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Face Book William Brinkman (Brinkman's Bait)

Tuesday was again another day off. But by the time I cut the grass, cleaned the house and did the shopping it was dinner time. So I cooked cleaned up and took the rest of the night on the river. Problem was the wind was blowing 25 miles and hours and it was blowing against the tide. I heard they were catching fish down at the Tacony so I cranked up the boat and headed down river. The river was rough but when I made the bend below the Tacony the winds really picked up. I anchored right up and put 3 lines out and within 15 minutes I was taking waves in the back of the boat and just plane getting my ass kicked. So I headed back up river to the Rancocas. Well here the perch started to hit right away. So looking for my first striper or even catfish I moved about 5 times looking for fish. By 9:30 at night I ended with 13 white perch all with bloodworms. I had bunker and fresh clams out not having a single hit. There was one boat down at the Tacony when I left and they only had one fish that night a 31 inch fish taken on bloodworms. Anthony was out on Wednesday morning catching 8 stripers with bunker, bloodworms and clams. These fish were all small. One other fisherman out Wednesday catching 14 stripers above the Tacony all with bunker. Another Anthony was also out but the winds beat him up so he only fished an hour and caught 1 catfish. Tuesday morning several guys crushed the fish on the beach at the Tacony bridge. These guys caught fish 21 to 39 inches with bloodworms and bunker. The bite lasted most of the day. At the airports several guys have been talking up fish 15 to 36 inches with bloodworms, bunker and clams. Most of these guys have been fishing the UPS building. Station Avenue has been fair with Pinky catching 1 to 3 fish each trip out. He said most of the fish have been 21 to 30 inches but has missed several bigger fish. Camer has been the dead spot on the river. The only action has been guys catching herring and wardens handing out fines and taking some good equipment. Right in front of Maggies one fisherman picked up a 38 inch fish with a bunker head. He has also caught 9 other fish this past week with bloodworms. These fish were 18 to 21 inches. There are several guys talking about fishing under the Burlington Bristol Bridge doing very good on stripers and catfish with bloodworms, bunker and clams. These guys showed me a few pictures of fish 31 to 42 inches taken this past week. Above Burlington Island one fisherman caught a 39 inch 32 pound fish with bunker on Tuesday morning. Heading down river at the Commodore Barry Bridge several fisherman off the ramp did very good fishing with bloodworms. These guys caught plenty of smaller stripers, white perch and catfish. Now below the bridge lots of fish 18 to 40 inches are being caught with bloodworms and bunker. Again here make sure you know where you are at needing a Delaware license where the Delaware line comes in. 3 of my customers received fines last weekend not knowing where they were. Up in the Racoon Creek one fisherman has been catching 5 to 8 stripers a evening 30 to 40 inches. He does not count the smaller fish. He is also catching some big catfish mixed in. Bloodworms and live eels are working best. Marcus Hook one fisherman caught his first striper on Sunday. This fish was 46 inches, 35 pounds. 3 days later he caught his second 32 inch 19 pounds. He is not catching many but really good fish all with clams. At Salem lots of smaller stripers mixed in with big white perch and catfish with bloodworms, minnows, shrimp, chicken livers and squid. Perch up to a 1 1/2 pounds, catfish 2 to 5 pounds and stripers 14 to 21 inches are being caught.

Trout fishing has still been very good in the Pennypack and another stocking will be done the 30th of the month. At Welsh Road Bill picked up 21 trout this past week fishing each morning. He has been doing best with wax worms, corn, power baits, spinners and floating trout worms. At the Boulevard one fisherman caught 5 trout, 3 suckers and a rock bass on Saturday. He caught most of the fish with spinners and trout magnets. Up further Woodward Avenue Tim had a great day with trout, bluegills and suckers with earthworms, meal worms and spinners. He ended the week with over 30 fish. The deeper holes below Pine Road have been very good for trout, smallmouth bass, rock bass and bluegills with spinners, small twister tails, wax worms and power baits. A couple guys did very good at the Wissahickon with brown trout fishing dry flies and bead head nymphs. Between three guys they caught over 25 fish 12 to 14 inches. Paul also fished the Wissahickon with power baits, salmon eggs and minnows landing 3 brown and 2 rainbows on Monday. He also seen several other fisherman doing as well. Core Creek has still been slow for trout but plenty of bluegills, white perch fishing the shoreline with wax worms, earthworms and twister tails. And in the back some good bass are starting to be caught with Senko worms, spinner baits, rattle traps and jigs. One fish 21 inches was caught early in the week and the same fisherman caught a 19 pound catfish. Dave and his brother off Woodbourne Road caught 17 bass over the weekend 1 to 3 pounds. Levittown Lake has also been pretty good for trout and these guys have also been catching some bass, crappies and bluegills mixed in. The trout have been hitting wax worms, meal worms, power baits, spinners and Kastmasters the best. Mike drifting with wax worms caught over 25 smaller crappies, 4 trout and lots of bluegills on Friday last week. He was back up on Sunday catching plenty of bluegills and 8 crappies. No trout. On Tuesday and Wednesday he tried to fish but the lake was too windy. Just had a fisherman back from the Pennypack catching 14 trout since early this morning all with wax worms and earthworms at Krewstown Road. He was buying more bait for tomorrow morning. A couple of guys have headed up to the Delaware Canal only to catch some bass, carp and bluegills. I heard they stocked the canal but these guys did not think so.

The cold morning shut down the bass fishing at Fall's Township. Jim was up several mornings this past week catching only 2 small bass. He even crank baited looking for walleyes or even a pickerel but had no luck. One other fisherman in his kayak drifted the lake with live minnows, nightcrawlers and crankbaits only catching 1 17 inch walleye, 2 14 inch pickerel and a yellow perch. Penn Warner is picking up for bigger largemouth bass. Tommy told me with rattle traps, silver buddies, plastic worms and pig and jigs he caught over 9 bass 3 to 5 pounds this past week. His buddy off the bank had a fish close to 7 pounds break him off on a tree branch after jumping and snagging him up. This fish was on a spinner bait. Buzzy has been doing good with 3 to 4 pound bass with spinner baits and jigs tipped with brush hogs fishing along the shoreline. No word from Chuck and Jay who usually do well on perch, crappies and bass off the shoreline. John looking for his first bass at Noxamixion has still had no luck. The only good report up here has been another John crushing the crappies around the docks and over hung trees. He has been doing best with twister tails and tubes fished under a slip bobber. Most of the fish have been in 8 to 12 feet of water. A few guys said the bigger crappies are hitting in Lake Galena. These fish have been hitting twister tails, minnows and shiners the best. FDR Park has been slow but one fisherman caught a few smaller bass and bluegills fishing with trout magnets and small spinners. He had some bigger top water lures looking for a snakehead but had no luck. Ron at Struble is still catching some nice crappies and yellow perch with twister tails, tubes and shiners. His buddies did not fish much with past week with all the rain keeping the Schuylkill high and off color. It also did not help with all the cold water and wind. One fisherman hit the Skippack looking for trout but did better with smallmouth bass and rock bass throwing crickhoppers, spinners and tubes. Nothing big but lots of action. Marsh Creek has was good for Jerry who was out looking for big smallmouth bass. Drifting minnows he landed 8 bass 2 to 4 pounds, 14 pickerel 2 to 3 pounds and 30 yellow perch up to a pound. He caught all these fish with live minnows drifted with a split shot. One fisherman at the Pennypack below State Road fishing with corn and carp baits caught 5 carp this past week 8 to 17 pounds. He also caught plenty of catfish, perch and even a small striper with nightcrawlers. The Poquessing has lots of suckers swimming around but not hitting anything. A couple kids have been trying to catch the bass up by the dam but again they are not hitting anything.

South Jersey has still been very good for perch, crappies, bass and pickerel. John showed up at Union and fished just a couple hours. He caught a bunch of crappies along the dam with twister tails and minnows. But by 10 he said the lake was so crowded he had to get off. Sunday was much quieter and he fished the island for bass. With plastic worms, spinner baits, crankbaits and grubs he landed 4 small bass and 19 pickerel. Richie caught his first couple bass in Lake Lenape. He has also been catching lots of pickerel looking for bass. But Tuesday evening he fished Blackwell Pond and had pictures of bass 5 to 6 pounds they caught with Spro crankbaits and rippling Red Fins. Another nice muskie was taken on Lake Hapatcong. This fish was 44 inches 26 pounds caught with a jerk bait. Tom seen this fish caught while he was out on Friday last week. Tom has caught 9 muskies this season but has yet caught a fish better than 30 inches. He has been doing best with big spoons, big spinners and tail dancers. Mercer county park has been pretty good for smaller bass and pickerel. These guys have been doing best with minnows, worms and spinners.

Saltwater action has not been good this past week. Way too much wind. Several guys fishing up and down the coast looking for stripers all had no luck. The only few stripers I did hear of was at Fortescue one fisherman caught 9 fish all 15 to 24 inches all with clams. He said 10 different guys have been hitting this spot each and every day and sill not legal fish have been caught. Over in Lewis Delaware 1 fisherman did pick up a nice 32 inch fish fishing the bulk head where the ferry docks. He caught this fish with squid. Up in the Raitian Bay the striper fishing has been very good. One fisherman told me there are tons of bunker with tons of stripers feeding on them. He was out twice this past week catching 23 bass 26 to 38 inches. He has been doing best with fresh and live bunker but has also caught fish with bucktails, spoons and umbrella rigs. At the hook several guys have been out looking for bass but only a few fish have been caught with clams. Brick on fisherman had a keeper caught with a bunker head. He also had 3 throw backs. Ben told me lots of 10 plus pound bluefish are being caught in Atlantic City behind Harrah's. These fish have been hitting mullet, bunker, metal and shad bodies. He also told me at the Hook in the back bays plenty of stripers are hitting bunker.

Weekend not looking all that bad with some cooler mornings. With all this cool weather the striper bite should hold way into May. I think the best part of the run is a week to 3 weeks away but there I'm only guessing. First we need some warmer less windy weather. If you get out good luck.


Well with the striper here a lot of people have forgotten about trout . Still
plenty of trout being caught in all the creeks . Joe was out today and got 11
with cp swings and waxies . He was out on the penny pack and said that he seen a
lot of fish still swimming in the water ! Louie and joe m went up the poconos
for their opening day and also did very well with Louie catching a big breader
rainbow. But plenty of trout to be caught still.
With the river and weather
warning up everyone is striper nuts. The bass are here and only getting better
by the day. I was out on Wednesday and managed to pick up 8 bass with the
biggest only being 23 inches. By 9 am the wind picked up and it got nasty so I
had to head in. Today I talked to Doug and he managed to pick up two 30 inch
fish and again had to come in do to bad weather conditions. A lot of big fish
being caught down by the tacony bridge . If you can deal with the perch bloods
have been working best and bunker has been the second choice . The water is
warming up so the bass are turning on. Now if we can only get some days without
wind !!!!!!!!
Down the shore I heard of a few keepers being caught off of
ibsp and more shorts. It's slowly but surely picking up down there . Pretty soon
it will be drum and fluke time . Off shore boats are still doing very well . A
lot of guys were going out on the ocean explorer but I haven't heard back from
them yet . Well that's all I have for this week. Tight lines



4-20-I have been very busy with music and fishing! Both things are keeping me happy and in motion. The Shad run has been fantastic, as it has been for many years now---it's amazing to me how few anglers take advantage of this unique and bountiful fishery that we have right here in town. I don't post Shad reports every day because ounce the run is underway you can count on catching as many as you like until they are all spawned out and gone for the year. I will be Shad fishing thru the end of April and then I switch over to my favorite part of the year, the spring Striped Bass run in the ocean waters of NJ. I moved the Archangel to what might be arguably the best marina slip in the whole inlet. The Archangel has received a lot of TLC this offseason and is running better than ever. For a while I wasn't sure if I was going to run charters in 2015 but I've decided to step it up and stay busy as ever. I have received too many inquiries to keep up with, if you haven't had luck booking me in the past please try again via email upon receipt of this report!Lastly, I just signed on for my own fishing show with my buddy Nick but that's a whole story unto itself. It should be a great year on the water. Here are some pictures from the Delaware the past week. Capt. Mickey

4-15-Thanks for the report. We have been fishing the piers in port Richmond and fishtown. We have had action every time we have been out but only catching catfish in the 3-5 pound range with 1 fish weighing 7.9 pounds. We have used bunker blood worms live large shiners and lures with bunker getting the most action but not a striper caught seen or talked about on the piers and we spent 4 days of at least 3-4 hours.Mike

4-12-I caught 3 stripers today all on blood worms off my own property in Penns Grove. They were all around 18 inches, I caught them in the hour prior to reaching full high tide. I also caught a nice white bass and a catfish. April 12, 2015

4/15 -- went out for an hour today at Mercer Lake. Used a spinner. Thought I had a snag -- boom. Fat largemouth, maybe three pounds. That was the only bite and only fish of the day. PS -- I rarely fish at the D&R Canal but if anyone can recommend a good spot to try, email me

4-8-I caught this guy on opening day (late afternoon) on the Pennypack in Lorimer :-) Park. I started fly fishing around 3:30 PM and tried a Lightning Bug (which usually kills) and a Pheasant Tail (a go-to fly). No hits whatsoever...until 6 PM when this rainbow nailed a gold-ribbed hare's ear nymph. Should start getting real good with stocked and holdover fish.
Thank you, Joe O'Connor

4-7- Well, if last night was any accurate indication we’re gonna have another strong run of American Shad this year. I only fished for an hour and landed 4 shad in quick order, starting off the year with a doubleheader of two fish on at the same time, both of which I landed by myself, since I was alone testing the waters. I have limited availability this month (April) and all trips are $350, maximum of two passengers, and they’re from 3pm to 7:45 pm or until it’s too dark to fish. Attached is an article I wrote for the local newspaper about the unique nature of Shad Fishing, and how lucky we are to have the healthiest shad fishery in America right here in my hometown of New Hope, PA. Everything you need to know about what to expect can be found in there. Email me to schedule a trip! All trips depart from the boat launch in Lambertville, NJ—minutes from my house. If you’re travelling in from out of town I can help you find quality lodging in our area.Mickey

On Friday, April 17, 2015, broke news of a pending New Jersey state record blackfish caught in 130 feet of water off Cape May by Frank Lamorte while fishing aboard the Fishin' Fever IV out of Utsch's Marina. The 25.37-pound tautog taped out at 33 inches, and all but eclipsed news about the first weakfish and black drum catches in New Jersey, as well as striped bass to 47.25 pounds in Delaware Bay and to over 40 pounds on the Raritan!

Got my striper back from the taxidermist this past week and I have to say what a great job Mike of Coastal Fiberglass Fish Mounts did this fish. Anyone needs a great job done I highly recommend you to check them out.

Local story done one Brinkman's Bait and Tackle -









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