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Hey bill, My brother in law is retired Army after serving in Afghanistan. He lives in New Hampshire, where he and my wife grew up, but he wants to hunt for deer in PA (where I live with my wife now). He's been trying to find someone to hunt with through the Wounded Warrior Project without much luck yet. Is there anyone you know that would like to take him out and show him (and possibly me) the ropes? He has been honing his archery skills, but is also an expert with his rifle. Please let me know! Thanks. Nick Saunders on FACEBOOK

It was a big surprise to see the amount and size of bass that the pro caught in the Delaware River last week. I know there are plenty of fish but the average 3 pound weigh in really surprised me. And for the 100 to 1500 fish that were caught most all were released off the Linden Avenue boat ramp which should put a good amount of decent size bass in this section of the river.

Nothing like having 7 days off straight to come home for one day and have another couple days back off. Up state we did very little fishing. Our pond was quite hot for bluegills with trout magnets, twister tails and meal worms. You could stand in one spot and catch fish after fish all day long. Now I did get around the pond a couple times with weedless lures to have several fish come up and hit the lure but never did hook a single fish. We golfed one day but the course was quite wet. Still I shot a 92. We also took a 7 mile canoe trip down the river but only had limited time with our son driving up from Richmond to spend a couple days. So I did not take a rod and we did see quite a few smallmouth bass, suckers and fall fish swimming around. One fisherman did well with nymphs on small smallmouth bass. Other than that we cut 14 acres off grass and weedwack around our 2 acre pond and also our mile driveway. Great place but it is so much work. One Tuesday this week we headed down to listen to Jimmy Buffet at Camden. The music was great and I also caught 11 catfish and 6 white perch. Everything was small and caught on bloodworms and bagels. Wednesday we headed up to New Hope and fished from 8 till 4 in the afternoon. This was a beautiful day but a 10 to 15 mile and hour wind right up the middle of the river made it really had to fish. We ended the day with 26 smallmouth bass and 4 catfish. All the fish except 2 were caught with live minnows. We also had to miss at least another 30 to 40 fish. Have to work all next week so it will be a couple weeks before I see the river again.

Now most everyone else has been doing well on the upper river. One fisherman at Stockton picked up 7 walleyes trolling Pin's minnows. He has also been catching plenty of smallmouth bass with live minnows and grubs. Tom has been crushing the smallmouth bass from Frenchtown back down to Lamberville with grubs, tubes, spinners, minnows and leeches. Each trip out he has been catching 35 to 55 fish with a couple walleyes and catfish mixed in. He has been happy since each trip he catches 1 to 5 fish between 16 and 19 inches. Helen yesterday had the big fish a 17 1/2 fish that was close to 3 1/2 pounds. Charlie wading at Point Pleasant has been catching 10 to 25 smallmouth bass each trip out. He has been doing best with twister tails, Rapala's, top water poppers and minnows. Danny was up on Sunday drifting from Lamberville back to Yardley. He caught over 100 fish between three of them. Most fish were caught with live minnows and worms but he also did well with spinners. Wading below Yardley one fisherman had a good trip with smallmouth bass and stripers with white and smoke grubs, minnows and small jigs. He caught 9 fish on Friday evening, 17 fish on Saturday and really had good numbers 47 on Sunday but most of these fish were stripers 12 to 14 inches. These fish were all caught below the railroad bridge along the islands. Kevin fished up at the Water Gap a couple weekends ago crushing the smallmouth bass with minnows, shiners, Slug O's, Rapala's, spinners. He said each day 15 to 35 fish. But at night it was walleye time. Here he trolled Rapala's, wally divers and speed traps to catch 5 to 10 walleyes each night. These fish were 18 to 23 inches. They did try for stripers several different days and different ways but had no luck. One fisherman at Narrowsburg fished the entire weekend for smallmouth bass but had little success. He caught lots of fall fish and sunfish with shallow crankbaits, spinners and worms. But over the entire weekend not one smallmouth bass. And a bit further I talked to one fisherman at Callicoon that was doing well on 9 to 12 inch smallmouth bass with poppers, twister tails and rubber crayfish.

Several different guys headed out to the Susquehanna River this past week and all did well. Now the big numbers and big fish seem to be gone but each one of these groups caught between 40 and 70 fish per day. Most of the fish were caught with minnows or shiners but others did well with Zoom grubs, power tubes, Rebel crayfish, tiny torpedo's, Zara Spoons and Rapala's. Most of the fish were running 12 to 17 inches. John told me one day he had 4 fish 18 to 19 inches between 3 and 4 pounds but that was his best day all season. Most of these fish are being caught from Duncannon down to Harrisburg. One fisherman at Sayer did well on bass but also had some nice pike and seen one 47 inch muskie caught with a Mepp's spinner. He said this fish was measured, weighted at 28 3/4 pounds and released in great shape. The pike he was catching were 14 to 17 inches. Bass were all small. He did best with torpedo's, grubs, and minnows. A couple kids were in today telling me a few bass and plenty of small bluegills have been hitting in the ponds down the street. They caught the bass with nightcrawlers and the bluegills with meal worms. One fisherman next to them caught 11 bluegills with green trout magnets. Ron has been all over the place in 2 weeks. At Blue Marsh he caught lots of small and largemouth bass. Here he caught most of his fish with Senko worms. At Green Lane he caught a bunch of small crappies and bluegills with trout magnets, twister tails and shiners that were all dead by the time he used them. At FDR Park he caught a few small bass but lots of bluegills with trout magnets. One night on the Schuylkill River he caught 27 catfish with one 15 pound flathead. A few trips in the upper Schuylkill River for smallmouth bass catching 15 to 25 smallies each trip with grubs, minnows and spinners. Last spot was French Creek where he was hoping for smallies but only caught a few suckers and bluegills. His buddies have been fishing each night catching 10 to 30 catfish each night depending on how many are fishing. They have caught 7 flatheads in the past 2 weeks. 9 to 19 pounds. All the flatheads were caught with live or chunked bluegills. The rest have been biting on nightcrawlers, chicken livers, shrimp and bagels the best. Ron also had one buddy head out for a week of fishing on Raystown Reservoir. This guy had a great trip with smallmouth bass and stripers. Fishing the days around the shoreline with spinner baits, plastic worms and spoons he caught smallmouth bass 1 to 4 1/2 pounds. In the evenings and at night fishing with live trout, live perch and top water plugs he caught 7 stripers 12 to 24 pounds. Core Creek has still been very slow for bass but the pan fisherman have still been doing very good with small jigs, twister tails, trout magnets, meal worms and smaller minnows. Most guys are catching white perch and bluegills the best. At Fall's Township one fisherman did well with smaller walleyes with nightcrawlers with a spinner rig drifting the lake. He had fish 11 to 15 inches but did catch 14 fish. Jim has still been doing fair with smaller bass with power worms, senko worms and small buzz baits. John said the bass fishing has been great on Noxamixion if you want to catch small bass. With plastic worms, lizards, brush hogs, jigs or smaller spinner baits you can catch 10 to 25 bass a day 8 to 12 inches. For bigger bass fishing has been slow. But the crappies have still been hitting in good numbers and bigger fish with shiners, minnows, marabou jigs and since I talk them up so much trout magnets. He has been reading about them and finally tried them. John said they caught over 50 percent of the fish. One other fisherman heading up to Noxamixion and fished for pike and muskies. No luck here but with a Suick stick bait he did catch a 21 inch smallmouth that weighted 5.7 pounds at the taxidermists. All the creeks have still been great for smallmouth bass, rock bass and bluegills with minnows, spinners, twister tails and top water plugs. The best creeks have been the Neshaminy, Perkiomen and Tohickon. One fisherman at Pine Road the other day caught 9 smallmouth bass with spinners while looking for trout. He also had a bunch of bluegills mixed in. The bass were 8 to 10 inches. One fisherman in a quarry lake in Bensalem picked up a few monster bass fishing with live bluegills that he caught at the shopping center lake. The three pictures had fish 3 to 6 pounds. All were caught in 25 or better feet of water. A couple fisherman in Tincum behind the airport had a pretty good couple days fishing for carp. These guys with strawberry, corn and pineapple carp baits caught 9 fish 12 to 22 pounds. The say there are a few monster fish in the 30 to 40 pound range swimming around.

Jersey lakes have still been very good. I really need more reports but he few I have been getting have been great. John gave me two weeks worth or reports from Union. 2 weeks ago he fished around the lake with power grubs, power tubes, Lockett jigs, trout magnets and spinners. This day they caught over 100 fish between pickerel, bluegills, small largemouth bass, yellow perch and crappies. He started the day out looking for bass but it was very slow so they fished smaller. This past weekend they did find some nice bass early in the day with plastic worms, weedless frogs and jig and pig. In 4 hours they hooked and landed 9 bass between 2 and 4 pounds. But then the fishing died so they went back to shoreline fishing and did well again with perch and crappies. Mercer County park one fisherman picked up a few nice catfish off the shore line with nightcrawlers. He was out looking for bass but had to settle for catfish. One other fisherman in a boat with live shiners did catch a 3 pound bass and also had a few pickerel, yellow perch and crappies mixed in. Spruce Run has also been very good for smallmouth bass, crappies and perch fishing with minnows, senko worms, twister tails and Zoom lizards. One fisherman fishing around the dam caught bass up to 3 pounds with a carolina rigged lizard. His buddy in another boat caught a mix of fish with grubs and senko worms. Chris also had a full day on Saturday to fish almost around the lake boating over 65 fish between 2 guys. Nothing big but a good mix of fish. One fisherman in a inlet in the Mullica river caught a bunch of small pickerel with twister tails and live minnows. He was fishing right off the highway over the bridge screen. Salem Cannel was great for a couple of guys with bloodworms, nightcrawlers and shrimp. These guys picked up several smaller stripers, catfish up to 6 pounds and 47 big white perch with bloodworms and Fish Bites.

Saltwater fishing has still been great but again the reports are few and far between. Flounder from all I hear and read has been great. Several guys in the Wildwood area have been catching 20 to 70 fish a trip with very few keepers. One fisherman in today had 77 fish on a party boat with 1 keeper all day long. Most of these fish are being caught with top and bottom rigs with squid, minnows, spearing and Gulp mullet. Some bigger fish are being caught at the Cape May reef and the old grounds with bucktails with a teaser rigs. Most of these fish have been 4 to 10 pounds. The bucktails have been 4 to 8 ounces and again 5 and 6 inch Gulp mullet have been working best. Some of the biggest flounder being caught have been up north in the Shrewsbury Rocks up to New York. Alex has been catching fish 5 to 8 pounds using Spro bucktails with 6 inch Gulp grubs in Nuclear chicken and pink shine. Most all the trips he has been limiting out. Frank out of Breele caught 3 limits of fish over the weekend. These fish were 4 to 7 pounds and again caught with bucktails and Gulp teasers. Mystic Island has been very good for a customer that just left. He has been catching limits of 3 to 8 pound flounder with nice sea bass mixed in. Again bucktails with gulp as teasers have been working best. In the Cape May and Wildwood section off the beach there has been plenty of croakers and kingfish hitting bloodworms, squid and Fish Bites. Up in the Delaware Bay there are still lots of croakers hitting bloodworms and squid the best.

Well again I have just run out of time. Good luck and enjoy another great weekend on tap.



8-3- Hey all. Mu Fish, "Jason" and I pulled an all night run on the Big D this past Saturday. Tons of slots and cats, but one monster cow. 47 inches, 30+ girth and close to 50 pounds. Fish of a lifetime. Caught just north of the Ben Franklin Bridge on your fresh bunker. Everyone else always has the frozen junk. Best part was that we released her safe and sound. You all have always been so nice to me the last few years since I picked up my first boat. Always good advice and great fresh bait. Thanks for being there and keep that Bunker coming. Chuck Elliott. P.S. please post this if you would like for your business.

8-5- Aug. 5 -- Fished off the shore at Bordentown. Everyone there struck out but me -- hooked a 5-pound catfish, had a couple other bites, but no bass.

7-25-Not sure if you want to inform people or not but fishing along kelly drive near Girard is very sketchy right now...last Friday my buddy was almost carjacked at gunpoint...2 days later my friends truck was broken into. I think theyre targeting fishermen. Don Garvey

7-22-On Saturday, my good friend's 11 year old son, Luke Fatula, from Feasterville, Pa hooked and landed, without assistance, a 30.5 inch , 10 pound, 3 ounce Fluke jigging a 4 oz. Spro Bucktail (pink) tipped with a squid strip bait. We were drifting one mile off of the beach at Asbury Park. I have attached a photo.

Fisherman Magazine -

Reef, wreck and rock solid fluking combined with snappers inshore and chopper blues offshore make for great variety. Throw in crab-crunching triggers, sheepshead and tog on the jetties and the offshore tuna tangos being danced and it can't get any better. The Mid Atlantic and Do-A.C. Challenge highlight the events this week, while input on public striped bass management must come now.

All that and more here.New Jersey's Mike Iaconelli wins the Elite Series B.A.S.S. event on the Delaware River. Fluke tournaments pay out huge sums for big fish over 10 pounds. Croakers, crabs and snappers invade inshore water and offshore action with tuna, sharks and marlin "goes off" during the day time chunk. All that and more right here.

Got my striper back from the taxidermist this past week and I have to say what a great job Mike of Coastal Fiberglass Fish Mounts did this fish. Anyone needs a great job done I highly recommend you to check them out.

Local story done one Brinkman's Bait and Tackle -







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