marine Trades Association of New Jersey.

Reports in to The Fisherman this week have the mullet running down Jersey Shore beaches with false albacore taken in the Ocean and Monmouth County surf – the albies are mixed with mahi a ways off Atlantic and Cape May County beaches at some of the inshore lumps with Clark spoons and feathers bending rods. While Delaware anglers will continue to hammer away at summer flounder for as long as the bite will allow, we’re down to the final days in New Jersey where peanut bunker, snapper blues and bucktails are scoring a few big fish at the local wrecks (at least two true “doormats” over 10 pounds reported mid-week!) A new state record triggerfish was brought in to Shark River Inlet this week, while offshore boats are finding an intensifying chunk bite offshore in between the tropical swells. Those looking to hit the beaches with light tackle outfits this weekend will find flatties taking bucktail and Gulp combinations, with fat kingfish in the wash hitting bloods and Fishbites. A few cooler nights have pushed bait out of local creeks helping prompt the night bite along bridges and sod banks for casters throwing plugs under the cover of dark – the fall run is beginning!

Post-tropical cyclone Hermine was situated about 90 miles SE of Montauk as of early Thursday morning, and was finally expected to move northeast where it should dissipate off Massachusetts by Thursday night. That leaves a slightly brighter offshore forecast window for part of Saturday, however NOAA is forecasting an increase in SW winds to upwards of 25 knots with seas building to 4 to 7 feet by Saturday night. Tuna were definitely left biting before Labor Day, as our most recent offshore report revealed a great chunk bite at the Hundred Square and good topwater at the Bacardi. Those not pressing offshore will be dropping big baits in deepwater structure along the inshore grounds looking for big fluke this weekend; plenty of peanut bunker and finger mullet in the bays, and it’s only a matter of time before things break open out along the front beaches. Big lively baits are a good bet for doormats at the wrecks, while the back bay weakfish action continues to keep light tackle anglers happy especially in Barnegat Bay. Like two stripers passing in the night, New Jersey’s striped bass bonus program kicks off as of September 1, while the Delaware ‘summer slot’ has come to a close as of August 31. A season long Brigantine striped bass and bluefish derby kicks off this week as well!

Anthony’s weekly report

Well yet again fishing has been non existent for me . I have been hunting my butt off for geese . I have been managing to kill a few every trip out. Some days better than others . With bow opened up now I will be switching to that this week and hopefully be able to put some meat in the freezer . The fluke fishing has still been good down the shore . Andrew and Roy were out this week and managed 3 keepers with a bunch of throw backs . The day before Ray had 15 keepers . So the fish are their just  want to bite better one day then the next . With this weekend the fluke coming to an end you might want to get out there for the last hurah . Bass are starting to show up around island beach state park . I mean you hear of a fish here and a fish there which is good . Also a good amount of blues are hitting the beach being caught on plugs.

The Delaware river has been hot hot hot on the small mouth bite. Minnows and grubs are working best . They have been catching fish all throughout the day but the majority are at first light and right before dark. There are plenty of catfish , perch , and little stripers on the lower river . They are catching them on shrimp and bunker . Bigger fish being caught at night due to the heat . But hopefully the weather will break and we will start getting some cooler weather consistently .  For all you trout guys they are stocking the penny pack the second week of October I believe. The fall stocking is never crowded and always plenty of fish . So make sure you get out there . To all you hunters out there good luck this season as archery is upon us . That’s all I have for this week . Tight lines Anthony

Well the fishing for me has been non existent after the hunting season opened up . I have been goose hunting hard every morning with not much to show for it . A few birds here and there but it is was to hot out and no migratory birds around . I did shoot a banded goose last week which I was very happy about.

They are still catching plenty of fluke down the sure . Talked to a guy who caught his limit and some this past Monday out of barnegate . Ray and his dad went out this past week for a boat ride . They broke the inlet and decided it was to rough to fish the ocean . So they tried in the back and didn’t catch a fish . But Raymond couldn’t catch a fish in a barrel so we can’t go off that . South jersey reefs also producing some nice fluke. Island beach state park

Lit up with some big gator blues yesterday off the beach on anything you threw at them . Guys had all the fish you wanted and had a blast.

Up river is still great for smallies . Karl was out with butch and they smashed the fish the last few days . Karl said sinkos have been working best . And the best time is right before dark.

The lower river has still been great for catties and little stripers . Any kind of stink bait will work . My favorite being makrel . Any spot is good down on the lower river if you can stand this heat. But if you want bigger cat fish I would take eels and chunk them at night . Well that’s all I have for this week . Tight lines Anthony !

Well with hunting season approaching fishing has been non existing for me. I’m starting to switch gears over to the hunting . Allot of guys have been crushing the small mouth on the upper river with grubs and minnows . jr was out for a few hours this week right before dark and pounded em and all good fish . The lower river is great for catfish, perch and small stripers. They are doing very well on worms, mackerel and bunker . If your looking for bigger catties night time is when u want to go. They are also catching allot of crabs in the river this time of year .

The lakes have been producing and are only going to get better as the weather changes . Chuck and jay have been hitting pen warmer club and doing great on all species . They are taking a ton of minnows up when they go so I’m guessing that’s been the hot bait .

The shore was great for flounder up until this storm. I don’t know the affect it is going to have on the flounder bite but hopefully it has none . I wouldn’t want to be fishing down there this weekend that’s for sure . Winds are suppose to exceed 40mph. And 8-11 foot seas . Man that’s rough. Hopefully the bite is still there after this weekend but time can only tell . Still plenty of big sharks off the beach . Bunker eels and mackerel are working best . Well that’s all I have for this week tight lines . Anthony

Last Weekend Of The Summer!!


Weather this week kept me close to home. Plus a good dose of ivy poison did not help maters. Lower has not changed much with tons of catfish hitting bunker, clams, shrimp, nightcrawlers, chunked and live eels. Mixed in have been some mid size stripers 15 to 20 inches, with most of these fish being picked up after dark on live eels and live white perch. Some decent carp are being picked up at the Frankford Arsenal 20 to 40 pounds on home made carp baits and all different kinds of boilies. I also had one fisherman pick up a 17, 22 and 31 pound carp fishing just below Fort Mifflin the lower river. He picked these fish with tiger nut carp baits soaked in cram corn. Fishing in the Raccoon creek with live eels and bloodworms one customer has still been doing well on stripers up to 34 inches and catfish 5 to 12 pounds. Live eels and bloodworms are working best. Bass fishing has been slow unless you like catching smaller fish. John fishing plastic worms up in the Burlington section of the river has been catching 3 to 6 bass each trip out but all are under 12 inches. Rick fishing the docks downtown has been picking up a few decent fish 13 to 15 inches with crankbaits jigs and drop shooting different kinds of rubber baits.

The upper river has been in great shape with some great numbers of smallmouth bass being caught. Minnows have still been the best baits with grubs, tubes, Senko worms and spinners also doing well. Most waders have been catching 10 to 20 bass with a few stripers mixed in. The boat guys catching 25 to 50 fish with lots of smaller stripers around the wing dams and bridge abutments. One drift fisherman picked up 87 bass, 2 walleyes and 14 smallmouth bass last weekend fishing from the Water Gap down to Upper Black Eddy. He did best with minnows with grubs picking up a close second. The other guy’s fished Point Pleasant down to Yardley Monday catching 35 bass, 1 walleye and few stripers and perch mixed in. Minnows were best here. Kevin is still doing well on smallies up at the Water Gap with lower water the stripers fishing dropped off.

With all the heat the lake fishing has been very slow. Penn Warner just a few perch, crappies and bass hitting minnows, spinner baits, plastic worms and rattle traps. Jay and Chuck fishing every day have been picking up a few perch and bass with minnows. One fisherman at Core Creek picked up a few decent bass fishing the upper worms with crankbaits and Senko worms. My Churchville guys said a few bigger bass hitting at night with jitterbugs and hula poppers. John switched from Nockamixon over to Galena with a bunch of decent crappies hitting late in the day into the night hours on smaller twister tails, tubes and hair jigs. Several guys fishing FDR Park said just a few bluegills hitting mealworms or earthworms fished under a bobber. The hatcheries have been fair for catfish and bluegills fishing earthworms. Nothing big but great for the kids. Frank did pretty well on Brady’s lake for pickerel, bluegills and even trout. He picked up the pickerel with live minnows; bluegills with trout magnets and the trout were caught just before dark on Rebel Crick hoppers.

Saltwater action has been pretty good up to this weekend. I think this hurricane should put the shore off till sometime next week. But this past week flounder fishing has still been very good off shore with fish 5 to 10 pound are being caught with bucktails with a Gulp grub fished on a teaser rig. Most of these fish are being picked up in 20 to 40 feet of water. Inshore fluke fishing has been very good but the size has not. Most of the guys fishing the back bays and just off shore are catching 15 to 25 fish with 1 to 2 keepers. Here smaller bucktails and 4-inch gulp mullet have been working best. But some guys are still doing well with squid and minnows, spearing and flounder belly. Beach fishing for kingfish has been great in the Cape May up to Brigantine section of Jersey. Bloodworms and Fish Bites are working best. Shark fishing off the beach has been the best in years fishing chunked bunker, mackerel and kingfish heads fished on a wire leader rig. Most of these browns have been 3 to 6 feet. A few more stripers were picked up off the jetties fishing plugs, shad bodies and bucktails. Few guys fishing Long Beach Island jetties looking for stripers last weekend had to settle for a few smaller sharks on live eels. Now all the guys heading south to the Chesapeake Bay have been doing great with spots, croakers, small stripers, weakfish and giant perch. Bloodworms and Fish Bites working best. Down off the coast of Virginia one fisherman had a great weekend with small stripers and croakers all with bloodworms.

One got two jersey freshwater reports this past week with Chris fishing Newton for bass and snakeheads. He fished all day Saturday catching 11 largemouth bass and one 27-inch snakehead. He caught most of the fish with Live Target mouse, Zoom horny toads and Spro weedless poppers. The second report was from Tom’s buddy fishing Lake Hopatcong with big poppers, spinners, metal spoons, spinner baits and Savage eels catching some decent 3-pound smallmouth bass with lots of pickerel mixed in. They have not caught a musky in over 3 months.

Well that is all I have for you this week. I hope everyone enjoys the holiday weekend. I will be missing next weeks report heading to Virginia for the week for our sons wedding. Then I will be heading up the mountains for the next week for a work weekend for our hunting club. So if I miss that weekend also I will say I’m sorry now. Till whenever!! Bill


8/20 was the Flounder tournament at my Marina in West Wildwood. The winner took home $1000 with a 7.07lb flounder using flounder belly.

I have been taking friends and family out fishing the past few weekends near the Brandywine light house in the DE Bay and drifting along with whole bunker. Caught quite a few Brown Sharks all were in the 4 to 5ft range but did get one that was 6ft.  I think we had a nice size Thresher on Saturday as I only saw its tail as it broke off at the boat.  Had a blitz of 16″ snapper blues come by which made for some fun tossing metal. Weird as lots of bunker in the bay and ocean but this past weekend there were none? Did anyone comment on the black flies this past weekend..worst I ever saw(100’s of them) and they bite.

People at my dock keep telling me to eat the sharks…no thanks just enjoy catching. If I got a Mako or Thresher that may have to go in the box. Brian

Fisherman Magazine Update

Mostly sunny skies through much of the region on Friday, but according to the National Hurricane Center, whatever’s left of Tropical Storm Hermine could put a damper on most of the Labor Day weekend festivities in our forecast area by Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully what’s left of Hermine is offshore by Monday, though offshore conditions are dismal with a heavy heave expected for several days. If you can find the window of opportunity this weekend, collect the kids, grab the light tackle outfits and try a little bobber fishing at the docks and bulkheads as snapper blues provide a good bit of family fishing. There are kingfish and a few surprises along the beaches, while many striper addicts have been watching their youngsters have a blast with chumpot blowfish action while also collecting a few spot for the livewells in advance of the fall run. We’re featuring the kids in this week’s video forecast for the New Jersey and Delaware Bay edition of The Fisherman, so be sure to check out the full report to learn how getting them started early can lead to a new fishing partner “forever.” Could be a wet one this Labor Day holiday, be safe and have a wonderful weekend with the family!

Monster Fluke Taken in Past Week


Nice start to the week with some cooler temperatures. But of course that could now hold for a weekend. Myself I hit the links on Wednesday down at Margate. One of the toughest courses I have played in years. Walked off with a 94. Tuesday morning I got up early to beat the heat for both the dog and myself. Just fishing the lower river with bunker and nightcrawlers I picked up 17 catfish. Good thing this week I picked up a few bigger fish. One 6, two 5 and a bunker of 1 to 3 pound fish. They all went into the hatchery. Other fishermen in the lower river have been doing very well on catfish 1 to 8 pounds. A few of the different tournaments fish 8 to 12 pounds have been winning them. For the most fish bunker, nightcrawlers, shrimp, chicken livers and bagels have been working best. For the bigger fish chunked and live eels, live white perch, live bluegills and bigger chunks of chicken and beef livers. John has been fishing above the Neshaminy creek for largemouth with plastic worms catching plenty of fish 8 to 12 inches. He was in a tournament last week where the bigger fish were 13 to 16 inches. Rick has been doing very well fishing the lower river around town for some decent largemouth and smallmouth bass 13 to 17 inches with crankbaits, rattle traps, Senko worms and all different kinds of jigs with rubber trailers.

Lake fishing has been off the past couple week with most fisherman not wanting to sit in boats in the extreme heat. A few guys at Core Creek are still doing fair for perch and bluegills fishing mealworms and smaller twister tails along the shoreline. One local at Churchville showed me some pictures of bass 3 to 6 pounds that he has been catching with rattle traps, spinner baits and crankbaits. He even saw a musky cursing the shoreline several different mornings not hitting a thing. John said plenty of smaller bass on Nockamixon hitting smaller spinner baits and small weedless top water frogs. But most of these fish have been less than 12 inches. John himself took a trip down hearing of all the crappies they have been catching in Lake Galena. Well fishing all morning Saturday with jigs and tubes he picked up 25 crappies 12 to 13 inches all fat thick fish. He said he would be heading back there again this coming weekend. Terry fished lake Warren above Nockamixon catching a few smaller bass with Spro weedless poppers in a lake that is over gown with algae and lily pads. Jim passed up fishing Fall’s Township due to poor fishing. So this week he took a couple morning and fished a few of the smaller lakes around Bristol catching 17 smaller largemouth bass with plastic worms, jigs and smaller poppers. The landscaper hitting the shopping center lake said nothing but bluegills with mealworms and smaller twister tails.

The upper river has picked back up with some lower clear water. Problem now is all the algae and weeds coming down the river from up state. Most guys I have been talking to have been catching 15 to 30 fish a trip with most fish 12 to 15 inches. Grubs, tubes, spinners and live minnows have been working best. One drift fisherman picked up 87 fish coming down from Upper Black Eddy down to Washington’s Crossing. He caught most all the fish with live minnows. Kevin up at the Water Gap has been catching 30 or better smallmouth bass each day. He said top water lures have been working best. At night a few stripers are being picked up with live eels. And Steve fishing the upper part of the river above Long Eddy had a great weekend with rainbow and brown trout fishing midge dry’s and smaller mouse hair bugs. Between him and his buddy they caught 11 trout ranging 16 inches up to 23 inches.

Saltwater action has been very good. Anthony did well coming in second last weekend with a 10 pound flounder. Winner was over 11 pounds. Most of the bigger fish here were caught with bucktails and Gulp grubs. Frank fishing out of Margate had a great weekend with 27 keepers 20 to 27 inches. Most fish weighed in over 5 pounds fishing out of 30 to 40 feet of water. He did best with bucktails, Gulp mullet and strip flounder belly. Don and his brother fishing the back bays of Barnegat catching 135 flounder last weekend. Here they only had 7 keepers. Here smaller bucktails, top and bottom rig with squid and minnows and gulp mullet working best. Fred fishing the back bays of Wildwood had a great day on Saturday catching a bunch of smaller flounder, sea bass, blackfish, porgies and sharks. Nothing of size but a great day no matter. Still plenty of kingfish hitting off the beaches from Cape May up to Brigantine. These guys are doing best with bloodworms and Fish Bites. Also off the beach have been some decent flounder hitting in the wash with smaller bucktails. And also plenty of sharks still hitting during the evening hours with kingfish heads, bunker and mackerel. Most of these browns and tigers have been 3 to 5 feet. The upper Delaware Bay has been another really good spot for bigger flounder. Up at Fortescue they have been boating fish 4 to 8 pounds with bucktails, squid, minnows, strip and live spots. Now I don’t have spots but I have heard more than 10 different guys pick up stripers with plugs, poppers and clams. Most of these fish have been 22 to 30 inches. The Cheseapeake bay is alive with croakers and spots hitting bloodworms and Fish Bites. Most of the guys I have been talking to are catching 100 or better fish each trip. Only one fisherman out of Montauk had a great trip with bigger porgies, sea bass and even picked up a 18 pound cod last weekend.

Now the Jersey reports did not get any better this week. John still catching bass, pickerel, perch and crappies fishing along the shoreline at Union. He is doing best with smaller spinner baits, plastic worms and weedless frogs. Jerry is also still doing well with pickerel and crappies fishing the different lakes in south Jersey. One fisherman crushed the pickerel with live minnows and spinners on Dennisville Lakes. He said most of these fish were 12 to 17 inches. Rich said his buddies are fishing early morning around Collin’s Cove with smaller Yozuri minnows, Fin-S fish and 4-inch shad bodies catching stripers 18 to 28 inches. A few different guys fishing Newton looking for snakeheads had to settle for some smaller bass. These guys were fishing all different weedless frogs and top water frogs. Most of these bass were 12 to 15 inches.

Well that is all I have for you this week. Good luck and enjoy what is left of summer. Bill

Hey brinkman’s wanted to let you know the rod you sold me worked out fantastic. Out of Lovelady we fished 2 to 4 miles out in 35 to 60 feet of water with the 4 and 6 ounce spro bucktails you sold us. We picked up 35 fluke with several 4 to 8 pounds. Best way to tell you how good we did 6 guys all brought home 9 pounds of clean fillets. Biggest on the boat was a 34inch 12.9 pound flatty. Will see you again soon for more bucktails. Gene

Beating the heat was a great idea. We hit Pine road and fished down in some of the deeper holes wading around with 2 and 3 inch twister tails. Did not catch a ton of fish but had sunfish and rockbass enough to keep the kids happy. Now there were tons of fish swimming around just with the heat not much was biting. Stan K

Fisherman Magazine Update

If your freezer’s looking a bit empty, consider a weekend trip to the reefs and wrecks to stock up on fluke filets. The deepwater haunts especially have been producing better numbers of keepers, with improved reports from nearly all the reef sites from Axel Carlson south to Cape May and also the Old Grounds. Big bucktails with 6-inch Gulp! “curly tail” grubs are scoring good fish in tight to the structure, and with the presence of peanuts and snappers you don’t want to ignore the strip bait opportunities. While you’re working those snags, keep a spin outfit and bucktail handy (or a live peanut bunker ready to toss) as mahi have been making a showing in close, with a chicken or two even reported along the beach. Spanish mackerel and bonito are also in tighter to local inlets, with trolled Clark spoons getting the job done. Great weather conditions offshore this week for the MidAtlantic tournament out of Cape May and Ocean City, MD – top fish as of the start of day 4 on Thursday include a 77-pound white marlin (MJOLNIR), a 230-pound bigeye (Pez Machine), and a 432-pound blue marlin (Fantasia.) There are big fish at the canyons, and once the tournament ends on Friday, you should find lighter traffic offshore on Saturday and Sunday with fair winds and calm seas reported by NOAA.