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Wednesday was another great day on the Delaware. Helen and I got out early and fished right below the Burlington Bristol Bridge. With the rain we took some nightcrawlers and bunker and fished for the better part of the morning. We ended up with 14 catfish 2 to 7 pounds and also lost several other fish. Nothing but catfish thought and most were caught with nightcrawlers. The river was muddy from the rains the night before and as the tide started to drop lots of little sticks and leaves on the surface. Another great lunch at Curtain's and we were back home a little after lunch. If the rains hold off we are heading down to listen to Dave Matthews on Friday and hope to do a little fishing down there. This past week I had lots of different guys fishing for catfish in the lower river. Most guys did best with bunker, chunked eels and chicken livers. One guys off Princeton Avenue picked up 5 fish all small on Monday. He caught everything with chunked eels. The beach below the Tacony one fisherman with bunker caught 11 catfish in several nights but also had 4 smaller stripers mixed in. Jerry off the Yacht Club docks caught 9 catfish Sunday afternoon all with chicken livers and bunker. Station Avenue a few guys have been fishing hard only catching 1 or 2 catfish each trip. Some bigger catfish are being caught up the Rancocas Creek. These guys are fishing below the bridges with live eels catching fish 6 to 14 pounds. They have also caught a few stripers 24 to 28 inches the past week. Same up at Trenton with the high and off color water some monster catfish hitting live eels above the bridges. These guys have also caught stripers 20 to 32 inches with live eels, poppers, shad bodies and crankbaits. Most all this has been at night. At Fireman's Eddy one fisherman with live eels has been catching 3 to 8 stripers a trip 24 to 34 inches. He again said the high and muddy water is helping out. Some really good reports from Ed up at Lamberville with live eels fishing above the 202 bridge and also right above the New Hope wing dam. This past week he caught 17 stripers 21 to 29 inches, 16 catfish 23 to 39 inches and also a flat head catfish 42 inches 24 pounds. All these fish were caught at night fishing each night of the week. His best night was on Tuesday right after the end of the world storms. Kev said the Water Gap has also been very good for stripers up to 25 pounds. Here live eels and trout have been working best for bait while fishing 6 and 8 inch white grubs have been working best for artificial's. He said the high and off color water had killed the smallmouth bass fishing. One other customer fishing at Portland off the spillway caught 3 stripers all legal with live eels. He also picked up a bunch of catfish fishing chunked eels and shad. Back to the lower river with Rick out several times this past week fishing the evenings with crankbaits, poppers and rattle traps. This week he had his best week on largemouth bass catching 5 but also had a bunch of small stripers and catfish on the main river. The bass were hitting up the Pennsauken Creek on slider worms and brush hogs. The cats and stripers were caught right above the sail boat club with rattle traps and bomber model a's. Tim fishing off the Wharf picked up catfish, stripers and eels with chunked bunker, live and chunked eels and live perch. They had 4 stripers just under 28 inches. And out of the Neshaminy Creek there have been some good catfish and smaller stripers hitting chunked bunker and chicken livers around Haunted Lane.

Now I have been hearing the Pennypack has no trout left in it. Well this past week Bill caught 1 fish at Rhawn street with power bait, another 2 fish at the Boulevard with meal worms and trout magnets. Also at the Boulevard he also caught 1 9 pound carp and a smallmouth bass. Bill also caught 1 more trout at Veree Road with meal worms with 4 smallmouth bass and 6 bluegills. The bass were caught with trout magnets and spinners with the bluegills with meal worms. So for all the guys talking of no trout sorry a few are still left. Terry also did well on the Pennypack looking for trout but was happy catching 11 smallmouth bass with 25 mixed rock bass and bluegills fishing above Pine Road. He did see several trout swimming around but could not convince them to hit anything. Couple different reports from the Perkiomen for small bass, bluegills and rock bass. One fisherman also picked up a few small northern pike fishing right below Green Lane. Joe and his buddy were fishing at Collegeville catching over 100 fish between the two of them. They said smaller minnows and spinners were working best. One other report from behind the prison caught 10 decent bass with jerk shads, case grubs and Havoc tubes. These fish were 13 to 16 inches. Ron's buddies did very good this past week catching over 100 catfish and mixed in were 3 flatheads all under 15 pounds. Most of the cats were either caught with shrimp and chicken livers with the flat heads hitting live and chunked bluegills. I seen another pretty good flat head below a fall's somewhere that looked to be 20 pounds. There was no information with the picture. Joe has been down the past couple weeks sick but I know a few other guys fishing a mile or so below the Fairmount Dam still doing very good with 1 to 3 pound catfish, 12 to 16 inch stripers and mixed in are some yellow perch. Nightcrawlers, bloodworms and stink baits have been working best. The Tohickon was great for Charlie this past week with the river way too high to wade. But in the creek he has been catching 3 to 12 smallmouth bass a day with small torpedo's, spooks, Senko worms, spinners and grubs. Nothing back from Noxamixion or Galena this past week. Marsh Creek one fisherman had a pretty good day with pickerel, largemouth bass and yellow perch all with live minnows. Nothing big but great action. Bruce and Denny fished Long Pond last week catching lots of pickerel with live minnows, crankbaits and grubs. On Duck Harbor they caught 1 monster pickerel and a big smallmouth bass before the weather chased them home.

Saltwater action has been very good fishing the back bays for flounder. Frank up at Barnegat did very good on keeper size fish with bucktails, gulp mullet and squid. He fished 3 afternoons with 9 keepers. Weezer did fair fishing out front with smaller fish just under sized. He did best with bucktails. Ocean City bay I had 3 different reports with all these guys catching 3 to 4 limit fish with lots of throw backs. These guys caught fish with spearing, squid, minnows and gulp mullet. Grassy Sounds were very good for flounder but most of these fish were just under sized. Fred out on Tuesday picked up 19 throw backs with 1 19 1/2 inch fish. Chas and his 2 sons were out in kayaks behind Wildwood catching over 50 fluke but only coming home with 6 fish. They caught most all these fish with live minnows, squid and small bucktails. Now the jettie at Long Beach Island was alive with stripers this past week. These guys have all been fishing at night with live eels. I seen pictures of fish 42, 44 and 48 inches mixed in with lots of legal and throw back fish. Fred fishing out of Sea Isle did very good with sea bass this past week 2 miles out. Strip mackerel soaked in shedder and bass feast worked best for 3 and 4 pound fish. A few guys fishing out of the highlands for sea bass did very good last weekend catching limits of 3 to 5 pound sea bass with some cod and ling mixed in. Porgie fishing up in New York and Massachusetts has still been very good with sea bass mixed in. These guys have all been fishing clams, strip mackerel, squid and Gulp chartreuse mullet. And several reports coming in from the Chesapeake with good numbers of spots and croakers hitting bloodworms, squid and Fish Bites. Delaware Bay has still been very slow but I had one good report from Fortescue with 20 to 22 inch stripers hitting bloodworms and clams. Mixed in were some pound and bigger sea perch. Up at Money Island another fisherman out looking for drum picked up a 41 inch 23 pound striper with clams. No drum. Down in the rips a few different guys have been catching smaller stripers with bucktails and eels. A keeper here and there but most have been throw backs.

Saying that I had no Jersey reports helped out with several guys writing me this week. One fisherman up in the Cooper river said there are several guys doing well with snakeheads fishing with bigger crankbaits, brush hogs and rubber frogs. Some of these fish have been 3 to 5 pounds. Also in the Cooper some good catches of smaller catfish on worms and chicken livers. Newton Lake has also been a very good spot for snakeheads. One fisherman last week picked up 8 fish all with Zoom horny toads fished around and over the lilly pads. He also picked up several largemouth bass mixed in. One fisherman up the Pennsauken creek did very good for carp 10 to 24 pounds. He is fishing behind the old Woodbine Inn with corn, his own carp baits and different boilies. Tom has been doing very good on Lake Hapatcong on bigger pickerel and bass fishing Zara spooks, Twister surface buzz, whopper stoppers and jitterbugs. He has not seen or heard about a muskie in the past several weeks. Some of the bass clubs hooked up on Manasquan Reservoir catching some bass up to 5 pounds, lots of pickerel 14 to 19 inches and even a few hybrid stripers. One fisherman in Medford Lake showed me a picture of a 24 inch pickerel that weighted in at 5.6 pounds. This fish was caught on a golden shiner. These guys have also been catching plenty of largemouth bass, crappies and bluegills mixed in. East Creek Pond was very good for one fisherman out looking for bass. He took down 4 dozen of our minnows and ran out in less than 4 hours. He boated 6 largemouth bass and 16 pickerel. He also had over 20 bite offs not using steel leaders. Dennisville has also been very good for bass, pickerel and crappies fishing with minnows, shiners, twister tails and plastic worms. One of the shore guys that said the saltwater fishing sucked fished the sand pits behind the campground off Route 9. He fished with deep crankbaits and rubber skirted jigs crushing the bass in the early evenings. He said it would be great to fish at night but the bugs even with sprays will eat you alive after dark. The lake at the Cape May Court house has been fair for bass but one fisherman had a great evening with bluegills fishing with his grandson. That night they caught 25 fish but also had 3 trout mixed in.

Well that is all I have for you this week. The crappy weather all week kept lots of my better fisherman close to home. And this Saturday is not looking all that great. I will be heading to the mountains this coming week so either I will be late or will miss next week unless Anthony types something up. Till then good luck.



6-10-It Paul and Phil from Holmesburg gun club. We went out on the Paranount Thursday Black Sea bass trip nice boat ride . Made a couple close stops only small throw backs and skates. Then we went out more. Produced a few keepers on boat maybe 3 the rest throw backs . Took a longer boat ride a guy picked up one fluke keeper maybe 2 more keepers caught . Then he went way out very deep only produced Conga els, and skates. Went further out more els, skates , maybe 3 cod all to small throw backs. Then pack to dock. I caught 2 skates , 1 keeper 14". 1 small Ling jumped the hook getting in boat . Full boat of people , maybe total of 15 keeper sea bass caught . Seems like the wrecks where picked clean of keeper fish . Had a fun day but waste of time fishing. He took his time going to wrecks between. Wrecks but boy we booked on the way back . We fished this boat before but we said never again. All I can say Black Sea bass Thursday was very poor out of
manasquan Inlet . Take care Paul . Frank Powells friend . Paul

6-1-It is with great pleasure to announce the Brownie Troop/Archangel/Mickey’s Guide Service 3rd annual Surf Sharking night. On July 25th and July 26th we will be fishing for large toothy sharks from the beaches of Seaside Park (Island Beach State Park, NJ). Summertime beach visitors are not just limited to tourists, sunbathers, and swimmers---we also are visited by gigantic predatory Sharks that come within a dozen yards of our swim beaches. This includes Brown Sharks, Sand Tigers, Dusky Sharks, Thresher Sharks, Bull Sharks, the list goes on. There have been nights where we have landed over 30 Sharks from the surf, or regular spinning rods and reels. We know how to rig the tackle necessary to land such monsters and it is loads of funs (although it tends to scare the hell out tourists on a late night beach walk. When they see what roams the swim beaches they think twice about going in the next day). We have done this many times before and it is a fun, and full service experience with lots of beer, and catered food cooked in front of you in a fire pit. We have been written up in many national fishing magazines for our exploits Sharking from the Jersey shore. This is something you have to experience at least once in your lifetime. We are also printing t-shirts to commemorate the event, which will be held in tribute to the late Ken “Bigfish” Jelnicki, one of NJ’s pioneers of surf sharking, and inventor of the “surf rocket”, see video below. Admission to the event will be held to 25 people as we want everyone to at least have a fair shot at catching a shark---you will be pre-assigned a rod and reel and if a shark happens to choose your bait you can have bragging rights. Hopefully everyone gets a chance at a big fish. Large cow-nosed Sting Rays and Bat Rays are also in the mix at this time of year, we’re talking Sting Rays over 100 lbs, a battle in itself. A meeting time and location will be pre-assigned secretively as we don’t want moochers and gate crashers at the event. Surf Sharking is one of the few kinds of fishing where it is “the more the merrier”, as the more baits we have in the water, the more scent to attract the sharks to our area. We heavily chum throughout the incoming full moon tide, when the sharks come in on the spawn. It is the party to end all parties and people that have experienced it never forget it. Hotels and Motel rooms are hard to come by that time of year so you’re going to want to book in advance. The event will be limited to 25 people and tickets are $300----the food we have prepared on the beach is absolutely fantastic and we will have t-shirts for everyone that pays to come. It is a deal and a chance at memories you’ll never forget! Please contact to reserve your spot or call me at 609-741-9336. These will go very fast! Lastly, the Dean Ween Group will be performing on August 1st at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, just a dozen miles south of where we’ll be fishing---it’s not just a fishing trip, it’s an event! Make a road trip out of it. Check out some pics and videos of previous Shark outings.


A nasty storm front barreled across the region on Tuesday knocking out power and downing trees, but it also left some nice midweek weather in its wake. How things shape up for the Mako Mania shark tournament weekend is anyone's guess today, but there are fish to be found inshore and offshore when the window is open! Blue marlin have arrived at local canyons, big makos are on the prowl, and in South Jersey especially the weakfish action along Cape May County jetties continues to impress. One New Jersey angler traveled north recently for a 15-pound doormat fluke, but rest assured there are limit catches to be had on the flatties in the New Jersey and Delaware Bay region - weatherman, give us some good news, please! Check out our weekend forecast video and weekly reports by clicking on the View Video button below.

Got my striper back from the taxidermist this past week and I have to say what a great job Mike of Coastal Fiberglass Fish Mounts did this fish. Anyone needs a great job done I highly recommend you to check them out.

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