With no ice fishing in this area this past season we are blowing out all our ice fishing equipment at 20 % off for the next month. We have plenty of augers; tip ups, scoops, rods, combos, jigs and all different kinds of ice lures.


Now for fishing reports well not going to get much.

Pennypack Creek still holding a few trout and both guys I know fishing it are still picking up a trout here and there. Wax worms, spinners and trout magnets working best. A few bluegills mixed in.

Charlie fished the Perkiomen Creek last Wednesday picking up 4 bluegills and an 8-inch smallmouth bass. He caught all with smaller minnows.

Penn Warner slowed up for Chuck and Jay with only a few perch and crappies hitting minnows the past few days.

Charlie fished Levittown Lake 4 days this past week without a single hit.

Several guys fishing the lower river for catfishing picking up a couple fish each trip. Chunked eels, nightcrawlers and shrimp working best.

Out in the Schuylkill River one customer sent me a picture of a 10 to 15 pound flathead he caught early in the week.

A few different guys fishing the Delaware and Schuylkill rivers are picking up carp in the 10 to 20 pound range. Corn, carp baits and boilies working best. Still a few walleyes in the New Hope to Lambertville section of the river.

Jerry fishing his south jersey lakes has still been doing great for pickerel, perch and crappies fishing minnows, twister tails and marabou jigs. Richie one buddy fishing out of May’s Landing did real good last weekend for pickerel fishing right under the Lake Lenape dam. Live minnows, shiners and twister tails working best. And Fred had a real good day on the Mullica River down below Crowley’s landing for white perch and smaller stripers fishing small spoons rattle traps and small SP minnows.

Well that is all I have this week. If you do get out good luck and send some reports. Bill

Fisherman Magazine Update

Depending on where you were in the region when waking up on Thursday morning, it was either a snow day emergency or just another coastal rainstorm. A pretty distinct SW by NE line separated those seeing heavy snows throughout the morning and the folks primarily in South Jersey and along the Delaware Coast starting the day mostly with rain. Once this little event has passed, anglers can expect the same relative pick along the coast, with most party and charter boats hitting at tautog with the occasional cod thrown in, while some press offshore for more of the cod and loads of jumbo porgies. The 9-inch, 50 fish porgy limit ends on February 28, so if you’re looking to score on one of those Saturday trips offshore, get on it! Open water conditions throughout the region have opened up a few opportunities, with the white perch action in the creeks and canals getting off to an earlier than normal start in the southern part of our weekly forecast, while to the northwest in the bigger lakes some bigger lakers (over 20 pounds) are getting active as well. A couple of fishing flea market options for you this weekend, including Hi-Mar to the north and Palmyra to the south – learn more in the weekly video.

Time to start thinking ahead to Spring!!


Well reports are going to be real short with very little fishing going on the past couple weeks. With business being slow this is a good time of the year to come in and get your fishing licenses. It is also a great time of the year to check over all your rods for any broken or cracked guides. This time of the year I can get them fixed in a week or so but if you wait till the time you need them they could be gammed up for a couple weeks during prime fishing season. And again if you are a braid line user it is a great time of the year to get your spools filled up. We have plenty of time to do this. If you use mono it is still better to wait a week or so before starting to fish.

Lots of guys have been asking how the sale of the business has been going. We have gone with a commercial realtor and he is still working on some numbers. I do have a couple of guys interested so I’m waiting to hear back from the realtor before getting in contact with them again.

Fishing over all has been good for the few guys out fishing. Myself with all the warm weather have been out on the golf courses not wanting to de-winterize my boat to watch the weather change and have to do another winterization. Penn Warner has been one of the hot spots. Tom fishing off the docks with deep crankbaits did very well on largemouth bass early this week. Chuck and Jay have still been doing well with crappies; perch, bass and pickerel fishing live minnows along the shoreline and off different docks. Frank and his son were out fishing crankbaits and metal on Saturday catching over 15 bass, 9 pickerel and a nice 37-inch northern pike. Several of these bass were 3 to 4 pounds mixed between smallies and largemouth bass.

Another good spot has still been the Pennypack creek. I have four different guys fishing the creek each week catching 1 to 3 trout and several bluegills and a bass here and there. Mealworms, wax worms, smaller minnows, spinners and trout magnets have been working best. Jim up at Levittown has been catching a trout for every 4 trips out but has been making it up with a few crappies and bass with Kastmasters, Swedish Pimples and Little Cleo spoons.

John up at Nockamixon has been fishing a few of the docks catching a few perch, crappies and bluegills with smaller twister tails and tubes fished under a slip float. And his one buddy on Lake Galena is catching a few decent crappies with tubes and marabou jigs but the numbers have been low. And the last lake report is Jerry fishing Marsh Creek catching some good size smallies and yellow perch with bigger minnows, twister tails and shallow crankbaits. Last week he picked up a 21 inch 4 ½ pound smallmouth bass with a 24 inch 4 pound pickerel.

The lower river has still been fair for a few catfish. One fisherman in a deep hole above Station Avenue has been catching 3 to 5 fish each trip out with chunked bunker and chunked eels. Another fisherman at Haunted Lane on the Neshaminy Creek has been catching 1 to 3 fish each trip out with chunked eels. Down below the Tacony one fisherman has been catching a few 12 to 18 pound carp fishing corn and boilies. The upper river I only have one fisherman out of Point Pleasant catching a few 15 to 21 inch walleyes with live minnows, shiners, shad bodies and Rapala ice jigs right under the boat.

The last two reports come from New Jersey. One fisherman at May’s Landing fishing the river has been catching a few white perch and pickerel with live minnows and grass shrimp. And jerry fishing his different south jersey lakes has been doing great with pickerel, bass, crappies and perch fishing minnows and twister tails.

Saltwater fishing would be great if sea bass season was open. And with all the high winds we have been getting now many of the boats have been getting out. The only reports I did get are from boats up north heading out for cod and Pollock doing very well. Jigging and top and bottom rigs with clams have been working best.

Well I wish I had more for you. If you do get out please drop me an e-mail letting me know how you did. Bill

Fisherman Magazine Update

For many surfcasters, the countdown to the March 1 back bay striped bass opener in New Jersey has officially entered the homestretch during the first full week of February. Tautog continue to offer the best bet for boats leaving ports from the Highlands in New Jersey to Indian River Inlet in Delaware, though weekly trips to the offshore wrecks for cod and jumbo porgies continue out of Manasquan Inlet (including one offshore weakfish reported on the Jamaica!) With plenty of open water in the local lakes and rivers, freshwater action is keeping many casters busy on inland waters, though a dedicated handful continue tossing small plastics and dunking clams in the wash in hopes of a stray striper. Creek perch fishing should get to an earlier than normal start this month for those folks looking to for light tackle grass shrimp action. Big news this week is the Virginia meeting of the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) where NJDEP Commission Bob Martin testified early on February 2 in favor of “status quo” measures on summer flounder for 2017. Get details from last Friday’s fluke rally at Point Pleasant Beach and Commissioner Martin’s line in the sand on new regulations, while also get a glimpse at some of the weekend events for anglers in New Jersey and Delaware who are looking to gear up for the 2017 run.

Ice Fishing North


I wish I had more to report but the weather this winter has been so crazy it is throwing a real wrench in the fishing.

If you’re an ice fisherman you have to run north of the Pocono’s for good ice. And if you’re in the mid section of the state be real careful with the thickness of the ice. I have a few guys fish White Deer Pond off Route 402 catching plenty of bluegills and pickerel with live minnows and wax worms. Lake Shohola has been very good for yellow perch, pickerel and bluegills with minnows, wax worms and Rapala jigging minnows. Duck Harbor pond one fisherman did very well with trout, perch, crappies and pickerel. He did best with small jigs tipped with wax worms and twister tails. Ron and his brother were out to Brady’s Lake catching pickerel, bass and trout with metal jigs, Rapala jigs and live mealworms and minnows.

Now south they have still been fishing Penn Warner catching plenty of perch, crappies, bass, pike and pickerel with live minnows, jigging metal, Kastmasters, shad bodies and spinner baits. Chuck had one of his best days last week with bass all caught with live minnows. Ralph and John were up on Sunday fishing crankbaits, jigs and metal catching 11 bass between 2 and 4 pounds. Both smallmouth band largemouth. Jay was up to Core Creek early in the week not catching a single fish with minnows, worms and trout magnets. He said the lake is still quite low. I had one fisherman up at Churchville do very well with bass fishing rattle traps and plastic brush hogs. One day he picked up 11 fish all over 3 pounds. Marsh Creek still has been pretty good for yellow perch, smallmouth bass and pickerel fishing minnows, jigs, Rapala’s, and jigging metal. Last report from the lake is a fisherman down at FDR Park fishing all day Saturday and Sunday only to catch a few small bluegills.

Now the upper river has been pretty good for the few guys fishing it. These guys have been fishing Byran, Point Pleasant and Stockton catching 15 to 21 inch walleyes with live minnows, twister tails, Rapala’s, Cordell Wally divers and nightcrawlers. The lower river several guys have been out and so far I have only heard a few catfish here and there. Nightcrawlers, minnows, chunked eels and chicken livers have been working best. A couple fishermen back in Dredge Harbor have been picking up a few yellow perch and crappies with hair and marabou jigs tipped with smaller minnows. Guys fishing below the Art Museum have been catching a few walleyes and catfish fishing live minnows, shiners and smaller shad bodies. And above the dam I have one fisherman doing pretty good with carp at Flat Rock Dam south to boat house row. He has been doing best with boilies and corn. There have been a few carp taken in the Delaware but these guys are not talking up where they are getting them.

Saltwater fishing has been all out of North Jersey and has been very good for cod. I know they are also doing well with sea bass but the season is closed. The cod have been hitting gold and silver diamond jigs, clams and strip mackerel. There are guys doing well with blackfish but I’m not sure where they are fishing.

South Jersey Lake has been hot for pickerel, perch, crappies and bass. Jerry has been crushing fish in all his lake down off Route 55. Minnows have been his best baits. Richie said the Egg Harbor River has been great for white perch, pickerel and smaller stripers. Grubs, shad bodies, crankbaits, strip squid, minnows and grass shrimp have been working best. He has been hitting Lake Lenape catching a few 16 to 20 inch pickerel with Rapala’s and Culprit worms. Tom up at Lake Hapatcong catching some good smallmouth bass, pickerel and smaller muskies with jerk baits, surface lures and large grubs and shad bodies.

Well that is all I have for you this week. Does not look like we are going to get an ice season but if you’re in need of an auger for future talk to Bill and I can work out a few deals. Bill

Fisherman Magazine Update

While temperatures are expected to climb somewhere into the 50-degree range, a little bit of rain is also in the outlook through this coming weekend. The NOAA Marine forecast for inshore waters from Friday through the early part of Sunday looks good though, which is welcome news to those looking to get out to score on tautog off the New Jersey and Delaware coast in the next few days, as we report on several double-digit blackfish from local wrecks and reefs. Party boats hitting the offshore grounds are finding good fishing for cod, jumbo porgies and the occasional pollock, while jetty jocks are hanging sabiki rigs at the inlets for a little light tackle herring or tossing small plugs and bucktails and the occasional striper in the surf. Some folks have stumbled into a surprising bite on striped bass in the back bays of New Jersey, but as a reminder that you’re not allowed to target stripers (no, not even catch and release legally) in the back bays, creeks and rivers in the Garden State until March 1. For those keeping tabs at home, that’s a little over five weeks before winter flounder and bass on!

Rainy Thursday leads off the weekend report, though truth be told, at least the arctic grip didn’t last that long. Perhaps ice fishermen would prefer the deep freeze, but warmer temps could lead to more party and charter boat opportunities along the coast in the weekend ahead as ling, cod, porgy, and blackfish lead the offshore charge. Mackerel reports just a few miles off the Jersey Shore are keeping many rail-huggers in good form, and a few short stripers are still whacking plastics in the wash, with sand eel imitations on teasers doing the job for some. With the start of a New Year, that also means it’s show time in New Jersey, as the first of the 2017 outdoor shows opens Thursday through Sunday, January 12-15, with the Garden State Outdoor Sports Show in Edison, NJ! Join us this week at booth #333, renew your subscription to The Fisherman Magazine, and get a gift from Star. Details in the January edition in homes and newsstands now!

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Happy New Years!!


Well Happy New Years to all. Let’s hope 2017 will bring some better fishing and most of all better weather. I want to thank all our valued customers for last year’s business. We are grateful for the pleasure of serving you and hope for many years of business for Brinkman’s Bait and Tackle.

First week of January brought the first week of crappy weather. The hot spot has been Penn Warner with plenty of crappies, perch, pickerel, pike and bass hitting minnows, grubs, jigging metal, rattle traps, spinner baits and bucktails. Most of the crappies have been 10 to 14 inches. Chuck and Jay have been going through 3 to 5 dozen minnows each trip also fishing lures when they run out of bait. Mike fished Tuesday with rattletraps and jigging metal catching over 50 perch, 25 pickerel, 4 bass 2 to 4 pounds and a 35-inch northern pike. Not a bad day.

One fisherman in the spillway of Core Creek picked up a few smaller crappies and a 12-inch bass last weekend. He said there was one other fisherman up in the lake catch 11 bluegills with small twister tails.

Jim at Levittown Lake has picked up a few smaller rainbows throwing 1/8 and 1/4 ounce gold Kastmasters. And if you’re looking for trout I had three different reports of rainbows over in the Pennypack creek. One fisherman picked up 2 fish with his father with mealworms. The second customer up above Pine Road picked up 5 trout and 35 bluegills in 5 days of fishing all with woven body nymphs and bead head flies. And one other report on trout from Darby Creek with this fisherman catching 2 trout last week both with Power minnow’s fish with a 1/64-jig heads.

Saltwater fishing has really slowed up. Talking to several guys that are fishing south say there are still lots of stripers still around but most of the fish are 20 to 24 inches. What fish are being caught has been with clams, shad bodies, meal jigs and spoons. Sea Bass and black fish closed now in Jersey most of the saltwater guys are heading north to New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. These guys have been catching nice sea bass, porgies, cod, pollock and ling. These boats have been fishing clams but most guys have been going up with bigger diamond and Viking jigs, strip squid and strip mackerel.

Union lake Steve said was real good just before Christmas for perch, crappies and pickerel. These fish were hitting minnows, wax worms and twister tails the best. Tom had a couple good days on Spruce Run for crappies, perch and bass fishing minnows, rattle traps, jigging metal and twister tails. He has also been over to Round Valley looking for lake trout catching a few smaller fish trolling spoons and drifting chunked herring and anchovies. One fisherman fishing the Mullica down at the Sweetwater Casino has been catching plenty of pickerel 12 to 20 inches with minnows, spinners and twister tails.

Well I know this is short but all I have for you. Looks like some colder weather coming in so e may get luck and get a little ice fishing in this year. They have been doing some ice fishing from the Pocono’s north if you’re interested.