Saltwater Action Picking Up!!


I’m really sorry about missing the past couple weeks but I was able to get away to the mountains for a week and a half with Helen and we really took advantage of it. We did go up mainly for the week of muzzle loader season but the extra few days were nice to relax and get a bit of work done. It was also Helen first trip up state all year with all her health problems. So now the wedding is over and her hunting season is done so she will be heading to the doctors to see what procedures she will have to go through in the near future. Now for hunting we had one of the toughest week of my life. Weather was great up to the last day where it rained all day. Nice warm afternoon seemed to bring all the bucks, turkeys, raccoons, bears, squirrels and everything else but does out. We hunted 6 days only getting one doe the last 10 minutes of the season in the pouring rain. Oh well. Down here I saw my first white doe hunting the woods around New Hope. Pretty cool!

Up to last week business was very slow and the reports seem to follow. But this past week business picked up and so did most of the fishing. Pennypack was one of the hot spots with some of the nicest trout taken in some years. Bruce said there were plenty of 14 to 19 inch fish taken with power baits, wax worms, mealworms, trout magnets and spinners. Welsh Road, Woodward Avenue, Veree Road and Pine Roads were the better spots. Most guys have been catching 2 to 5 fish each trip. Also some decent catches of rock bass and bluegills mixed in. Two different repots from Levittown Lake both guys catching a limit of 10 to 13 inch rainbows with wax worms, minnows and Kastmasters. Core Creek for trout has been slow but I have a few guys doing very good with largemouth bass in the upper end with crankbaits, jigs, spinner baits and plastic worms. Down in the lower end some decent numbers of white perch, smaller crappies and even a few smaller carp. Here smaller jigs, wax worms and minnows for the panfish with corn and carp baits for the other.

Fall’s Township Park picked up for some smaller bass with plastic worms and jigs. Also a few guys doing well with walleyes and pickerel trolling crankbaits and spoons. The shopping center lake several guys picking up bluegills, smaller bass and catfish with mealworms, nightcrawlers and spinners. Magnolia Lake a few different reports for largemouth bass hitting minnows, twister tails, spinner baits, buzz baits and smaller top water frogs lures. Most of these fish have been 8 to 12 inches. One fisherman at Silver Lake looking for bass was happy to land a 12-pound carp on a Rapala shallow crankbait. He though he had the bass of a lifetime. Nockamixon is picking up for both largemouth and smallmouth bass fishing in the deeper water around the dam and the ledges right across the lake. John said running deeper crankbaits, suspended crankbaits, pig and jigs and jigging spoons has brought him bass 3 to 5 pound the past couple weeks. One fisherman off the dam with minnows picked up a couple smallmouth bass 2 to 3 pounds and catfish 3 to 6 pounds. Another report from Danny who fished the upper end with lures picking up over 50 panfish with a mix of crappies, yellow perch and bluegills. Marsh Creek Jerry had a couple good days with smallmouth bass and yellow perch fishing live minnows in the creek beds. Some of the bass were 3 to 4 pounds. Penn Warner has been hot for both the bank and boat fisherman. Chuck and Jay have been catching plenty of perch, crappies with a few pike, bass and pickerel mixed in. They have been doing best with live minnows. Jay said a week of so he had a northern pike over 40 inches landed before breaking his line and getting back in the water without a picture. Now some of the bass fisherman on this lake has been doing great with both smallmouth and largemouth bass. These guys have been doing best with crankbaits, jigs with rubber trailers, shad bodies and live minnows and shiners.

Bruce was down the shore on Tuesday to a windy cold day. All up and down the north part of Jersey he did not see a fish taken. But the week before Russ was down to Long Beach Island catching a few stripers with Deadly Dicks on teaser rigs. He said there were plenty of other fish taken on mullet, bunker and even bloodworms. Todd fished Indian inlet on Sunday doing great on smaller stripers fishing shad bodies along the jetties. He said there were a few bigger fish taken with live eels and live lining bunker. Point Pleasant has been pretty good for Frank who has been catching 1 to 3 keeper size bass each trip out with Mojo rigs, Bunker spoons and umbrella rigs. He had 3 fish so far this year in the 40-pound range. It is a shame the winds blew so hard over the past weekend with the opening of sea bass. But the few guys I talked to that got out on Wednesday did very good in the Barnegat section. They were fishing clams and diamond jigs catching fish up to 4 pounds. Even down at Cape May there were several reports of limits of 1 to 3 pound sea bass taken the past couple days. Fred said the back bays of Wildwood is still chuck full of smaller stripers and ocean herring. He has been catching most of his fish with shad spoons but said guys have been doing great with clams, bloodworms, smaller crankbaits, spoons and bucktails. And talking to several guys the past couple weeks saying the Raritan Bay has been great for stripers of all sizes. These guys have been fishing Mojo rigs, Umbrella rigs, SP Minnows, poppers and shad bodies. The fishing in the Chesapeake has been slowing down but still some good numbers of spots, croakers and bigger white perch are still being caught with bloodworms and Fish Bites. Paul said the Delaware beaches have been pretty good with smaller bass and sharks. Eels and bunkers and bloodworms working best. And there have been several good reports from Massachusetts and northern New York with good numbers of bigger sea bass, porgies and even a few cod mixed in. Top and bottom rigs with clams, strip mackerel and diamond jigs have been working best.

Jersey reports have still been slow coming in. Jerry still doing very good on crappies, perch and pickerel fishing live minnows, twister tails and Rapala’s in all his south Jersey lakes. Terry was down to Union crushing the yellow perch and crappies along the islands with live minnows, 1-inch Gulp minnows, twister tails and smaller tubes. John has still been doing great with pickerel and bass fishing top water lures, Rapala’s, spinner baits and Senko worms. Nothing big but good numbers. Jim was down to Dennisville catching plenty of pickerel but was happy with a 20 ¼ inch 5 plus pound bass he caught with a Daredevil spoon. One fisherman hit the Pequest for the fall trout run catching 11 fish over the weekend 7 rainbows and 4 browns. He did best with trout magnets minnows, Pin’s minnows and Panther Martins.

Well that is all I have for you this week. I should be back to a normal routine for the next month.


Fisherman Magazine Update

Run and gun fishing is underway in the North Jersey region – no secret here, it’s actually be going on for weeks now as folks race from blitz to blitz with swim shads and poppers to throw under wheeling and diving birds. But, as more of these stripers corral bait on the outgoing tide on the Raritan Bay west of Sandy Hook, with new bodies of fish from off the South Shore of Long Island beginning to arrive, the formation of a pending striper storm has casters along the front beaches chomping at the bit. Based on conditions all around us, it’s bound to break wide open in November! This week, a few bodies of fish are popping up here and there – wireliners are finding a.m. action at the Rocks and sometimes along the fence, while nearer inshore pods of whales showing off Seaside and Atlantic City reveal good schools of bait in the area. Good time to prospect with spoons, mojos and plugs until you perhaps find one of those blitzing schools to `run and gun’ all your own until the fleet finds you! Given last week’s horrible weather, consider this the start of the black sea bass season on Saturday and Sunday in New Jersey and Delaware – if you’re planning on hitting the wrecks, get to your favorite boat early as it should be a fairly full along the rail as folks ply for that 15-fish bag limit. Remember to bring those 5-plus-better humpbacks in to a participating Dream Boat weigh-station for your chance to win the Cobia center console!

This Saturday, October 22, black sea bass season reopens with 15 fish and a 13-inch size limit in New Jersey, and a 15 fish bag limit and 12-1/2-inch size limit in Delaware. By all recent accounts, big humpbacks are big and plentiful along the local wrecks, with anglers and captains alike chomping at the bit to get back on the grounds. If you’re hitting the party boats first thing Saturday morning, consider calling ahead or checking websites first on Friday – winds are expected to build out of the W/NW Friday into Saturday, with gusts up to 30 knots expected Saturday and 4- to 6-foot seas; for those boats that are sailing Saturday morning for the wrecks, you’ll want to get there early to secure a spot along the rail! The W/NW winds expected from Friday night throughout the weekend could really get the bait on the move; there’s still plenty of plenty bunker in area canals and lagoons, with the first waves of big striped bass having just arrived. Solid jig action under birds and breaking to start the week up on the Raritan, while in this week’s video forecast we have solid fish in the 40- and upper 40-pound range in the North/Central range being taken on the troll. Beach bite comes alive on LBI with a body of arriving fish now on the move south, with one 50-incher also reported off Cape May Beach. Single tog sedge and jetty action remains hot in Jersey, while Delaware anglers continue to enjoy a five fish bag at the Outer Wall.

Fisherman Magazine Update

The Big Jamaica reported that yellowfin arrived at the Hudson late last week, and as of Thursday morning, October 13, the 3- to 6-foot seas offshore should give way to 4 to 7’s on Friday and are expected to fall to 3- to 6-foot seas on Saturday and Sunday – definitely improved conditions over the early week forecast. On the striper front, reports of the first “good” fish have begun to trickle in from along the New Jersey coast, with a 28-pounder plugged up in the past week, a 42-incher taken on the troll, and an “underground” report of a 39.7-pound bass caught by one surfcaster under cover of dark somewhere in the northern part of the state. While yet another E/NE push is expected to hit the coast through the weekend, surfcasters out front are waiting for the big push of striped bass armed. Dead stickers are going with clam, mullet and bunker, while pluggers look to darters, bucktails and poppers. From the canal rocks in Central Jersey, down along the T-Jetty in A.C. and sod banks of South Jersey, the inshore tautog action has been on fire. While just a one-fish limit until November 16 in New Jersey, the action has been amazing and has produced a few big sheepshead along the way; meanwhile, the Delaware limit of five tautog has folks hitting the Outer Wall for whitechins, where in addition to sheepshead a good triggerfish was reported back to Lewes Harbour earlier this week.

Thank God, No Hurricane


For those who missed our new Fall hours:

Monday thru Friday 7a.m. to 6 p.m.

Saturday 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Sunday 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Did a little bit of hunting and fishing this past week. Wednesday I hit the woods mid afternoon to see 6 does and one buck. A couple of the does were good size but I just could not get them to come closer than 50 yards. The buck was a monster body deer but the best I could count was two or maybe three points but with it getting dark I was not sure and really did not want to take a buck like that this early in the season. Thursday I hit the river after lunch to boat between 25 and 30 catfish. This week I had some better size fish with chunked bunker. Three of the fish were 5 to 6 pounds with the rest in the 1 to 3 pound range. Was one of the prettiest days I had on the river all year.

For most guys the lower river has been has been great for catfish with some stripers mixed in. Fishing bunker, shrimp, chicken livers, chunked eels and nightcrawlers most guys have been catching 3 to 20 catfish each trip. The average fish have been 2 to 4 pounds. Now down river in the Raccoon Creek one fisherman picked up a couple of 6 to 10 pound catfish with live eels and stripers 22 to 31 inches with live eels and bloodworms. Out in the river down at the Delaware Memorial Bridge another fisherman with live eels and bunker picked up a 12, 11 and 7-pound catfish last Sunday. They also caught 13 stripers all just shy of 28 inches. John said the tournament a couple weeks ago was very good with plenty of fish taken. 10 pounds was the winner with John having fish up to 6 pounds. He did best around the Betsy Ross Bridge.

The upper river has been great for smallies with some stripers, walleyes and catfish mixed in. Bruce and Denny fished above Callicoon on Monday catching 30 plus bass all 12 to 15 inches with Zoom Grubs. They went back the next day to find the river extremely low and worked hard to put 10 fish in the boat. Jack and his crew were up over the weekend putting 50 plus bass, 2 walleyes and 11 stripers in the kayak. The caught most all the fish with live minnows. Another fisherman off the New Hope wing dam picked up 5 bass, 2 catfish and a 27 and 21-inch striper on Monday. He did best with live minnows for the bass and catfish with both stripers coming on smaller eels. Kevin said the Water Gap has been off and on. Last week they did much better fishing the late day with poppers and buzz baits for smallies. The few walleyes being caught have been with nightcrawlers fished on a spinner rig trolled just after dark. And one fisherman at Yardley said the low water has been making fishing really hard with only a few fish on the Jersey side just below the pumping station.

Penn Warner seemed to slow down this past week. Chuck and Jay are still doing pretty good fishing minnows along the shoreline catching perch, bass and pickerel. Steve fished a couple evenings for bass putting 11 fish 13 to 17 inches in 4 days. He did best with jigs tipped with brush hogs, Senko worms and Spro weedless frogs. One last report from the club with this fisherman catching a bunch of smaller perch and crappies with trout magnets, hair jigs and 2-inch twister tails. Trout will be restocked in the Pennypack this coming Wednesday. But even without the stocking one fisherman picked up a 13-inch rainbow just below Pine Road out fishing for bass. He caught this fish with yellow coachdog spinner. He also had a bunch of bluegills and 4 smallies. Several guys have been fishing the hatcheries doing very good on largemouth bass with live minnows. Some of these bass are 2 to 3 pounds. John up at Nockamixon said some bigger bass are staring to hit spinner baits, suspended crankbaits, jig and pigs and jigging metal in 15 to 20 feet of water. Last Saturday he picked up 8 largemouth and 2 smallmouth bass in 5 hours of fishing. His buddies are still fishing down in Lake Galina still doing very good with crappies. Fishing live shiners, twister tails, marabou jigs and trout magnets they have been catching 15 to 25 fish each trip with some fish 12 to 13 inches. The Marsh Creek group was back out last weekend not having a great trip with cloudy, wet weather. They did pick up a few bigger yellow perch and pickerel but not a single bass.

Saltwater reports have been really slow coming in. All the bad weather last week and winds kept most guys close to home. They few reports have been plenty of spots hitting bloodworms in the Cape May and Fortescue areas. Bloodworms and Fish Bites working best. Cape May north up the coast to Atlantic City some spots, kingfish and croakers hitting bloodworms and Fish Bites. A few guys have been catching sharks off the beaches with bunker, mackerel and kingfish heads. Further up north off Long Beach Island lots of smaller stripers have been hitting in the inlets and off the jetties. These guys have been doing best with 4 and 5-inch shad bodies, SP Minnows, poppers and bucktails tipped with twister tails.

Only got one south Jersey report with this fisherman hitting Elmer catching plenty of pickerel with one 16-inch largemouth bass. He was fishing minnows and nightcrawlers. Jerry has been buying plenty of minnows fishing his south Jersey lakes catching some bass, crappies and pickerel.

Well that is all I have for you this week. Looks like the hurricane is going to head out to sea that is great news for the bait and tackle shops. Bill

Anthony’s weekly report

Well still no fishing for myself. I have been deer hunting a little and mostly just waiting for duck season to get here . Last week I was in Aruba for Andrews wedding . Fun time with some great friends.  The shore is on fire for bluefish . Nothing huge but good eating sized fish. Mullet has been working best with plugs mixed in . They are also catching some bass as well off the beach. Most of the bass are being caught on plugs. I’m startling to miss flounder season and already am counting down the days until next year.

   The upper river has been on fire for small mouth. I caught wind of Bruce doing great on bass all the way up in Wayne country . Also lambertville new hope are has been great as well. Bruce caught all his fish on minnows and grubs. These are also the ticket to score around here with smallies. They are also starting to catch some walleye mixed in.

  Penn warner club has been hot for some and bad for others. I’ve talked to guys that are saying it is killer right now and jay and chuck say that it is hit or miss . One day it’s good one day it’s not . Allot of the local lakes should start producing with the weather cooling down.

The lower River is great for catfish right now. They are everywhere . Allot of smaller fish but some really nice ones mixed in as well. For some reason there is allot of River herring still in the river . They aren’t babies they are fool sized . Makes me wonder if any bass hung around as well . But I haven’t heard of any reports of any bigger sized bass at all around here. But also no one is fishing for them. Plenty of tiny stripers and white perch .

  The penny pack is going to be stocked the 12th i was told. We have plenty of trout baits here in the store . Just got some really nice wax worms, meal worms, and earth worms. All ready to be eaten by some trout. Also plenty of power baits and spinners in stock. The fall stocking is the best because there aren’t many people fishing and allot of days you have the creek to yourself. So whenever you are ready stop in and get urself geared up. That’s all for this week . Tight lines. Anthony

Fisherman Magazine Update

Frightening satellite imagery from Hurricane Matthew racing through the Caribbean presented an ominous forecast for the southeast United States heading into the weekend; one of the latest computer models as Matthew making landfall in South Florida early Friday morning, hugging the coast through Saturday and perhaps veering eastwards by Sunday, possibly even stalling off the southeast coast for several days. While we all hope Matthew leaves quickly, all eyes will continue to monitor the storm for any potential tracking towards our region – until then, bait is back on the move along the coast with stripers whacking Super Strikes, Tsunami Talking Popper😄 plugs, as well as various darters and swimmers in the wash. Good body of fish reported in the New York metro, lower Hudson and East River, which could be a strong indication of a solid fall run beginning in the next few weeks. A few reports of false albacore in the wash from Sandy Hook down to Island Beach, while it’s been tog on the rocks and sedge banks throughout South Jersey and along the Delaware coast. An intensifying yellowfin bite at the Wilmington last week, though offshore forecast is one that has boats at the dock until sometime next week, when hopefully conditions will allow and the tuna will be on the feed.

Much Needed Rain, But A Weekend?


First I want to let everyone know our fall hours will go into effect starting Monday, October 3rd.

Monday thru Friday 7a.m. to 6 p.m.

Saturday 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Sunday 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Now the weather this week and my wife and her doctor appointments and also getting sick all week kept me close to home. And with the weather this past week fishing reports came in slow to nothing.

The lower river has still been very good for catfish with most fish in the 1 to 4 pound range. Fish have been hitting shrimp, bunker, chunked eels, nightcrawlers and bagels the best. Most guys in boats have been catching 8 to 15 fish a trip with bank fisherman picking up 3 to 5 fish a trip. There was a big catfish tournament held on Sunday last week but I did not hear anything on how they did. In the lower river there have been several stripers being picked up with bunker, bloodworms and top water plugs. Most of the stripers being caught with bloodworms have been 4 to 12 inches. Several guys fishing poppers buzz plugs and spooks have been catching fish 12 to 22 inches.

The upper river has still been very low but I think after all this rain the past week the water level will come up. Up to the rain most guys have been doing very good with smallmouth bass with a few stripers and walleyes mixed in. Off the New Hope wing dam one fisherman with a live eel picked up a 32-inch striper last Friday. He also picked up several 12 to 15 inch smallmouth bass with live minnows. Tommy fished at Byran up above the abutments picking up 25 bass, 2 walleyes and fishing below in the deeper water another 12 bass, 2 walleyes and 8 catfish. Most of the fish were picked up with live minnows, Zoom grubs and Rapala crankbaits. Kevin up river said bass fishing is slowing up but with some rain the past month stripers 21 to 28 inches have been hitting live eels, black poppers and 5 inch white and green shad bodies.

A few guys have been heading to the Pennypack looking for the fall stocking of trout, which won’t come till October the 12th. But with mealworms, spinners and trout magnets have been catching plenty of bluegills and rock bass. One fisherman at the Boulevard fishing corn picked up a 12-pound carp. Guys fishing Penn Warner said some decent bass are starting to hit plastic worms, rattle traps, 4 and 5 inch swimming crankbaits and jigs tipped with bigger trailers. The bank fisherman are still doing fair with perch and crappies fishing live minnows. The Shopping Center Lake just a few bluegills and smaller bass with live minnows and worms. Core Creek bass fishing also picked up with a few guys picking 2 to 4 pound fish with spinner baits, crankbaits and Senko worms. These fish are being caught in the upper end with the main lake just perch and bluegills with mealworms, twister tails and trout magnets. Few guys headed to Marsh Creek fishing live minnows did very well on some bigger yellow perch. They also picked up lots of pickerel mixed in.

Saltwater action has been picking up each week. Everyone has been heading to Long Beach Island with lot of short stripers hitting poppers; rattle traps, shad bodies, SP minnows, mullet and bloodworms. There have also been some good bluefish caught off the beaches with spoons, diamond jigs, mullets and chunked bunker. Joe fishing mullet down in Cape May has been catching plenty of 1 to 3 pound bluefish. And with bloodworms plenty of spots and a few kingfish are also being caught. Danny up the Delaware Bay said plenty of spots are hitting bloodworms with a few weakfish mixed in. South in the Chesapeake Bay guys is filling coolers up with spots and croakers fishing bloodworms and Fish Bites. Mixed in have been smaller stripers. And in New York and Massachusetts bigger porgies, sea bass are being picked up with clams, strip mackerel and jigs.

I did not talk to one fisherman in the New Jersey Lakes. But I had three different customers back from the St. Lawrence River doing great with smallmouth bass. Minnows, shiners, grubs, torpedos, spooks and spinner have been working best. I’m also having lots of guys heading to Pulaski but I have not gotten any reports back yet.

Well that is all I have for you this week. Lets hope this cooler wet weather will do something to pick up the striper fishing down the shore. Bill

Had a good day on the Delaware river catching so walleye on grubs and a 2lb largemouth on senkos near bulls island nj JOSH