Better Late Than Never


Anyone interested with our store up for sale this is the web sight with all the information.

A bunch of new carp products came in this past week. Good supply of boilies and pop ups plus some other stuff we have been waiting for. Bruce also brought one of his 11-foot fiberglass one-piece surf rods in he is looking to sell. $40.00 for anyone interested. Also I have 2 wooden rod racks that I would like to sell. They go for a 100.00 bucks but will take 75.00 if anyone is interested. Last thing we have had a forklift in the business that we are looking to sell. If anyone knows of anybody please give them our number.

A little bit late this week with getting my last vacation up the mountains till hunting season. We did get out and fished the upper part of the river for smallies doing not so good. We had a perfect weather day and the river was in perfect conditions. Seven-mile drift with 2 of us fishing we ended the day with 10 smallies and a walleye. Now we did see fish all up and down the river but this day they we not biting. Cool part of the day was the 6 bald eagle that we spotting flying around and sitting in trees.

Now the smallmouth bass fishing from the Water Gap down to Yardley has been great. Kevin said evening fishing has been great with different surface lures and 3-inch slug-o. He was out 4 days this past week catching 15 to 27 fish each trip. He said a few smaller walleyes have been hitting after dark on minnows tipped on a jig head or nightcrawlers on a spinner rig. Now the drift guys picked up 65 fish between Frenchtown and Byran. Minnows and grubs working best. Lots of different reports from Lambertville with boat guys catching 20 to 40 fish each trip with the guys fishing off the wing dam catching 5 to 10 bass a trip. All these guys have been catching a few small striper and catfish mixed in. Paul at Washington’s Crossing picked up 19 bass, 6 catfish and a striper on Thursday fishing live minnows and spinners. Tony waded the islands below Yardley catching a bunch of smallmouth bass with lots of catfish and smaller stripers mixed in all with live minnows. He said a few of the boat guys were crushing smaller stripers below the island with smaller poppers and spooks. JR just told me plenty of fish below the New Hope bridge hitting watermelon grubs and minnows Friday evening.

The lower river has been pretty much a catfish bite with fish hitting nightcrawlers, bunkers, chicken livers, shrimp and chunked eels. One fisherman off the docks at the Burlington Bristol Bridge picked up a 14-pound channel with a bunker head. He has been catching some stripers 22 to 28 inches but this past week just this one big catfish. Now there was one flat head picked up down below the Betsy Ross Bridge Monday evening. This fish was 41 inches 31 pounds caught with a live white perch. Bass fishing has picked this past week but all the guys I’m talking to say the fish are all 10 to 13 inches hitting smaller jigs, tubes, shallow crankbaits and plastic worms. Rick was out a couple nights hitting the bar above the Tacony catching 9 bass, 4 catfish and 20 stripers this past week with crankbaits and top water lures.

Schuylkill River catfish has been great with cool nights and warm afternoons. The crew at Gladwyne picked up over 100 fish this past week, 2 to 6 pounds. Most caught with shrimp, chunked bluegills and chicken livers. Ron said the bigger smallies are starting to hit in the upper river but did much better fishing the Perkiomen this past week just below the prison. In the river he has been catching 15 to 20 fish a day on spinners, grubs and 3 and 4 inch Senko worms. In the creek it was minnows, Fin-S fish and dark Case grubs. Below the dam a few guys have been catching some good numbers of walleyes fishing after dark with shad bodies, twister tails and in line spinners. Early in the morning plenty of 12 to 15 inch stripers hitting anything with and under 4 inches.

Lakes I did not hear much from being away. I know John is still catching smaller bass in Nockamixon. Frogs lures and spinner baits working best. He also told me some bigger crappies hitting on tubes and small marabou jigs. Tom had a pretty good day on smallmouth bass, pickerel and yellow perch fishing minnows on Marsh Creek. Still some bass and bluegills hitting in the fish hatcheries with live minnows, mealworms and nightcrawlers. Core Creek Terry had a good day with 3 bass over 3 pounds with crankbaits, jigs and plastic worms. And the main lake still good numbers of smaller white perch on minnows, twister tails and trout magnets. Penn Warner still pretty good with perch, crappies, pickerel and bass hitting minnows, plastic worms, rubber skirted jigs and rattle traps. FDR Park some smaller bass and a snakehead here and there on plastic worms and rubber frogs.

Saltwater action has really slowed up since the flounder season closed up. Now some smaller bluefish hitting mullet, strip mackerel and spoons along the beaches and back bays. Down around Cape May some decent numbers of spots with a croaker here and there on bloodworms and Fish Bites.   Best spot fishing has been in the Chesapeake Bay and along the Delaware state coast. These fish seem to be hitting bloodworms the best. Up off North Jersey and New York some good numbers of bigger porgies hitting clams and strip mackerel. Plenty of small sea bass and blackfish hitting off the jetties but nothing to keep. Crabbing has been pretty good off Wildwood, Delaware Bay and Dividing Creek.

Jersey freshwater is down to one report. This fisherman was on Dennisville catching over a dozen 15 to 19 inch pickerel on yellow spinners and bridge colored Senko worms.

Well that is all I have this week. Bill

Billy, I fished outside the Salem Canal yesterday and could not believe how many fish we caught. We took bloodworms, nightcrawlers, chcicken livers and also fished spinners, mr twisters and different crankbaits. No tru numbers but we had to catch over 50 stripers between 12 and 17 inches. Also had plenty of catfish and white perch with these white perch all close or better than a pound. Awsome day. Eric

At around halftime of the Eagles game Sunday ,I came in with my son who was visiting from Indianapolis for a few days. We headed up to the Lambertville/New Hope area of the river ,as we’ve done countless times over the last 30 years ,with 3 dozen beautifully large minnows and this 4 pounder was our early evening prize. We’ve been in the store many times with friends and family and trust me when I tell you, Brinkmans in it’s current form will be tough to duplicate and sorely missed by the local fishing community. Many thanks for all the fishing knowledge and” large minnows” passed along through the years and I hope you all enjoy good health and happiness in your retirement. John

Hello Brinkman’s,I spent Labor Day Monday fishing for fluke around great bay, NJ. There was talk of one fellow landing a 20″ flounder from the southernmost bridge (one of the many bridges posted ‘no fishing’, haha). Outside of that one keeper fluke only thing I saw anyone, on shore or on boats, bring in was small bluefish. Not a lot of action for a full day of fishing. I got a few bites on the southern kayak launch/nature area but no hook ups. Other fishers were complaining about lots of little blues stealing bait and biting Gulp!s in half but no hook ups. Scott at Scott’s bait and tackle said the bite had been slow but told me the best places to try. I fished the other boat launches on Great Bay Blvd and came up empty. So did everyone else except that one lucky guy on the no fishing bridge. That’s it until next year.Dan


Fisherman Magazine Update

Party and charter boats at the Jersey Shore are still working the grounds on a variety of options this week, from false albacore and bonito, to cod, porgies and ling, with a surprising dose of winter flounder in the north as well. Delaware anglers continue hitting the black sea bass and summer flounder grounds to the south, while everywhere in between blackfish are being scored with regularity both inshore and onshore! While only a one tautog bag limit in New Jersey, jetty jocks have been doing quite well soaking crabs along the inlet rocks, with Central South Jersey anglers especially hitting a few surprise redfish in the mix, as well as triggerfish. It’s a good time to dunk a chum pot with the kids in the back bay for blowfish and fall striper candies (spot), while reports of double-digit bluefish continue coming from Barnegat Bay. Don’t forget the weakfish which have turned on to all these peanuts beginning to flow out the back! Finger mullet are beginning to stack up for the run down the beach, and the tell-tale “V-Wakes” should be appearing soon along your favorite stretch. Match the hatch in this week’s video forecast, and we hope to see you at the Surf Fishing Show at the Huntington Hilton on Long Island this week as well. Get details in this week’s forecast!

Things Slowing Up A Bit But…….


Anyone interested with our store up for sale this is the web sight with all the information.

For those interested we stocked up on Ned Rigs that people have been doing well for smallies and largemouth in the river. Several different colors and a tow size jig heads also in weedless. Bruce also brought one of his 11-foot fiberglass one-piece surf rods in he is looking to sell. $40.00 for anyone interested.

We got out before the rain on Tuesday and had to battle quite a wind blowing right up the river. River was low and crystal clear. Conditions were tough but we still managed to boat 25 fish. Helen had a nice 25-inch striper and the rest were smallies and a couple catfish. Everything was caught on minnows and Zoom grubs. Several other fisherman up on the river that day were all catching fish but again over all it was slow. On the weekend I had several great reports from Lambertville with most guys catching 25 to 40 fish each trip. Also the drift guys came down from Frenchtown to Bull’s Island catching over 120 fish between three guys. They caught most all their fish with minnows but did land a few fish with grubs and spinners.   Kevin up at the Water Gap said fishing up here picked up with a great evening bite with Zara Spooks, Tiny Torpedo’s, 3 and 4 inch Fin-S fish and Senko worms. 4 hours each night he has been catching 20 to 30 fish. Up our place on the river one fisherman came down from Long Eddy to Callicoon catching 47 bass, 1 striper, 4 bluegills and a bunch of river chubs.

Lower River has slowed up a bit for catfish with most guys catching 5 to 10 fish each trip out. Shrimp, chunked eels, bunker and nightcrawlers working best. Rick out bass fishing on Sunday and Tuesday picking up 2 bass each trip with a bunch of small stripers with rattle traps, Senko worms and spooks. Down river a few guys said there are plenty of 15 to 20 inch stripers hitting bloodworms and chicken livers around the bridges. Mixed in plenty of white perch. Down around the C and D canal one fisherman picked up a 29 inch striper with plenty of catfish with a 21 pound flathead all with live eels, chunked eels and bunker heads. He Raccoon Creek fisherman said all catfish this past week with most fish 3 to 5 pounds.

Lake fishing reports are slow this past week. Core Creek one fisherman picked up a 3-pound largemouth with a firetiger crankbait. He also had a friend pick up an 11-pound catfish with a chrome rattletrap. One resident at Churchville picked up a 7-½ pound bass the other night with black buzz bait. He has also been catching plenty of 2 to 4 pound fish with poppers, buzz baits and purple worms. The shopping center lake one fisherman and his son picked up a bunch of bluegills with mealworms. Down the fish hatchery plenty of bluegills hitting mealworms and earthworms. Here a few bass and catfish mixed in. The upper Pennypack several guys catching bluegills, smallies and largemouth bass with spinners, 3 inch Senko worms and shallow crankbaits. Silver lake a few reports of catfish, carp and even a few smaller bass this past weekend. John up at Nockamixon passed on the weekend with way too much traffic. On Friday night his wife picked up a 4-pound largemouth bass with a weedless frog. FDR Park a few guys talking up a few snakeheads on weedless frogs and live minnows and bluegills. The group on the Schuylkill River crushed the smaller catfish just above Gladwin with chicken livers, shrimp and worms. No flatheads this past week. Ron fish up at Reading this past weekend catching 21 smallies and a ton of bluegills fishing trout magnets, grubs and shiners.

Last week for flounder and I hate to say I did not hear a single thing, good or bad. Several surf fishermen picked up some kingfish and croakers fishing Cape May and Wildwood with bloodworms and Fish Bites. Up at Atlantic City in the Back Bay one fisherman picked up a few blackfish and sea bass fishing squid and clams along the rocks. Off the jetties up off Island State Park a few smaller bluefish being caught with mullet and metal spoons.

Newtown Lake one fisherman out looking for snakeheads but had to settle for 5 largemouth bass 2 to 4 pounds. Real bummer! He caught these fish with live frogs right outside the lillypads. John did not fish Union due to the holiday traffic but did well fishing 2 different lakes off Route 50 catching a few smaller bass but crushed the pickerel with Power worms, spinners and bigger twister tails. Stan fished Dennisville catching plenty of pickerel with live minnows and spinners. Jack and his buddies took a couple boats up to Spruce Run and fished in different directions. One boat caught several nice smallies and yellow perch with Senko worms and rubber-skirted jigs. The other boat caught largemouth bass and crappies with spinner baits, crankbaits and plastic worms. A family having a picnic along the Cooper River had a great day catching smaller catfish with hotdogs, slim Jims and worms. They even had a couple carp hooked up but lost due to old line.

Wish I had more to report but that is all I have. Lets hope this new hurricane does not come this way with the rivers and streams just right for bass fishing. Bill

8/31/17 – My 79 yr old Dad and I went out on the morning trip on the OC Princess out of Ocean City MD. Gorgeous day…12 miles out on wrecks fishing with clam strips and frozen minnows.Plenty of sea bass…several keepers. Saw some Flounder come over the rail but only a couple keepers. Saw people catch small sea trout and blues.  The pool winner was the guy next to me with a good size trigger fish. Fun day! – Afterwards we went out for crabs…something about MD crabs that taste better compared to NJ Crabs?

Thanks for the recomendation on heading up to new hope.  we killed it on saturday with 27 bass, 4 stripers and 2 catfish.  minnows minnows and more minnows were the bait of choice.  heading back up again next week depending on the storms.  Think it will still be good?  Harry

Fisherman Magazine Update

One week after Harvey captured national attention, coastal residents are now looking at another monster storm arriving in the Southeast in the form of Hurricane Irma. While thoughts and prayers are with friends and family in Florida, South Carolina and throughout the Island, New Jersey anglers are justifiably incensed at the regulatory storm created by the black sea bass and fluke closure over the Labor Day Weekend. This week’s video forecast for September 7-11 comes from outside the Stafford Township Municipal Building where a standing room only crowd is expected for Thursday after at 4 p.m.; we’ll have more from this meeting later this week at As for the weekend fishing forecast, while Hudson to Baltimore swells are intensifying (4 to 7’s building 6 to 10 by Monday), the inshore striper action is coming alive with live eels scoring fish in the northern region as well as up the Mullica River, while big blues are on the prowl in Barnegat Bay and spike weakfish are feasting on peanuts from the Raritan down into Cape May County. Coastal party boats are mixing it up with bluefish, ling, bonito and porgies where available, while Delaware anglers continue fishing for fluke and sea bass while scoring a few good sheepshead at the walls and rockpiles.

Final Weekend For Fluke


Anyone interested with our store up for sale this is the web sight with all the information.

Friends in from Brooklyn and a rainy Tuesday I was not able to get out at all this past week. Hope to get a couple good days next week to hit the upper river.

Upper river level has come down to a perfect level. And the fishing has been getting better and better. Lots of different reports up and down the river and all have been good. Several guys fishing off the New Hope wing dam catching smallies, catfish and small stripers. Minnows and live eels working best here. Most guys I talked to have been fishing from Bull’s Island down to the Lambertville ramp with most these guys catching 20 to 40 fish each trip out. Lots of 12 to 16 inch fish mixed in with tons of smaller fish. Minnows, grubs, tubes, spinners and Senko worm working best. A few guys drifting from Frenchtown down to Bull’s Island have been catching 40 to 70 fish each trip out. These guys are doing best with live minnows, grubs and spinners. Upper Black Eddy one fisherman picked up 11 bass and a bunch of catfish with nightcrawlers and minnows. Charlie picked up 25 fish in a couple nights fishing white and black poppers in the late part of the day at Point Pleasant. Kevin fishing above the 80 bridges with shiners, grubs, poppers and buzz baits has been catching 25 to 50 fish each trip out. He has also been catching a few walleyes in the late part of the day with nightcrawlers and spinner rigs. Up at Narrowsburg and above a few guys did canoe drifts catching plenty of small bass, rock bass, river chubs and bluegills. Minnows, spinners, grubs and shallow crankbaits were working best.

The lower river still has been pretty good for catfish, with these fish hitting nightcrawlers, shrimp, chicken livers and chunked eels the best. And there are still plenty of small stripers and white perch hitting bloodworms and chicken livers. Fran picked up a 27 pound flathead with a live white perch on Monday evening. Bass fishing has still been slow with lots of smaller fish hitting in the back coves on smaller plastic worms, jigs and chatter baits. The fisherman down in the Raccoon creek said striper fishing really dropped off this past week but plenty of 6 to 10 pound catfish hitting live eels and chunked bunker. There were a few carp picked up off the Frankford Arsenal ramp with corn and carp baits.

Schuylkill River still very good all up and down for carp, catfish, bass and bluegills. Joe told me that there are tons of small stripers, yellow and white perch and smaller catfish hitting nightcrawlers, chicken livers and bloodworms. This is a mile or so below the museum dam. Right below the dam only one fisherman catching a few walleyes and perch fishing twister tails and sassy shads. Up at Gladwyne several different reports. One fisherman picked up 6 carp this past week 16 to 26 pounds. He picked these fish up with different homemade carp baits. The catfish group had another good week with over 100 fish 2 to 7 pounds with chicken livers, shrimp and chunked perch. With live bluegills they picked up 2 flatheads 19 and 22 pounds. Ron came down river one day and fished the fast water above Gladwyne at the bridge catching 19 bass with spinners and live shiners. He also had a good evening catching 11 bass with baby spooks up in the Norristown section.

More good smallmouth bass fishing has been done in the Neshaminy Creek, upper Pennypack Creek and Perkiomen Creek. Several guys fishing from Pine Road up to the Lorimer Park. These guys have been catching smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, big bluegills and rock bass. Minnows have been the best but spinners, grubs and even mealworms are working well. One fisherman down at the Boulevard picked up an 8-pound carp fishing corn last Sunday. Lots of different guys fishing the Neshaminy Creek from Hulmeville Road up to Stone Bridge catching catfish, carp, smallmouth bass, bluegills and rock bass. Minnows again have been the main bait but spinners, grubs, tubes and top water lures working well. At Hulmeville they have been catching mostly catfish and carp. Catfish hitting nightcrawlers and shrimp the best. Carp with corn, carp baits and boilies the best. TJ had a great afternoon fishing the rock at Route One catching over 75 fish on Monday with spinners and small twister tails. Right were Core Creek dumps into the Neshaminy one fisherman had a couple 14 to 15 inch smallies fishing 3 inch Fin-S fish.

Core Creek again has not changed. Just a bunch of small perch and bluegills. Penn Warner a mixed bag with plenty of white perch hitting minnows along the shoreline. One fisherman doing well on both largemouth and smallmouth bass with lots of 16 to 21 inch pickerel fishing large minnows. FDR Park several smaller bass and bluegills hitting small jigs and trout magnets. Nockamixon still fair for smaller bass with several guys talking up plenty of perch, crappies and bluegills hitting small jigs, tubes and meal worms around the docks and different structure. John put in a day looking for bigger bass fishing some of the deep holes with spinner baits, jigs, metal and bucktails to go right back catching the smaller bass with weedless frogs and smaller Senko worms. One guys talking up the lake in Yardley catching a bunch of bluegills and smaller catfish with his kids. Worms were working best. Lots of people have been taking their kids down to the hatchery doing quite well with bluegills with a few catfish and bass mixed in. Nightcrawlers, mealworms, minnows and even lures have been working best. I even had one fisherman hit the little lake back in Eden Hall catching a few bluegills with trout magnets and little inch worms and crickets he found around the lake.

Saltwater reports have been far and few between with all the bad weather and wind we had this past week. Plenty of croakers and spots still hitting down in the Chesapeake Bay with bloodworms and Fish Bites. Some kingfish and smaller croakers hitting off the beach from Cape May up to Atlantic City again on bloodworms and Fish Bites. Flounder fishing is coming to a quick end with fishing still real good when you can get the weather to go fishing. Up off Brielle a few decent blues were caught off the jetties with bucktails and metal. Shark fishing has slowed up quite a bit but still a few fish 4 to 6 feet are being caught with bunker chunks, mackerel chunks, kingfish heads and live eels. Still good reports up off New York and Massachusetts for bigger porgies and sea bass fishing clams, strip mackerel and gulp mullet.

Well that is all I have for you this week. Summer coming to an end but still have plenty of time to get out and get some good fall fishing in. Lets all hope for a great striper surf season to come.


Fisherman Magazine Update

No way to sugarcoat it folks, it’s the final weekend of Jersey Shore fluke fishing for 2017, so make the most of it. Some giants have been registered along the North Jersey coast in the past week, a couple of 12-pounders in front of Sandy Hook and outside of Shark River, with most of the Garden State fleet hitting the wrecks and reef sites hard in the final days. With a passing shot from a tropical system to our south earlier in the week and the effects of Harvey expected to hit sometime after Labor Day it’s quite possible that much of the fluke bite could diminish by this time next week anyway; regardless, boats continue to sail with anxious anglers looking for bluefish, inshore pelagics like Spanish macks and bonito, as well as porgies and triggerfish. Meanwhile stripers and weakfish are beginning to turn on for light tackle anglers choosing their time, tide and tactic correctly – gotta be in it to win they say! Offshore action has been mostly waylaid by a good heave, and while thoughts and prayers are conveyed to family and friends in Texas and Louisiana this week, it’s hard not to selfishly think back to Sandy this week as we keep an eye out on Harvey’s after-effects as it continues moving N/NE. But hey, it’s Labor Day Weekend folks, so go grab an extra day off and catch ‘em up!

Good Smallmouth Bass Fishing Still On


Anyone interested with our store up for sale this is the web sight with all the information.

Only had one day off this week and I took advantage and headed up to Lambertville. River was a bit higher than I liked and a bit off color but still was a great day to fish. I started up at Stockton hitting all my main spots. It took me a couple hours to find the fish right up against the bank between the rock pile and the 202 bridges. 6 hours of fishing I ended up with 33 smallies and 1 catfish. Most of the fish were on grubs but I also did very well with minnows. Several guys fishing the wall just below the ramp catching a few catfish and 8 to 10 inch smallies with worm, minnows and spinners. One other air boat fishing above Stockton told me they picked up about 25 bass, 2 walleyes and a few smaller stripers fishing jigs, tubes and spinner baits. Now further up Kevin said the rain has had the Water Gap a hit or miss place this past week. He has been catching 5 to 10 bass an evening most on top water lures along the shoreline.

Now the lower river has been fair for catfish, carp, perch and smaller stripers. The stripers and perch have been crushing bloodworms if you want to pay the money for these fish. Catfish has been best with shrimp, bunker, chicken livers, chunked eels and nightcrawlers. Down at the Raccoon Creek this fisherman picked up stripers 22 to 31 inches and catfish 4 to 9 pounds with live eels, bloodworms and chunked bunker. He said this past week the real big stripers have left the upper part of the creek. Couple different bass fisherman picked up some smaller bass back in Dredge, Tullytown and Warner cove. The fish hitting plastic worms, lizards and smaller jigs.

Core Creek has not changed with just some smaller white perch and bluegills hitting in the main lake on small jigs, mealworms and smaller minnows. In the spillway just a few smaller perch and all the snapper turtles you could want with minnows and mealworms. Now the upper end I had one bass fisherman pick up an 18 and 16-inch bass both with floating plastic worms. John up at Nockamixon is still doing pretty good on 1 to 2 pound bass fishing buzz baits and plastic worms either in the pads or just outside. He has not had a decent bass in over a month. And he said most everyone has been doing fair with smaller bass, perch, crappies and bluegills fishing off the docks with smaller minnows, twister tails and spinners early in the mornings. Not sure of the name of the lake but a customer just picked up bigger minnows talking about some muskies on a bigger lake just above Nockamixon. Shopping Center Lake was off this past week with two different reports of just smaller bluegills with mealworms. But a few guys hit Silver Lake catching a few catfish and carp with worms and corn. Magnolia still pretty god for smaller bass on shallow crankbaits, smaller spinner baits and 3 and 4 inch Senko worms. FDR Park several guys were down over the weekend catching plenty of bluegills, smaller bass and even a couple snakeheads. One fisherman down in Tinicum Park picked up a few bass with plastic worms and spinner baits.

Schuylkill River has still been good all up and down. Joe down below the dam has been doing great with catfish, yellow and white perch and plenty of smaller stripers. The stripers and white perch hitting bloodworms and chicken livers the best. The yellow perch and catfish hitting nightcrawlers and stink bait the best. Just under the dam one fisherman Tuesday evening picked up a few smaller walleyes and stripers with 3-inch sassy shads. Up at Gladwyne several great reports with catfish with a few flatheads mixed in. The group this week picked up over 100 channels and 1 24 pound flathead. Another fisherman in the same water picked up a few 15 to 22 pound carp on his homemade carp baits. One fisherman below the bridge just above Gladwyne had a great afternoon catching 16 smallmouth bass, 14 catfish and even had a 17-inch walleye. All these fish were picked up with live minnows. Ron still doing well wading Norristown and Reading catching smallies on grubs, spinners and trout magnets.

Tom fishing several days this past week on different Jersey lakes. First day on Spruce Run catching some smallies and crappies along the dam with grubs and Senko worms. Next he headed to Round Valley where he wished he stayed home. This day was windy and they could not control their drifts and was too hard to troll. The next day after talking to me he went down and fished Union Lake. Here he did very good fishing weedless frogs, buzz baits and Whopper Ploppers on largemouth bass and pickerel. He said he landed over 25 fish before lunch. The last day he headed back to Union but found the fishing different. After spending a couple hours fishless he moved out into deeper water fishing jigs tipped with rubber skirts to catching a few smaller bass but had a 26-inch striper. Rough week fishing. John last weekend said the fishing dropped off on Union but still managed to land a dozen or so pickerel on 4 inch yellow twister tails. His one buddy the week before caught a 21 inch largemouth bass just under 6 pounds with a 10 inch purple plastic worm. Mercer County Park a few guys did well with smaller pickerel fishing live minnows. Same with one fisherman on Sicklerville pond catching 12 small pickerel with minnows and spinners.

Saltwater fishing has been pretty good for most guys. Anthony fishing in the big flounder tournament said the big 5 fish were 8 to 12 pounds. Plenty of 3 to 8 pound fish were also weigh in for bragging rights. He said all three days were good for catching keepers along the Cape May reef. Frank fishing the old grounds had a great weekend with fish up to 9 pounds all with bucktails and Gulp grubs. One fisherman at the Barnegat lighthouse said there has been over a dozen 10-pound flounder caught this past month. Now he has been catching his limit each trip but only fish up to 6 pounds. Here bucktails, gulp grubs and mullet with live snapper blues have been working best. Now In the Atlantic City back bays plenty of smaller sea bass, small flounder and even a couple weakfish were caught this past week. Squid and gulp mullet working best on a bucktail or jig head. King fishing has been a mixed bag good one day and not the next. But a few croakers are showing up in the Delaware Bay and along the coast of south jersey. Up north some blues have been caught off shore 1 to 3 pounds with metal and bucktails. And there seems to be lots of snapper blues showing up with all the small metal I sold this past week. This past week the Chesapeake Bay picked up with lots of decent size spots, croakers and perch. These fish hitting bloodworms and Fish Bites. And up off New York and Connecticut some good size sea bass and croakers hitting clams, bloodworms, squid and Gulp mullet.

Well that is all I have for you this week. Looks like a great weekend coming up so I hope everyone is able to get out and do a little fishing before summer comes to an end.