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Out Tuesday morning early trying to beat the winds. On the river by 6:30 and the winds were already blowing pretty good. At least they were blowing with the tide. So I headed back up river to the Burlington and fished my new spot. Well for a couple hours I caught catfish after catfish 2 to 4 pounds. All these fish were caught with bunker. Had lots of hits on clams but did not hook up anything. Then the eels started to show up so I thought about trying some new spots. Well I went up river a couple miles and fished several different points, creeks and different spots around the turnpike bridge. Well with the high winds I did not have a single hit. Just before the tide was ready to change I shot back down river close to the ramp. Well in 2 to 3 foot waves I tried in front of the Rancocas, Dredge Harbor and in front of the water works again not having a single hit. I did forget to mention I did catch on slot fish early 21 inches. But that was it for me. Now Anthony picked up several slot fish on Monday but only had a smaller stripers and lots catfish back out on Tuesday. Ken was fishing down by the Tacony on Sunday catching 25 stripers but only had 2 slot fish. He also caught tons of catfish. Weezer was out on Tuesday and only was able to boat up a few smaller catfish. John has been out several time over the weekend the start of the week fishing bloodworms and bunker. He has been catching several slot stripers each day with lots of smaller bass. Mixed in plenty of catfish. He has been fishing south of the Tacony. I had several guys fishing over the weekend from Petty's Island down to the mouth of the Schuylkill River. These guys caught plenty of 15 to 24 inch stripers all with bunker. They also caught lots of catfish 2 to 5 pounds. I had one fisherman get his 2 slot fish on Monday and also had one 31 inch fish. Station Avenue has been over all slow. Lots of smaller catfish on bunker with some smaller stripers with bloodworms. Same off Linden Avenue with one fisherman catching 9 stripers yesterday from 3 to 8 inches. These fish were all on bloodworms. Under the Burlington over the weekend one fisherman caught 12 stripers all under sized. He also caught 5 catfish and 15 white perch. These were all caught with bunker and bloodworms. Up in the bridges at Trenton has been very good fishing in the dark. But with the low clear water just before and after high tide has been best. SP minnows, poppers, shad bodies have been working best. Most of these fish have been 22 to 27 inches. Again here no real big fish have been taken in over a month.

Now with the low and clear water the smallmouth bass fishing has been pretty good. Several guys fishing the Lamberville section have been catching 5 to 25 smallmouth bass a trip. Live minnows, Zoom Grubs, tubes and spinners have been working best. These guys are talking up 10 to 15 inches fish. No walleyes. Now Tom up at Point Pleasant did very good on bigger smallmouth bass and also caught a few good walleyes. He was fishing the ledges above the bridge abutments in 8 to 12 feet of water. Minnows, tubes, grubs and crankbaits were working best. Tom also fished several times down below Stockton doing great on smaller bass. Just above the Stockton bridge with live minnows he was catching 1 to 3 bass a drift. Problem Tom said was all these fish were 10 to 13 inches. Larry fishing for stripers above the 202 bridge Saturday night caught a few 5 to 8 pound catfish. But he did have a nice flathead 18 pounds mixed in. They have not caught a single striper since the first week of May. A couple of guys wading below Yardley were doing great with stripers. Fishing 3 inch white grubs in the fast water brought these couple guys close to 50 fish. This problem was they were all under 12 inches. They did not have a single bass. Another fisherman off the New Hope wing dam Tuesday with large minnows and smaller eels caught 5 decent smallmouth bass, 4 mid size stripers and 16 catfish. Shad fishing seems to be from the Water Gap north. And even Kevin said the Water Gap is starting to slow up quite a bit. Kev has still been catching 3 to 8 fish a evening but said the fish are starting to do the death swim not hitting for hours at a time. The fish he has been catching have been on chartreuse and pink spoons. Kev also said the smallmouth bass fishing slowed up in the deeper water but if you head above the 80 bridge the smaller fish have been hitting shiners and grubs the best.

Ron fished hard last week taken his first weeks vacation. On the weekend he spent several days fishing Marsh Creek. Here he caught some nice smallmouth bass, pickerel and yellow perch. Monday he headed over to Struble hearing the monster crappies were hitting. Well he did nothing on crappies but had a pretty good day with yellow perch and bluegills fishing trout magnets. Tuesday night he got out with his catfish buddies crushing channels with chicken livers and shrimp. They landed 35 fish between 8 guys all 2 to 5 pounds. These guys for the past week have been fishing 3 to 6 hours a night. Best night was over 50 fish with the worse 17. Another week without a single flathead. Last report from Ron he was crushing the bluefish out of Barnegat off the rocks with 3 ounce diamond jigs. When I talked to him last he landed 8 fish 6 to 14 pounds and lost over 12 biting off his 65 pound power pro. Anthony fishing Prompton Reservoir had a great day with smallmouth bass and perch. But he said this lake is going through a small fish kill with lots of dead crappies along the shoreline. Over the weekend and all week long I have been talking to lots of guys fishing the fish hatchery. These guys all caught plenty of largemouth bass 10 inches up to 3 pounds. Minnows seemed to be working best but guys also caught them with plastic worms and small poppers. Shopping center lake has been pretty good for smaller bass, crappies and bluegills. One fisherman with live minnows caught 15 fish on Saturday. The lake behind club Nirvana one fisherman landed 5 decent bass all with nightcrawlers. Several guys out in kayaks on Magnolia lake over the weekend said there were plenty of smaller bass hitting small crankbaits, plastic worms and jigs. Most of these fish were 10 to 13 inches. Fall's Township has still been very slow. Jim again stopped fishing here because it has been so slow. One fisherman with his kids did well on bluegills fishing meal worms around the ramp. But the bass fisherman have been catching 1 to 3 fish at best a day. The walleyes and pickerel seemed to slow up due to all the hot weather. 2 good reports from guys that kayaked over to Burlington Island fishing the lake on the island. These guys said some 3 to 5 pound bass were hitting spinner baits, frogs and jigs. One of these guys caught 5 different fish 17 to 20 inches all 3 to 5 pounds. John on Noxamixion finally found some good largemouth bass. Now these fish were on the smaller side but fishing right outside the pads with 4 inch Senko worms landed over 35 fish this weekend. He said the crappies are still hitting pretty good but the fish are on the smaller side. For one monster crappie caught in Tullytown cove Monday. This fish was 2.8 pounds and looked about 16 inches. Another fisherman on Core Creek had several crappies 12 to 14 inches. These fish were all caught with marabou jigs. Another good spot for some bigger crappies was Lake Galena. This fisherman 100 yards off the ramp picked up crappies 8 to 12 inches fishing with shiners, 1 inch twister tails and small tubes. He caught over 40 fish on Saturday and never moved more than a 100 yards. Pennypack creek has still been fair for trout. One fisherman at Pine Road had a great day with rock bass, bluegills and even caught a nice 17 inch rainbow. Trout magnets, meal worms and spinners were working best. Down at Rhawn Street Bill picked up a couple smaller trout with earthworms but his catch of the week was a 35 inch carp just shy of 20 pounds. This fish was also caught with a earthworm. Down further in the creek at Torresdale Avenue one fisherman with bagels and corn picked up 5 carp this were 5,7, 9 , and 13 pounds. Another great carp report from a fisherman at Core creek. This fisherman with corn has been catching fish 10 to 25 pounds. I even seen several nice pictures from last week. Tyler State park several guys fished over the weekend catching tons of small rock bass and bluegills. Minnows, meal worms and spinners working best. A couple guys did hit the Perkiomen Creek around Collegeville saying the creek is really low and only smaller fish have been hitting. But one of these guys fished Green Lane doing well with good crappies under several of the bridges with twister tails and live shiners.

The opening of flounder was very tough this past week. The season opened on Friday and the wind has blown ever day since. Even with the holiday weekend I did not get one single report back good or bad. Still the hot thing has been the bluefish. Most of the fishing has been best in the Barnegat, Breele area. These guys have been crushing fish 5 to 15 pounds with mullet, mackerel, bunker, spoons, crankbaits and poppers. The jetties have been hot, the beaches have been hot and even the boats fishing 1 to 2 miles out have been doing great. Just got one e-mail with a fisherman in Great Bay picking up 4 flounder this morning 19 to 21 inches. He also caught over 35 bluefish 1 to 3 pounds. Bucktails, squid and strip bluefish were working best. Another fisherman out of Sea Side had a great day with bluefish. He caught over 15 fish up to 18 pounds with his son. They even caught a 38 inch striper with a live bunker. Now all the guys fishing north have been doing great with stripers and bluefish with bunker spoons, umbrella rigs, chunked and live bunker. Most of these guys have been able to limit out with bass each trip out. The blues here have been 8 to 22 pounds. Out of Cape May one of Anthony's buddies looking for stripers ended up with a keeper size weakfish. He was throwing pink super flukes. Tom fished the back bay of Wildwood looking for weakfish. With flukes, fin s fish, small bucktails and squid he managed to pick up 5 keepers over the weekend. He also caught 5 throw back flounder and 2 small bluefish. Aaron and his father were fishing out of the Villas heading towards the canal. They had a great couple nights with drumfish. Saturday night they caught 5 fish 32 to 55 pounds. Sunday they caught 3 fish 25 to 35 pounds. Monday night they only were able to fish a couple hours but still caught one 58 pound fish. All these fish were caught with clams. Several other great reports on drumfish 30 to 85 pounds same in over the weekend. These fish were caught from the Cape May inlet over to Delaware. Up off Reed's Beach and Fortescue there were a bunch of smaller stripers taken with clams and chunked bunker. Here also a few 20 to 30 pound drum were also caught.

Well that is all I have time for this week. Sorry I'm kind of all over the place but all day long I have been waiting on the counter while trying to write this report. At least Helen is back to work so I hope I will have more time next time. I will be heading to the mountains to take care of the grass and other problems so I may miss or be a bit late with next weeks report. Good luck to all that get out this coming weekend.



5/20 -- Not a bass to be had after an hour and a half at a weedy Mercer Lake, but just for kicks I put on a piece of hot dog and what do you know -- fat, nice-looking bullhead catfish, a few pounds, that fought like heck.

5-13-After we bought our clams and bunker from your store. We were out fishing a little south of the Rancocas in 12 feet of water and we caught a dozen fish. Eight stripers and four fat cat fish. What a great day. The stripers were from 16 to 20 inches and gave us a great flight. Dave

5-1-Starting to get fish around trenton falls. We got 4 slot fish in a few hours a of fishing long with one sturgeon, all on artificials on 4/18. Lot of short hits on swim baits, it took a while to get them to take the hook. The sturgeon was our first ever, we had seen them on the bottom between trenton falls and calhoun st before and figured sooner or later wed get one.
Thanks for the reports, Jason Brounce

5-1-Thanks for the reports. I was out today at one of the quarries for LMB around fallsington. Only had one bite but it was a good one - see the attached pictures. Didn't have a tape measure on me but my shoe is 12.25in. I'd say she was pushing 4-5lbs. Joe

5-1- Skunked at the airport 5 hours. Saw a boat get a slot. 20 minutes after I got there one came up top about 10 yards out. She was freakin huge! ed


GRAND SLAM ACTION! Black sea bass season is officially underway, and while stiff south winds didn't make the May 27th NJ opener very accommodating, the weekend is shaping up to be a stellar one with good crowds expected along the party boat rails in search of big, hungry biscuits. Inshore, it looks like great tide and weather conditions to get out early in search of weakfish, striped bass, bluefish and fluke to complete your inshore Grand Slam in the New Jersey & Delaware region. For trophy stripers, beat the boat traffic out the local inlets with spoons or live bunker, the bite is on!

Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial kick-off to the Jersey Shore summer, and the official beginning of the 2015 summer flounder season! Jersey flukin' is underway as of Friday, and we expect most action to be had behind the inlets and back bays. The earlier you can get out the better your chances of scoring some of the outgoing tide before boat traffic gets busy. Same for trolling spoons or livelining between Barnegat Inlet and the Shrewsbury Rocks - the earlier the better. Meanwhile, the Delaware Bay drum bite is off the hook, and the offshore bite has materialized at all local canyons, with an immense 820-pound mako scored by Fisherman subscriber Fred Dirsh at the Wilmington Canyon (weighed at South Jersey Marina).

Got my striper back from the taxidermist this past week and I have to say what a great job Mike of Coastal Fiberglass Fish Mounts did this fish. Anyone needs a great job done I highly recommend you to check them out.

Local story done one Brinkman's Bait and Tackle -









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