Monster Flathead Taken This Week!!


Well the heat is on! I only got out one morning with Bruce up the mountains this week taking care of the grass. Tuesday morning I took John out for a little catfishing and we or I had a pretty good day. John ended the day with one landed catfish, missing about 15. I boated about 15 catfish, missing about 15. I have never seen catfish getting off hooks as much as the other day. We picked up most of the fish with shrimp and nightcrawlers. Several other guys have been bank fishing for catfish landing 3 to 5 fish a trip. Most guys are doing best with shrimp, bunker, nightcrawlers and chunked eels. Anthony weighted in a 45 pound flathead taken in the lower Delaware caught with a live bluegill. Biggest catfish we have had in the store. John has been out several times with bunker and nightcrawlers catching 25 to 45 catfish a trip. The other day he took his grandchildren out and picked up a bunch of bluegills mixed in with catfish. JR talked up some bigger stripers with live eels fishing the channel in 40 to 50 feet of water. A couple decent carp being picked up below the Tacony on corn, carp baits and boilies. One fisherman last week had pictures of fish up to 40 pounds.

Upper River has been very good but extremely low water conditions. Waders seem to be doing better in the Stockton, Washington’s Crossing and New Hope sections. Minnows, grubs and spinners working best. Most guys have been catching 10 to 15 fish a trip. One drift fisherman had a couple great days last weekend picking up 25 to 40 smallies a trip with a bunch of smaller stripers mixed in. Another fisherman at New Hope picked up a bunch of decent stripers in the fast water with live eels. Mixed in were a few 15 to 20 pound flatheads. Kevin way up had one big striper last weekend with some higher off color water. Fishing a live rainbow trout he picked up a 39 inch 26 pound bass just below the 80 bridge. During the day hours he has been catching 15 to 25 smallies with live minnows and grubs.

Penn Warner still hot for perch, crappies, bass and pickerel. Chuck and Jay had a few decent largemouth bass this past week with live minnows. Keith has been doing very well with perch and crappies fishing small grubs, tubes and jigs off his dock. Core Creek really slowed up for bass but one fisherman in the lower end picked up a couple carp 15 and 17 pounds with different carp baits. One other fisherman caught several bluegills with mealworms fishing with his kids. Fall’s Township Jim said smaller bass hitting plastic worms, minnows and nightcrawlers. Not much else. FDR guys are just talking up smaller bass and bluegills with mealworms, earthworms, and minnows and trout magnets. Magnolia Lake several guys picking up smaller bass with spinner baits, buzz baits and plastic worms. At the shopping center lake the landscaper caught a few crappies, bass and bluegills fishing nightcrawlers, minnows and little twister tails. Marsh Creek Jack had a great weekend with pickerel, bass and yellow perch. He did best with live minnows. Nockamixon John still doing well on smaller bass in shallow water with weedless surface lures. Fishing the deeper ledges one evening he landed a 4-½ pound smallmouth bass with a live baitfish. He was out looking for stripers with only that one bass. One night fisherman on Lake Galena picked up a bunch of decent crappies fishing live minnows and small tube lures.

Anthony fishing the Duke of Fluke had a pretty good day coming in 5th with 11 keepers big fish over 6 pounds. The did their best in the upper Delaware Bay around Fortescue. Now I have had several good reports of bigger flounder fishing the upper bay with bucktails, squid and Gulp mullet. In the bay plenty of sharks and cow ray skates mixed in. In the Cape may up to Ventnor plenty of good size kingfish are being caught off the beaches and jetties during the day with plenty of big brown and tiger sharks biting at night. These guys have been doing best with bloodworms and Fish Bites for kingfish with bunker and mackerel for the sharks. Dick fishing at Atlantic City has been catching 10 to 45 kingfish each trip down with bloodworms. Back bays of Atlantic City fishing squid, minnows, small bucktails and Gulp mullet lots of small flounder and sea bass hitting. Lots of reports in the central part of Jersey for flounder with tons of fish being caught with very few keepers. Now for bigger flounder guys fishing north jersey in the Shrewsbury Rocks picking up 4 to 8 pound flounder with bigger bucktails and 6 inch gulp grubs. Hot colors have been nuclear chicken, glow white and pink shine. Tuna fishing has been on fire with guys talking up 15 to 40 tuna a trip. Yellow fin and blue fin hitting gold and silver diamond jigs and butterfish. Most of these fish have been 30 to 75 pounds. Chesapeake has been pretty good for croakers and spots with bloodworms and Fish Bites. Now the numbers have not been as good as years past but guys are still coming home with plenty of fish. Rich just got back from Florida saying it was the worse fishing he has ever seen. It is all due to the green agile bloom taken over most of Florida. He fished several days catching smaller snook with his fly rod.

Not much on the Jersey Lakes this past week. One fisherman at Newton looking for snakeheads picked up 7 smaller bass all with top water weedless lures. Pennsauken Creek towards the river one fisherman picked up 24 carp this past week with carp baits and boilies. Most fish 10 to 15 pounds with a few golden carp mixed in. Jerry still doing well with pickerel, perch and crappies fishing Elmer Lake with minnows, twister tails and spinners. Back in the sand pits in Wildwood several decent bass hitting plastic worms, spinner baits and poppers. Problem here has been the bugs drive you out just as the fishing gets good as the sun starts to set.

Well that is all I have for you this week. Super hot weekend coming up so if you’re heading out, think early in the day and wading the rivers and creeks is a great way to beat the heat.


Fisherman Magazine Update

Night shift surfcasters have been putting gear to the test with fresh bunker, wire leader and 12/0 hooks leading to quite a sharks and big rays along the water’s edge. From time to time of course, some beachgoers have been surprised to see weekend casters catching and releasing a few browns and sand tigers in the mid-day sun as well! In addition to the sharks, more sheepshead and triggerfish are appearing along rockpiles and jetty walls from Delaware along the Central Jersey coast – and with a one blackfish limit back in play for Jersey jetty jocks it could be a good time to hit the rocks with a few crab baits. While fluking is very much hit or miss for many parts of the region, the best bets for true doormats of 10 pounds or better come from the North Jersey coast where a fluke of 13 pounds or better is worth $25,000 on Saturday (get details at the Reel Seat in Brielle or Offshore, some of the local bluefin and yellowfin hotspots have been rather crowded on recent weekends, but with 3 to 5’s forecast on Friday building to 4 to 7’s on Saturday, it should be a little quieter for those looking to pick the right window.


Smoking HOTT Weather


Sorry about missing last week but by the time I got my orders empty and customers waited on the weekend was over. Nice having all this good weather. But today I’m sitting in Fox Chase with Helen as she is getting a second opinion on all the crap she has been dealing with.  Also been dealing with some computer problems.

Last week I was only able to get out one evening looking for my first flathead catfish. Well it took me several hours to catch 12 perch with tons of stripers hitting my sabiki rig tipped with bloodworms. I think I put 22 stripers in the boat before my first perch. Getting my perch before dark I put out some bunker for catfish. I picked up 5 catfish all on the smaller side. As soon as dark came in I anchored close to shore and put the live perch out. Well 6 to 8 good runs not hooking a fish I decided to relocate and drop my hook size. Well what was picking up my baits were 15 to 18 inch stripers catching 2 fish with the smaller hooks. Again no flatheads. This week I was out Tuesday morning early to one of the best catfishing days I think I ever had. With bunker, nightcrawlers and shrimp I put 25 catfish in the boat before 10. I run a bunch of fish to the store for our pond and put the rest in the hatcheries. At 10 I picked up Helen and hit the same spot to a different tide and no fish. So we headed up the Burlington Bristol Bridge where we picked up another 10 catfish before lunch at Curtains Marina. These fish all went into the hatcheries.

Talking to everyone fishing the lower river for catfish have been doing great. I know three different guys out looking for flatheads not catching a fish this month. There are several guys fishing at night for stripers with live perch and eels catching fish 15 to 24 inches. Here the best spots have been Trenton, Burlington, Petty’s Island and just below the airport. Several big carp have been picked up by 3 different customers fishing below the Tacony Bridge. One of these guys had pictures of fish up to 40 pounds picked up on his own carp bait. One other picked up several mirror carp with Tiger Nut pop up boilies.

The upper river has been quite a mixed bag. Yesterday the river came up 2 feet and slowed up. But before that guys were catching 5 to 35 fish a trip with live minnows, grubs, spinners and top water lures. One fisherman out Saturday picked up 5 fish one day heading back the next day to put over 30 fish in the boat. He caught most his fish with minnows. One drift fisherman from Frenchtown down to Bull’s Island picked up close to 40 fish with most fish 13 inches or better. He said minnows were the ticket. Another fisherman at Washington’s Crossing picked up 11 fish Friday and 24 fish on Saturday morning all with grubs and Senko worms. Yardley seems to be the dead spot with most guys catching 1 to 6 fish each day with tons of 5 to 12 inch stripers. Kevin at the Water Gap said the low water has killed the striper fishing but picked up the smallmouth numbers. Most days he has been catching 10 to 25 fish a day on spinners, jigs, grubs, tubes and live minnows. At Narrowsburg one fisherman up for the holiday weekend catching 75 smallmouth bass, 11 walleyes and all kinds of river chubs. Now this was 3 days of fishing and all were caught with minnows and power grubs.

Pennypack Creek below Torresdale Avenue has been very good for smaller catfish, white perch and carp. Most guys are doing best with nightcrawlers and corn. Another great carp spot has been the Neshaminy Creek at Hulmeville Road, Core Creek fishing the lower end, Pennsauken Creek and the Cooper River. These guys are talking up fish 12 to 25 pounds caught with corn, carp baits and boilies. One last carp report with this fisherman picking up 2 bigger carp in the backwaters of Darby Creek down by the airport.

Up the Pennypack several guys have been doing well on smaller bass, bluegills and rock bass fishing spinners, smaller grubs and mealworms. The upper end of Core Creek produced a few bigger bass this past week with rubber skirted jigs and buzz baits. FDR Park just a few bluegills with trout magnets and mealworms. The shopping center lake some bluegills, catfish and perch hitting minnows and nightcrawlers. Penn Warner still hot for perch, crappies, bass and pickerel fishing live minnows, Senko worms, spinner baits tipped with brush hogs, crankbaits and top water lures. Magnolia Lake one fisherman picked up 7 bass with shallow crankbaits and 4-inch plastic worms. Jim still fishing Fall’s Township catching 1 to 3 bass a morning with plastic worms. Ron said Struble Lake slowed up for bigger panfish with tons of smaller fish hitting mealworms, trout magnets, 1 to 2 inch twister tails and fly rod poppers. Ron this week fishing the Schuylkill River catching plenty of smallmouth bass with grubs, spinners and live minnows. His buddies on the lower part of the Schuylkill have still been doing very well on catfish saying the flathead bite this past year is way off. They are thinking it has to due with the low and warm water. I have several different fishermen hitting the Susquehanna River doing fair on smallmouth bass. These guys fishing minnows, crayfish, hellgrammites, grubs, tubes, spinners and poppers. The numbers have been 15 to 30 fish a day with most fish 12 to 16 inches. These guys are fishing Duncannon to Harrisburg. Up the river at Sunbury catching 15 to 30 fish a trip. Again talking to the Churchville guys finding out these guys live on the lake. These guys are picking up largemouth bass 2 to 6 pounds with spinner baits; buzz baits, plastic worms and jigs. But again one fisherman off the road on the lake is crushing the perch and crappies with smaller minnows and marabou jigs.

Saltwater reports have been slow coming in. Dick who is having one of his best years fishing the beach at Brigantine. This past week he crushed the kingfish with bloodworms and Fish Bites. And he is not alone with everyone doing well on kingfish with a few smaller croakers mixed in all being caught with bloodworms and Fish Bites. Best places have been Sea Isle, Brigantine, Atlantic City, Wildwood and Cape May. Flounder fishing has been very good for most guys even know there are only a few doing well on keepers. The best spots for bigger fish have been north out of Barnegat fishing up towards New York. Also Sea Isle back bay and Fortescue. Out of Cape May if you don’t mind running to the old grounds for some bigger fluke. All other reports are coming in with most boats catching 100 to 200 fish with 3 to 5 keepers. Lots of guys are now heading to the Chesapeake for spots and croakers. Fishing with bloodworms, Fish Bites and squid most guys have been coming home with coolers of fish. North in Connecticut a few different flounder fisherman are talking up good numbers of 3 to 8 pound flounder with bucktails, squid, strip mackerel and flounder belly. Off shore out of Massachusetts still some good numbers of bigger sea bass and porgies hitting clams, squid, strip mackerel and bloodworms.

Jersey freshwater reports have been very good for bass, pickerel, yellow perch and snakeheads. The snakeheads guys have been doing best in Newton Lake and Copper River. These fish have been hitting rubber frogs fished weedless on top of the pads. Other good lures have been the Sebile mouse and Spro weedless poppers and frogs. John at Union said the bass fishing slowed up with some fish still hitting weedless frogs, top water plugs and buzz baits early in the morning. Other than that is has been perch, crappies and pickerel with grubs, minnows and spinners. Richie again stopped fishing Lake Lenape with only pickerel hitting. He was down to Manasquan Reservoir this past weekend catching 12 bass 2 to 3 pounds with buzz baits, poppers and suspended crankbaits in shallow water. Jerry only in once this week catching perch and pickerel in his group of south jersey lakes. Minnows are still the hot bait with spinners and twister tails working also. One fisherman up at the Pequest tried to fish for trout but found the water levels so low it was nothing but panfish, rock bass and chubs. Tom has not been out but still talks to guys that are fishing Hapatcong who have been doing pretty good on largemouth bass, smallmouth bass and pickerel more in the evening and morning hours. Don fished Round Valley one evening trolling up a couple smaller rainbow trout and one lake trout. And his buddy fishing Spruce Run catching plenty of crappies, yellow perch and pickerel with minnows, twister tails and slider grubs.

Well that is it for this week. If you’re in the market for waders check out our special page. Blowing out a bunch of rubber chest waders and all the odd neo and breathable waders in stock.


Anthony’s weekly report

well I haven’t been fishing in almost two weeks but I did have a good fluke around 6lbs up at the highlands. Flounder fishing up there has been great. Allot of guys doing good in the Raritan bay. Some big fluke hanging around up to 12lbers. South jersey has been quiet with a few here and there . Which isn’t good for the duke of fluke this weekend which I will be participating.  I did hear the fortescue was doing very good on big fluke as well . Customer showed us a picture of a 7 and 8lber he caught this. Week in the same day . 

Fresh water fishing has been decent as well. Other than it being a billion degrees outside . If you can stand the heat it’s worth getting out. Chuck and jay have been doing good up the club with a mixed bag.  Penny pack still holding plenty of trout. Justin has been hitting it first thing in the morning and doing great on trout . He said once the sun comes out and it warms up they start to get skitish. Hopefully we have a nice weekend of weather that’s not to hot . Well that’s all I have this week , I will keep u posted how we did in the tournament. Tight lines Anthony


Fisherman Magazine Update

“What a difference a week makes,” is the word on fluke action in the New Jersey, Delaware Bay region. Cape May County reports have a few more flatfish reports in the back bay, while some sizeable sheepshead have shown up in the mix as well. Good reports from the deeper inshore hotspots from the Old Grounds and Cape May Reef, on up to Barnegat Light and Axel Carlson to the north. The deepwater doormat action continues on the Raritan Bay with more fish to over 13 pounds reported in recent days. Offshore action continues as bluefin are taking jigs 30 to 40 miles out, while big mahi are starting to spice up the catch as well. More sharks are showing up inshore and along beaches, with some of these toothy critters also surprising folks in the back bay at times. If you’re spending time along the beach with family at all this weekend on the Jersey Shore or Delaware coast, be sure to bring the light jigs, bucktails and Gulp as fluke and kingfish are providing good light-tackle action on those sunny, summer days.

While many have been wading through short fish, we’re getting more and more reports (and photos too) to show that big fluke are on the feed in local waters, especially the deeper channels of the Raritan Bay. Back side producers this week also include Shark River’s North Channel (10-pound, 2-ounce fluke), the Research Buoy at Barnegat (9-pound fluke), and the deep side of the Fish Factory (9.7 pounds). The weekly reports from The Fisherman Magazine also have tabbed “red hot fluking” at many of New Jersey’s artificial reefs as well. Spanish mackerel have shown up at Fenwick Shoal off Delaware in what could prove to be an earlier than usual bite of speedsters along the inshore lumps this summer, while farther offshore we’ve gotten reports of bigeye at the Toms and good bluefin action 40 miles off the coast. The offshore forecast from NOAA for Friday, July 8th into Saturday the 9th looks especially good which could prompt better bluefin reports in particular by Monday as more anglers press deeper in search of these bruisers; it’s been mostly a troll bite of late but better numbers of hot fish could kick the jig and topwater bite into gear. For Jersey surfcasters, the fluke bite is intensifying, as is the night shark bite; a few weakfish reports still scattered along out front, and kingfish and triggers round out the mix of beachfront action.


Happy Fourth Of July!!!


Out Wednesday morning for a little bit of cat fishing. With bunker and nightcrawlers in 5 hours of fishing we picked up 24 catfish all 1 to 3 pounds. Most of the fish were picked up with the bunker. Bruce fished a couple days on Duck Harbor and Long Pond last week catching some nice bass, pickerel, yellow perch and bluegills. They picked most of the fish up with trout magnets.

The lower Delaware River has been pretty much catfish. A few guys have been catching smaller stripers and white perch fishing with bloodworms. Some of these guys have picked up 25 to 30 fish but all under 12 inches. Bass fishing on the lower river slowed up with the water hitting 80 degrees this week. I talked to a few different guys in Dredge not catching anything. The few they caught were 4 to 10 inches on smaller plastic worms. The upper river should be great for smallmouth bass with the warm weather and low water. Problem this week I only talked to a couple guys that were up there. One fisherman at Yardley picked up a few smaller bass with minnows but said in the island there are so many small stripers hitting flies and small lures. Another guy was up to Bull’s Island catching 25 smallmouth bass and 2 walleyes all with live minnows. The last report was a striper fisherman fishing below the wing dam at New Hope catching 7 stripers 24 to 30 inches all with live eels. Kevin way up river said plenty of smallmouth bass during the day hours with some walleyes hitting at night with minnows, shiners or nightcrawlers.

One fisherman at the Pennypack caught a nice 19-inch rainbow trout on Monday just south of Pine Road. He picked this fish with a Rapala minnow. He also picked up 4 smallmouth bass and 11 bluegills. Charlie fishing the Tohickon is doing well on smallmouth bass 1 to 2 pounds fishing poppers with his fly rod. Mixed in tons of rock bass and bluegills. Several guys fishing the Neshaminy around the Boulevard up to Chain Bridge catching plenty of smallmouth bass, rock bass and bluegills. These guys have been doing best with minnows, spinners and grubs. Further down the creek at Haunted Lane they have been doing well with catfish, perch and smaller stripers. These guys are fishing chicken livers, nightcrawlers and corn.   I did not talk to anyone but I know the Perkiomen Creek should also be great for smaller bass, bluegills and rock bass.

Lake reports were slow this week. A few guys fishing Core Creek said the bass fishing is slowing up. What they are catching has been 1 to 3 pound fish with plastic worms and rubber skirted jigs. Fall’s Township one fisherman up on Sunday picked up 5 bass all 12 to 13 inches. He caught these fish with small live bluegills. John at Nockamixon is still doing well with largemouth bass, crappies and yellow perch. The bass hitting buzz baits, torpedo’s and 4-inch rubber worms. The panfish on 2-inch twister tails, tubes and spinners. Penn Warner still fair for bigger crappies, white and yellow perch and pike fishing live minnows along the shoreline. A couple guys fishing FDR Park all doing nothing this past week. Ron still fishing Struble Lake doing well with yellow perch and crappies. He is doing best with trout magnets and smaller minnows. Two different reports from Marsh Creek with both guys doing well with pickerel and perch fishing minnows, twister tails, spoons and jigging metal around the shore line. Nothing big but plenty of action. One family out at Raystown had a great week fishing for smallmouth bass. These guys picked up over 125 bass 1 to 4 pounds. Main lures were Senko worms, spinner baits and Zara Spooks. They talked to several guys out striper fishing at night with only a few smaller fish taken.

Schuylkill River catfishing has been hot the past month. The group fishing Gladwyne has been catching 10 to 25 fish a night with most fish 1 to 4 pounds. They have been fishing chicken livers, nightcrawlers and shrimp. This past week with live bluegills they picked up 3 flathead 11, 14 and 17 pounds. First flatheads in over a month. Several reports from Norristown with these guys doing better with flatheads 15 to 30 pounds. These fish are being caught with live bluegills, white perch and even this week live eels. Joe fishing down river is catching plenty of smaller catfish, white and yellow perch and small stripers with bloodworms, nightcrawlers, chicken livers and bagels dipped in stink bait.

Saltwater action has been a mixed bag. Some good flounder are being picked up in the Fortescue area. These fish have been hitting bucktails, squid and minnows and Gulp mullet. Joe doing well on kingfish in the Cape May to north Wildwood section of the coast. Bloodworms and Fish Bites working best. Smaller blues in the Brick to Long Beach Island section hitting strip and whole mullet and chunked bunker. Long Beach Island jetties have been hot at night for stripers fishing live eels. Most of these guys have been buying 15 to 25 eels per man so I know they have been doing great. Most of these bass have been 30 to 42 inches. Flounder fishing up north has been pretty good for most guys with limits of fish being caught with Spro bucktails fished under a 6 inch Gulp Grub. A couple of weakfish were taken off the jetties at Sunset Beach with strip squid, bucktails and shrimp.

Well that is all I have for you this week. Great looking holiday weekend coming up so I hope everyone gets out and enjoys it.


Fisherman Magazine Update

Gary Thompson’s 15-pound, 3-ounce doormat (caught on a 4-ounce Spro) caught this week aboard the Captain John out of Keyport along the Raritan Bayshore is the region’s biggest reported fluke of the season, but it’s only just getting started! “The fluking in the bay this season has been fantastic so far. We haven’t seen it like this since before Hurricane Sandy,” is the word we got directly from the skipper who said they’re finding big fish deep in the channels now. More and more fluke are sliding into the front side beaches of late, so make sure you bring the bucktails and Gulp! along during your family trip to the beach this holiday weekend. A few good stripers are still taking baits in the Central and North Jersey surf, while a few summer visitors like kingfish and sandbars are showing up along the Southern region. A pretty good looking offshore forecast throughout most of the region as big threshers have been caught in recent days (one topping 500 pounds brought in to Brielle on Wednesday) – best bet for yellowfin is in the southern canyons starting around the Wilmington or Poormans 100 fathom line, while bluefin have been picked from areas around the Princess Wreck to the Chicken Canyon out to the southeast corner of the Hudson Canyon. Check with your favorite shops in the NJ/DE region for the latest intel – and remember New Jersey, you get a pair of black sea bass back for your bag on July 1, so grab a spot along the rails and celebrate Independence Day with family and friends!