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I'm hoping that everyone gets this mail. Worked on a new mailing list project to stop sending doubles and also I'm now able to delete names that want to. But when ever I change things something goes wrong. So if by chance you don't get a this e-mail resend you address to me and I will take care of it.

Was only able to get out one day this past week but it was by far the nicest day I have fished in many years. Thursday was sunny with a light NW wind blowing right down the middle of the river. Drifts were perfect and I even knock the hell out of the smallmouth bass. The first 3 hours were very slow not finding the fish. But after hitting many spots I headed to the top section that I fish and hit the super fast water. Drifts were about 45 seconds to 2 minutes but each time you hooked up 2 fish and lost 1 or 2. We ended the day with 43 bass 8 to 15 inches. We lost over 40 fish that were hooked and dropped or on the grubs were just holding to the tail. I landed 2 fish that were just stretching out a 5 inch Zoom grub. Colors for the day were watermelon and cotton candy. Minnows were also very hot. Several other guys were all doing as well and even one fisherman in the slow water drifting brown and watermelon Senko worms right on the bottom. Tons of other reports for smallmouth bass were coming in. Most all guys were catching 20 to 40 fish per 2 man with most guys doing best with minnows but tubes and twister tails making up the second spot. Some fish were caught with spinners and as evening comes in top water action is also hot. One fisherman at Yardley picked up over 75 fish in 5 trips. He caught fish up to 18 1/2 inches and also had 15 stripers mixed in 15 to 22 inches. Several of the guys drifting from Frenchtown back to Bull's Island have ben catching 25 to 50 fish per trip. These guys have been doing best with minnows. JR has been guiding the river doing several trips a day with 50 to 100 fish with several guys fishing. He has also picked up several walleyes in the past couple weeks. Kevin up at the Water Gap said the river is alive with smallmouth bass fishing minnows, jerk shads, grubs, tubes, spinners and top water lures. He has also been doing great at night with 24 to 30 inch stripers and catfish 8 to 15 pounds fishing live eels at night. A couple guys fishing Milford with live eels over the weekend picked up 6 keeper stripers and catfish up to 10 pounds. These guys also had one flathead 37 inches 21 pounds.

The Pennypack, Perkiomen, Tohickon and Neshaminy Creeks all have been hot for smallmouth bass, rock bass and bluegills. Best baits have been minnows, shiners, meal worms and nightcrawlers. Best artificial's have been 2 inch twister tails, tubes, spinners, shallow crankbaits and top water actions. A couple guys fishing Green Lane have been doing great with crappies fishing along the shoreline with minnows, twister tails and beetle spin spinner baits. Core Creek has also been very good for white perch with minnows and trout magnets. Fishing the upper end with spinner baits, Senko worms and Spro crankbaits bass 2 to 4 pound have been caught. Penn Warner picked up this past week with several guys doing well with bass and pickerel fishing plastic worms, spinner baits and jigging spoons. Fishing along the shore line you can catch 1 to 2 pound white perch all day long with live minnows and nightcrawlers. Kenny fished off his dock the other night catching over 75 perch nothing under a pound all with medium size minnows. Fall's Township has still been over all slow. Jim is still catching 1 to 3 bass a morning with power worms. But he said all these fish have been 8 to 12 inches. FDR Park plenty of bluegills hitting meal worms and smaller twister tails. Magnolia Lake a few guys fishing minnows and crankbaits picked up 25 bass 6 to 10 inches. They also caught plenty of smaller bluegills. Ponds down the street have still been very good for bass and catfish with nightcrawlers, minnows and top water frogs. Several different reports from Noxamixion. John has still been doing well with weedless frogs, poppers and plastic worms. Most of the bass have been 12 to 16 inches. Another fisherman off the dam picked up several smallmouth bass with live minnows. These fish were 12 to 13 inches. Some of the crappie fisherman are still doing well but much smaller fish the past couple weeks. Minnows, meal worms, tubes and grubs are working best. Mixed in have been a few yellow perch and plenty of bluegills. And one fisherman at Lake Warren in the high weed cover picked up 4 nice bass all with Snag Proof frogs. He said all the fish were small. Lake Galena has been dead other than one fisherman catching a few catfish at night with chunked up bluegills.

The lower river has still been great for catfish. Most guys have been fishing nightcrawlers, chicken livers, shrimp and bunker. Most guys have been boating 8 to 12 fish a trip while the bank fisherman have been catching 1 to 5 fish a trip. I did not hear of one flathead from the Delaware this past week. One fisherman up in Tullytown cove had a great day with largemouth bass. Fishing with 3 inch Senko worms he boated 9 fish in several hours. All these fish were under 12 inches. John said he has been still doing fair fishing the main river with plastic worms. He has been catching 3 to 5 fish each trip out. Rick is still doing fair with small stripers with top water plugs just before dark. Poppers and Zara spooks have been working best for 15 to 22 inch stripers. He even picked up a couple 13 to 15 inch largemouth bass in the main river.

Three different Jersey reports. John still doing well on Union Lake but he said if your looking to catch fish get there early. Fishing from 5 to 9 in the morning he can pick up 15 to 25 mixed fish. Most are bass, pickerel and crappies. After 9 fishing till lunch he can pick up a bunch of fish but you have to fish small twister tails right in the pads and you end up losing more tackle than it is worth. Now fish the past month he said the size of most of the fish has been small. Rich said Lake Lenape has still been very good for small pickerel with twister tails, spinners and plastic worms. Nobody has done well on bass in over a month. Now Dennisville was great for one fisherman spending a weekend down the shore. He fished buzz baits and plastic worms landing 9 bass 12 to 18 inches, 17 pickerel 9 to 16 inches and lots of crappies, perch and bluegills.

Saltwater reports have been slow coming in. Martin was up north for sea bass and porgies saying the fishing has just been the best. HE came home himself with over 75 keeper fish. Another fisherman did the same trip catching plenty of those 2 fish but also caught plenty of ling, a couple mackerel and even had a nice codfish. North Jersey has been some of the best flounder fishing. Frank has been out every couple days catching 3 to 5 keepers with bucktails and Gulp Grubs. His last trip he had 4 fish 21 to 27 inches out of the Shrewsbury Rocks. There are still tons of stripers being caught but all are throw backs. Most of these fish are being caught in shallow water just before dark or before sun up. Top water lures, Fin-S fish and shallow crankbaits have been working best. Crabbing in the Barnegat section has been pretty good with bunker, chicken and chunked eels. Central part of Jersey has been over all slow. But once you hit the south plenty of smaller flounder with a few keepers and tons of croakers are being caught. The croakers have been hitting bloodworms, Fish bites and Gulp mullet have been working best. Up the Delaware Bay also plenty of croakers are being caught with bloodworms and squid. Crabbing the Fortescue Dividing Creek section has also been great. Tony picked up over a bushel the past three trips down.

Well I wish I had more for you. Again another great looking weekend on tap. Get out and enjoy before summer comes to and end.


Well on the saltwater end the crabbing has been exceptional all up and down the jersey coast. We have been selling allot of crabbing gear the past few weeks, and it is only going to get better. Talked to a customer who was crabbing out of the cape may area the other day coming home with 78 keeper crabs. he said he crabbed the whole day for these but the juice was worth the squeeze. We just got another shipment of traps and nets in so we are pretty stocked up on our end. all you need to do is stop in and we will point you in the right direction. The fluke fishing has been hit or miss for some guys, but I have to say the last week has turned on pretty hot. Alex has been doing phenomenal out of Atlantic city on the wrecks. He is having fish up to 8 pounds. the only down fall is, if you are not loosing rigs you are not catching fish. And yes he is loosing allot of rigs on the wrecks. but he is also catching his limit whenever he goes out, of all quality fish. Fred one of our dealers who runs a charter out of sea Isle, has also been doing great on fluke. he said he is catching plenty of fish up to around 6lbs . Cousin vinny was fishing the brigantine jetty yesterday loading up on some croakers for the table. he also said he had a bunch of short fluke mixed in. mostly catching the croakers on bloods, and little pieces of clam. and the fluke were on gulp with a little buck tail. Sharking has still been good. had a few kids coming in every week loading up on bunker and mackerel. Said they are fishing the cape may area catching sand tigers, and brown sharks off the beach at night.
In the river there has been plenty of small mouth action up above . talked to several guys and all have been doing very well with some nice sized bass and some walleye mixed in as well. there are a ton of little stripers up river to be caught that are mixing in with your bass catch. they bite on the same thing the smallmouth bite on. up around the damns and the deep holes, Chris is still catching stripers up to the mid thirty inch range. surprisingly he is catching them during the day as well as night. super flukes, big top waters, and eels have been working best. Up by the Easton area they are also doing good on some nice sized stripers, but catching allot of flat head catties up there to. this is a new trend that started up there, and is starting to take off. Our eel guy is delivering eels up there weekly for these flat heads. In the lower river it has been the usual. tons of catties, white perch, and little stripers. Bill was out last week catching a bunch of catfish. customer was catching a bunch of stripers behind the prison two days ago on bloodworms. Stripers were ranging from 5 to 19 inches.
The lakes have been quite for the most part. Bass and panfish as usual in all our local lakes. Up at Penn Warner they are doing very well on big bass in deep water. They are throwing spro deep diving crank baits and catching a bunch of bass. The pan fish have been slow. Jay said he was up there the other day fishing for 4 hours only catching one white perch, and one pike. He said it's been good one day, and terrible the next. Hopefully with this little bit of cooler weather it will turn the fish on.
For all of you wing hunters out there, as you know dove, and goose season is soon approaching. And of course the federal duck stamp jumped from 15 to 25 dollars. But hey if the money goes towards conservation you cannot complain. Make sure to have your migratory game bird stamp as well when you head out in the field. I can honestly say I have been waiting all summer for hunting season. Who am I kidding, I have been waiting since last hunting season ended for this hunting season. This will be my dogs second season retrieving, and I am eager to get her out there on some ducks, and geese. The doves will get her warmed up. Hopefully there will be allot around this year. Fishing wise I didn't get to go this past weekend. I had a batch lore party down AC. I don't think Bill would appreciate me getting into the details of that on the fishing report . Well that's all I really have for this week. Tight lines


8/23 -- Fished Corson's Inlet on the Ocean City side for two hours. Nothing at all. And out of plenty of fisherman, I saw only a single flounder caught. Beautiful water, beautiful day, but disappointing fishing. The excitement for the weekend was on Saturday afternoon, on the beach off 25th Street in Ocean City -- stood with a guy as he fought a fish in the surf for 30 minutes. He finally landed it -- a 4-foot brown shark. His friend said that the day before they caught a 4.5-footer, using a mackerel head for bait.

8-20- My friends and I bought some earthworms from you guys and headed over to the pennypack for some multi-species fishing. Caught lots of sunnies/small smallmouth/rock bass/ some fat bluegills mixed in. Must been 40 fish caught over in 4 hours. All you need is earthworms and a size 10 hook. Saw some nice bass in there if you can find them. Karl

8-15-Nice Penn Warner 19” bass on wacky rigged drop shot! 38” Pike on 10’ deep diver crank bait! Definitely not a lot of bass, but caught 8 25” plus Walleyes this year! Ron

8-4-18" Bass on your night crawlers using her Spider-man rod! Jim

8-3-Mr. Brinkman! Was out cruising last night on the Delaware and noticed a large flock of gulls working an area of water just a tiny bit north of where the Schuylkill intersects. I threw on a 1.5oz white bucktail with chartreuse Gulp swimming mullet, drifted through the flock, and hooked up with a nice sized bass on light tackle. I'd say 26 inches. Made my night! See pic attached.
Great reports! Tight lines! Dan

8-2 I fished the wing dam for 2 hours this morning and caught 10 smallies all on top water. Thanks for your weekly reports, John Gessner

8-2- Went old school and took wife out Friday for about 5 hours- we ended up catching 6 smallmouth using Helgramites- lost a couple others on ultra lites - wife had a blast - fished above tocks island Delaware Water Gap- good fishing day S

The final weekend in August, and while the sun may soon be setting on another summer season, we all know it's better in September! Big fluke are on the move, and quite a few trophy fish have been brought to scales in recent days - including an 11.8-pound jetty doormat in Atlantic City. Plenty of bait in the back bay, as mullet and peanut bunker are gathering in advance of their September push along the beach; the bass and blues are on the prowl, with solid reports from a few local sharpies on a good weakfish bite on the west side of Barnegat Bay. Our offshore report for the week tips off the Bacardi for the yellowfin bite, while an armada of boats has been chasing down 'six-figure' bigeye catches (contest cash, not weight!) in areas like the Lindenkohl. The Fisherman Magazine's weekend video forecast has photos of a few of these latest, greatest catches from throughout the New Jersey, Delaware Bay region, with a rundown on all the action so you can plan your weekend ahead. Click the VIEW VIDEO button below and catch 'em up!

Got my striper back from the taxidermist this past week and I have to say what a great job Mike of Coastal Fiberglass Fish Mounts did this fish. Anyone needs a great job done I highly recommend you to check them out.

Local story done one Brinkman's Bait and Tackle -









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