Youth Mentor Trout Saturday


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I want to let everyone know our hours are changing. This weekend Saturday we will be here 6 to 5. Sunday 6 to 4. With trout season opening the 1st of April This coming week hours will be Monday, Tuesday 6 to 7. Wednesday and Thursday 6 to 9. And Friday we will open at 6 and be here till midnight. Then Saturday and Sunday we will be here 5 to 6. After that we go to our regular summer hours.

Youth Trout is open tomorrow at Levittown Lake and the Wissahickon Creek. And from what I head they put in some really nice fish. Most guys will be fishing mealworms, wax worms, power baits, spinners and spoons.

This was quite a cold windy week. With that there were not many guys out fishing. Myself I got out on the lower river to make sure the boat would start up so I took a few bloodworms out and fished for a few hours. First spot by the Rancocas the water temps were 39 degrees. Here I managed one hit. So I moved into some deeper water with temps at 42 degrees. Here I managed to catch 2 catfish. Both on bloodworms. Anthony was coming off the river as I was putting in. He fished all morning and had one good run off and several smaller hits. Now work of mouth I heard of one 22-inch fish caught up around Station Avenue. Pete told me about the second fish a 22-pound fish caught below the Tacony Bridge. And Paul was in telling me he has picked up a half a dozen fish down around the Delaware Memorial Bridge. He said most were small but he did have one legal fish with a couple good run offs. Down at Salem several guys are talking up 15 to 28 inch stripers, 7 to 10 inch white perch up to a pound and plenty of 1 to 3 pound catfish. Bloodworms, strip squid, minnows and chicken livers working best. I just had one customer pick up bloodworms for Salem with pictures of fish up to 45 inches. Himself has been catching fish 22 to 30 inches but there were 5 cows picked up this past week.

Only one report back from Point Pleasant for walleyes with this fisherman catching 7 fish over the weekend 15 to 21 inches. He also picked up 2 smallmouth bass both 16 inches. He caught all the fish with live minnows tipped on a hair jig or bright colored jig heads. Shad fishermen from Yardley up to Lambertville have been catching fish. All these fish have been bucks and caught with shad spoons. Kevin had a couple warm days at the Water Gap. He said there is so much cold water coming down the river nothing at all is biting.

Penn Warner has still been very good for perch, crappies, pickerel and bass. Most guys have been doing best with live minnows and jigging metal. The landscaper fished the shopping center lake catching a few bluegills and a crappie. Small twister tails were working best. One fisherman picked up a few smaller bass at Magnolia Lake all with small crankbaits. The fisherman on Churchville picked up a couple largemouth bass 3 to 5 pounds. These fish were caught with spinner baits. Nockamixon a few crappies last weekend. John had several mornings there was too much ice on the ramps to put his boat in.

Several reports from the Schuylkill River. Fishing down river several reports of smaller catfish, yellow and white perch and a few smaller stripers. These fish are being caught with nightcrawlers, chicken livers and bloodworms. Just below the art museum a few walleyes, gizzard shad and small stripers being picked up on darts, spoons and shad bodies. And further up river several catfish and carp are being picked up with chunked baits, chicken livers, corn and boilies. Ron again fished up at Norristown looking for some smallmouth but was happy to land a nice 15 pound flathead and 2 smaller catfish. He picked these fish with strip baits.

Down the shore has still been stripers and perch at Oyster Creek, May’s Landing and Colin’s Cove. These fish have been hitting bloodworms and strip bunker. Stripers started to show up at Fortescue. These 22 to 30 inch fish are hitting bloodworms, clams and bunker. No big numbers but some decent fish. One fisherman up the Maurice River picked up some big white and yellow perch with bloodworms, squid and minnows. And the cod and big porgies are still hitting in good numbers in north Jersey, New York and Massachusetts.

Well that is all I have time for this week. Good luck and don’t forget to send some reports my way to beef up this report. Bill

Fisherman Magazine Update

Temperatures are expected to climb at the shore this weekend, into the 50’s on Friday and perhaps to 70 by Saturday. While the melting snow in North Jersey from last week’s storm lowered water temps along the Raritan Bayshore significantly, open water striper fishing in the Barnegat Bay and Toms River area continues to improve. Reports this week have the first good striper over 20 pounds reported by a diehard Delaware River angler using bloodworms, which remains the bait of choice in the region for striped bass, winter flounder and white perch. The winter flatties can be found in Shark River, along the Canal, near the Mantoloking Bridge and down near Island Heights, as well as the lower Barnegat Bay – while good white perch action can be had from Central Jersey all the way down through regular South Jersey producers including the Great Egg and Mullica rivers, as well as out along Delaware coastal creeks. While bouts with rain are likely through Monday, warming weather could have more folks worming up catches this week throughout the region. Slowly but surely the spring run is beginning to get into gear!

Bad Timed Snow Storm


With no ice fishing in this area this past season we are blowing out all our ice fishing equipment at 20 % off for the next month. We have plenty of augers; tip ups, scoops, rods, combos, jigs and all different kinds of ice lures.

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Well with this fine weather this past week the fishing report is going to be a bit light. But this a great weekend coming up to make sure you get your fishing licenses, reels lined up and please everyone check out you trout and striper rods to make sure all the guide are in good shape. Any rods this week will be a week to a week and a half. Once we get busy it takes two weeks or a bit more. So please check out you equipment soon.

Before the snow I heard of the first couple shad taken in the Yardley to Lambertville section of the river. Now this is just hear say so far. These fish were taken with spoons. Now further up river the walleye fishing has still been very good. The few guys I know fishing have been catching 2 to 6 fish each trip out. Lambertville, Bull’s Island and Point Pleasant have been the better areas. These guys have been doing best with minnows, 5-inch grubs and trolling bright colored crankbaits.

The lower river has still been just catfish even know I did hear of a striper taken below the airport. This fish was only 12 inches and picked up with bloodworms. Next to this one fish I know 10 different guys fishing from the airport up to the Tacony not catching a thing.

Penn Warner has still been pretty good for perch, crappies, bass and pickerel. Minnows and Thin Fishers working best off the shoreline with minnows, tubes, grubs, jigging metal and crankbaits working best off boats. One fisherman at Core Creek fished several hours without a single hit last weekend. John up at Nockamixon only did well on crappies before the snows and has not been out since. The crappies have been hitting small jigs, tubes and spinner baits the best. The last lake report came from Marsh Creek with Jerry fishing Friday a week ago. That day with minnows he picked up 11 pickerel and 2 mid size smallmouth bass.

Several different guys out fishing the Schuylkill River have been doing pretty good with catfish, perch, walleyes and even a couple smaller stripers. The few flatheads have been caught from Flat Rock dam up to Norristown. These fish have been 13 to 24 pounds hitting live bluegills, chunked perch and chunked eels. The walleyes are hitting just below the art museum on shad bodies and 4 to 5 inch jerk baits. The perch, catfish and smaller stripers were caught down river with bloodworms, nightcrawlers and chunked bunker.

Jersey report was a few bass and pickerel on Union Lake, pickerel on Dennisville and Lake Lenape. Not much here.

Saltwater has still been well in the power plants even with all the snow. These guys are doing well with 20 to 28 inch stripers and big white perch with bloodworms, Fin-s Fish and smaller shad bodies. Oyster Creek, May’s Landing, Collin’s Cove and Salem have been the best places to head. The only other saltwater reports are coming from north jersey up to Massachusetts for cod, porgies, ling and Pollock. Clams and jigs have been working best.

Well that is all I have for you this week. Only a couple weeks before opening of trout and the stripers can’t be to far away. Let’s hope this snow melts this week and the river starts warming up quick.

Good luck, Bill

Fisherman Magazine Update

Depending on your side of the rain-snow line, you were either shoveling snow early this week or blasting the weather guy. Details emerged Wednesday that NOAA weather folks knew the line had shifted, but opted not to inform the public of reduced snow fall amounts. That prompted an angry response from Governor Chris Christie who said “I’ve had my fill after the last 7 1/2 years of the National Weather Service, to tell you the truth.” CBS News went so far as to call out NOAA weather folks this week for “knowingly misleading public,” and with their new boss, Wilbur Ross also deliberating over 2017 summer flounder regulations, we could see more a few more political storms in the coming days. Before the cold snap, stripers were biting in South and Central Jersey bays and rivers, winter flounder hitting at Shark River, and mackerel were on the run along the DELMARVA coast; it should be interesting to see what a few sunny days will bring. Oddsmakers are calling it a 2-1 shot of coastal temperatures increasing to 50 by Monday; until then, perhaps join The Fisherman Magazine at the Saltwater Fishing Expo in Somerset, NJ March 17-19. Full details on the show at our homepage!

This time last year, we started hearing rumors of bluefish showing up along the Delaware Coast – this past week came word (again, just rumors) of a bluefish caught somewhere around Barnegat Bay. No doubt about it at this point, bunker are being netted in Delaware Bay already while schools of the “striper candy” are also showing on the Raritan up into Newark Bay to the north – so it’s only a matter of time at this point! Our reports for the week in the New Jersey region show warmer water temps in the back bay waters are leading to a few more reports of striped bass being taken on bucktails and swim shads, though bloodworms continue to account for improved catches in many area locations (maximize your investment in the bloods by targeting winter flounder in Central and North Jersey where folks are making quick work of the minimal bag limit along many piers and bulkheads spotlighted in this month’s New Jersey edition of The Fisherman.) Plenty to do this weekend, with popular Jersey Shore and Pennsylvania shows through Sunday and a new tackle shop off the AC Expressway opens its doors on Saturday with that new Shimano Tranx premiered this week at The Fisherman on sale!

Striper Bite starting down the shore


With no ice fishing in this area this past season we are blowing out all our ice fishing equipment at 20 % off for the next month. We have plenty of augers; tip ups, scoops, rods, combos, jigs and all different kinds of ice lures.

Anyone interested with our store up for sale this is the web sight with all the information.  Please share with anyone that may be interested.

With bloodworms back in stock we saw lots of worms head to the river and to the shore. The worms that went to the river there were only a few catfish picked up. But the worms that headed to the shore did quite well with stripers and white perch. Oyster Creek power plant was one of the best places to head with stripers 15 to 28 inches were caught with bloodworms, 4 and 5-inch shad bodies and different colored Fin-s fish. Salem Canal there was some monster white perch mixed in with 15 to 20 inch stripers and catfish. Mullica River from May’s Landing down to Collin’s Cove bigger white perch, stripers 15 to 24 inches and pickerel caught with bloodworms, minnows and grass shrimp. Below Union Lake there were some stripers 20 to 28 inches caught with bloodworms, shiners, Storm shads and poppers. The only other reports from the shore have been the off shore trips for cod, Pollock, ling, blackfish and sea bass. Most of this fishing is from North Jersey up to Massachusetts. Clams, strip mackerel, squid and jigs working best.

The upper river has still been very good for walleyes 13 to 22 inches. The hot spots have been Washington’s Crossing, Lambertville, Stockton, Bull’s Island, Byran and Point Pleasant. These guys have been catching fish jigging minnows, shad bodies and twister tails. They have also been trolling spinner rigs with minnows or nightcrawlers, Storm Hot and Tot’s in bright colors, Walleye Divers again in bright colors. The lower river again has been pretty much catfish with bloodworms, chunked eels, bunker and shrimp. Nothing big but most guys are catching 1 to 3 fish each trip out. Now the Schuylkill River has been better for bigger catfish. These guys have been fishing chunked eels, live eels, live perch and bluegills and also chunked perch. So far this year I know of 7 flatheads taken 13 to 27 pounds. Also below the Art Museum a few guys have been catching a few white perch, walleyes and catfish with minnows, nightcrawlers, twister tails and shad bodies.

Ron took his first trip out and fished the upper Schuylkill looking for a bass or walleyes. Well fishing all day Saturday and Tuesday not catching a fish. Todd fish the Perkiomen Creek right behind his apartment and picked up a few bluegills fishing small crankbaits and smaller twister spinner baits. A few guys up at Core Creek said the lake has been slow but the spillway has been pretty good for smaller perch and crappies. Minnows, mealworms, wax worms and twister tail working best. The last day of the season on Levittown Jim picked up a few decent bass and crappies with Kastmasters, Little Cleo’s and Senko worms. Now he will be heading back to Fall’s Township till trout season opens. Couple guys have been fishing Fall’s Township only catching a few pickerel and smaller walleyes trolling crankbaits. Tim up at Given’s Pond had a pretty good day with crappies fishing minnows and twister tails. The landscaper fished the shopping center lake over the weekend catching a few bluegills and one small bass. Nightcrawlers and minnows working best. One fisherman at Silver Lake said the bass are starting to hit spinner baits, Senko worms and shallow crankbaits.

South Jersey lakes, river and creeks all have been great for pickerel, perch, crappies and bass. Most guys have been doing best with live minnows but twister tails; crankbaits, spinner baits and plastic worms are also working well. Steve at Union Lake had a great weekend for bigger crappies with a few perch and pickerel mixed in. He did best with live minnows, wax worms and 1/64 ounce jigs. John also got down on Saturday fishing live minnows, twister tails and jigs tipped up brush hogs catching 7 bass 1 to 3 pounds and 14 pickerel mixed in. His one buddy did catch a 24-inch pickerel reeling in a yellow perch. This fish was over 5 pounds. Jerry has still been doing very well with pickerel; perch and crappies fishing live minnows in the lakes along Routes 55 and 47. Gary fishing Dennisville picked up a bunch of pickerel fishing Rapala’s, Rooster Tails and 4 inch yellow twister tails. Richie said the pickerel in Lake Lenape have been hitting Rapala’s divers and shad raps, spinner baits, and floating plastic worms.

Well that is all I have for you this week. Cold weekend is not going to help the striper run but I’m hoping in the next week or so the first fish will be caught. I may even head out sometime this coming week. Bill

Fisherman Magazine Update

Donovan Vasquez tackled New Jersey’s first registered keeper of 2017 by bringing a 9.4-pound, 30-inch Mullica River beauty into Absecon Bay Sportsman Center a little bit after noon on Wednesday. “He said he didn’t know how many shorts he had to cull through to get it, but the action is constant,” said Absecon Bay’s Dave Showell, who added that Don picked a few white perch between the aggressive short stripers. While not a lot of keepers in the rivers, creeks and up along sod banks just yet, the reported bite is already proving consistent on bloods; if you’re looking for a “hot spot” recommendation, grab a copy of the March edition of The Fisherman at the Atlantic City Boat Show this week, it seems as if early reports on striped bass in the region mesh perfectly with Nick Honachefsky’s “Hail the Tides of March” article. While howling winds kicked off our weekend forecast, with temperatures expected to take a little dip by Saturday, initial reports from the regular striper haunts indicate an early start to the season – while the warmwater discharge is attracting shoulder-to-shoulder attention once again, the long-range forecast for the next week along the Delaware and New Jersey coast should put more surfcasters closer to open water for early arriving ocean fish.



With no ice fishing in this area this past season we are blowing out all our ice fishing equipment at 20 % off for the next month. We have plenty of augers; tip ups, scoops, rods, combos, jigs and all different kinds of ice lures.


Quick note: We got our first batch of bloodworms in this past week and finally we have our 2017 tide charts printed.

Well with the good weather we had plenty of guys out fishing this past week. No striper yet in the river but it is just a matter of time for the first fish to be caught. For the river catfishing has been the best bet. Most guys are picking up a fish or two each trip out with bunker, chunked eels, nightcrawlers and shrimp. There are a few guys fishing up the Neshaminy for catfish still looking for their first fish. The upper river has still been fair for walleyes fishing with minnows, shiners, Zoom grubs and one fisherman picked up a few fish trolling walleye divers.

The Schuylkill River below the art museum a few walleyes hitting shad bodies, twister tails and minnows. Up off Kelly Drive one fisherman picked up a 13-pound flat head with a half of bluegill. And further up the river a 27-pound flat head was picked up with a white perch.

Penn Warner still the hot spot for the club members. Crappies, perch, bass, pickerel and pike hitting live minnows, spinner baits, rubber skirted jigs, Senko worms and even a few different crankbaits. Core Creek only a few perch hitting minnows, mealworms and twister tails in the spillway. Levittown Lake a few crappies and smaller bass hitting small senko and power worms and smaller twister tails. Fall’s Township one fisherman worked hard all day with jigs, grubs, tubes and spinners catching only a couple bluegills. He said one fisherman out in a kayak picked up a 16-inch walleye drifting live minnows. A couple fishing down the hatchery this past week with nightcrawlers and minnows caught a few smaller bass. John up at Nockamixon has still been catching a few smallmouth n deeper water with shiners and jigs. When the bass are not hitting he is doing well with crappies fishing around the docks with tubes and twister tails. And he said his buddies fishing down in Lake Galena have been catching a few bigger crappies with minnows or shiners fished under a slip bobber in 12 to 25 feet of water.

All the guys fishing jersey have been doing great with crappies, perch, bass and pickerel. One fisherman in the Cooper River picked up a few smaller bass, 4 catfish and a 21-pound carp. Jerry fishing the lakes along 47 and 55 catching some good crappies, yellow perch and pickerel fishing live minnows. The Mullica River in the Batso section plenty of pickerel have been hitting minnows, shiners, twister tails, Rapala’s and spinners. Down in Collin’s Cove one fisherman picked up over 50 bigger white perch with small shiners, grass shrimp and 1 inch gulp minnows. John took his first trip to Union last weekend. He gave me the only bad report fishing for 6 hours catching a bass, 2 pickerel and a crappie. Richie said the pickerel are hitting good in Lake Lenape with perch, smaller stripers and pickerel hitting just below the dam in the Egg Harbor River.

Even the saltwater fishing this past week was good. Now there is not much to fish for but all the guys heading north, fishing off shore has been doing great with cod, porgies, ling, blackfish and I know they are closed but sea bass.   Top and bottom rigs with clams and strip mackerel have been what most guys are using but this past week I sold lots of 10 to 14 ounce jigs that they caught the bigger codfish with. Off some of the jetties I heard some smaller ling and blackfish have been hitting clams, strip bait and crabs.

Well that is all I have for you this week. Looks like a mixed bag of weather for this weekend but still lots of warm weather will be around for next week. Bill