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Took the boat out for a ride this week with all the nice weather. Fished over in Dredge for several hours having several pick ups but only ended up landing one bass about 7 inches. This was on a minnows with a bucktail jig. The rest of the fish picking up was nightcrawlers but I was never able to hook up anything. There was a pretty good school of stripers working over herring or shad outside of Dredge but there were several decoys out so I did not want to get shot. And from the amount of shooting they did after there must have been one shit load of ducks out on the main river. Hunted all three days off this week but still no luck. First day I seen several deer on the wrong side of the area. And the second I only seen a mother and fawn but again on the wrong side of the area. So Thursday with the change in the weather I decided to sit on the other side and see what happened. Well I saw nothing but on the walk out coming from my main stand was a really nice size buck. How big I don't know with it too dark to see and even with my fogged up binoculars I just knew it was a keeper. Oh well there is the week after rifle season and as long as they hold their horns we have after Christmas. Next couple weeks it will be does only.

WEll most of the business this week was for saltwater. The striper bite has really picked up all up and down the coast. Now more and much bigger fish are coming from north jersey. Breele up to the Hook has been some of the best fishing. Off the beach there are plenty of fish being caught but most at night. The hot lures have been SP Minnows, Bomber Model A's, poppers and metal with eel teasers. Most of these fish have been running 22 to 34 inches. Will and his two brothers were at Long Beach Island and all caught their limits of fish 30 to 32 inches. But they also had over 35 throw backs mixed in. John up at Sandy Hook caught several bass 22 to 28 inches with poppers and shad bodies. These fish were only 50 to 100 yards off shore for several hours on Tuesday. He caught over 18 fish in a couple hours. Manasquan Inlet was another pretty good spot for jettie fisherman with SP minnows and live eels. These guys caught plenty of fish in the 20 to 30 inch class. Off shore the boats have been just crushing fish. Over last weekend the fish was slow but since Monday they have been doing great. Most of these fish have been 28 to 44 inches. Metal here has been working best. Big Krock spoon 5, 7 or 9 ounce in single hooks or treble hooks. Diamond jigs in silver or gold have also been working great in 4 and 6 ounce sizes. Ava jigs have also been working good in 4 and 6 ounce in green or black colors. Next best thing has been snagging bunker and letting them drop to the stripers. Now in the central part or jersey Fred caught his limit each afternoon out of Sea Isle. He has been fishing spoons and jigs catching 4 to 8 bass 28 to 32 inches. Most of these fish have been 1 mile off shore. Fred has also had several good sea bass trips with fish 3 to 5 pounds. These fish are out 5 to 7 miles. Down in the Delaware Bay the rips have been fair for fish 22 to 34 inches. These fish are hitting metal, bucktails, shad bodies, clams, bunker and eels. Up the bay much bigger fish are being caught with live spots and fresh and live bunker. George caught 3 fish on Wednesday all 32 to 40 pounds. Now this coming weekend blackfish limits go back up to I think 6. So lots of guys were gearing up for that. But the sea bass fishing has been great and lots of winter flounder are being caught in the north. The flounder have been hitting clams and bloodworms the best. Point Pleasant one fisherman caught his 4 fish limit on stripers then fished for winter flounder with strip clams. In less then an hour he has is 4 fish limit there. Then it was sea bass where he caught 10 fish all 3 to 4 pounds. On the was back in they wanted to fish for stripers again but ended up with blues 5 to 9 pounds. That was a hell of a trip. Anthony and Dave were out over the weekend catching one keeper bass with several throw backs. They were fishing up north. Pete out on the Miss Barnagat Light catching his limit of bass 21, 24 and 26 pounds. He also had 4 throwbacks. Mixed in a 8 pound bluefish. All these fish were caught with 7 inch Krock spoons.

The river was slow this past week. Some of the smallmouth guys caught a few fish in deeper water but with all the low water and leaves it was a tough week. Tom said he only was out 2 mornings and caught 18 bass between the two days. He did have one 21 inch walleye mixed in. Charlie did try it one afternoon but said the winds sent him home early without a bite. One of the drift guys tried but only caught 6 fish in 6 miles of fishing. These fish were all caught with minnows. The lower river several catfish are still being caught with bunker, chunked eels, nightcrawlers and shrimp. Ron's buddies ont he Schuylkill River said fishing has really been slow with no flatheads in 3 weeks and 3 to 5 fish a night with 3 to 8 fisherman. The fish they have been catching are channels with shrimp and chicken livers. The lower part of the Schuylkill Joe is still catching smaller catfish with some yellow perch mixed in. And at the Art Museum there are some good catches of walleyes early in the mornings or late in the evening with twister tails, shad bodies, crankbaits and live minnows. Chuck told me Penn Warner was real good on Thursday with plenty of perch and bass hitting minnows. Keith off his dock had a few nice crappies and all the yellow perch you wanted with jigs, twister tails, tubes and small spinners. And one other fisherman did real good with 3 to 5 pound bass fishing metal in 20 to 25 feet of water. He has been catching 1 to 4 fish each trip out. John said the bass in Noxamixion has still been great fishing live minnows in deeper water. He has not been catching many fish but the ones he has been catching are 3 to 6 pounds. Jim gave up with Fall's Township having 5 bad trips in a row. He is now fishing the Pennypack catching bluegills, rock bass and a trout here and there. Pine Road was his best spot this past week but he has also been fishing Veree Road and the Boulevard. Shopping Center lake was pretty good for some bluegills and small catfish with nightcrawlers for the landscaper. He was up on Tuesday and said he had a few smaller bass on but never landed them. John is still doing very good with pickerel and perch fishing in Union. Just working the shore line with twister tails and spinners. Jerry is also doing very good on Lake Malaga with minnows catching some nice bass, pickerel and crappies. Richie said it is all pickerel in Lake Lenape with the river below the dam pretty good for pickerel, white perch and small bass. Sam and his son was up to Manasquan Reservoir crushing the bass with minnows, Zoom trick worms, rubber skirted jigs with kicker frogs, jigging metal and deep crankbaits. They caught 28 fish on Saturday 2 to 5 pounds. Sunday was even better with 21 fish but these fish ranged 3 to 7 pounds.

Well that is all I have for you this week. I hope these great report for stripers keep up till the late part of December. With this cold snap this past week I just see it getting better and better next week. Just hope the winds calm down to let the boat get out for them. Good luck!!


We'll little more to report this week. The penny pack is still holding trout and
few customers are getting some nice trout still. Wax worms and power baits are
working best. Not lighting the world on fire but it is a steady pick.
For the river still getting smallies and some walleye up river. Not the
quantity from the summer months but the quality is much better on the small
mouths. Down river has been the same as it has been. Catfish,catfish, catfish,
and few times perch and small stripers mixed in. I actually did see a picture
with a date on it of a mid 30 inch striper caught down towards the airport this
week . Didn't believe it until I saw the picture on the customers phone and it
showed the date the picture was taken . I don't know if this was a resident fish
or what but he got one.
jay and chuck have been fishing a lot at penn warner club and have been doing
awsome on perch, pike, and bass they are using mostly minnows. Another customer
brought in pictures of some really big bass from the club all caught on minnows. In saltwater news the bass are here ! Right now the days are hit or miss but
there is a steady pick of stripers. Above seaside was on fire 2 days ago with
bass off the beach, didn't hear anything today yet. I was up island beach state
park last Thursday night and fished until mid morning Friday off the beach. Only
picked up 3 bass and my cousin Vinny caught 1. All shorts. Storm shads and sp
minnows were working best. And than Saturday morning Dave, mock, Chris and
myself decided to take the boat out and see if we can pick at some fish. First
light we found the birds and fish were rolling on them . The action lasted for
about an hour and than bam like a light switch it was over for the rest of the
day. I managed to pick up 4 bass out of that hour the rest of the boat skunked .
I had the secret trick I think ! We trolled all day and nothing. Bunker was hard
to come by . Now the past few days have been pretty good on the boats but like I
said its hit or miss. Weezer was out yesterday picking up 6 bass all on snag and
drop . They said they probably would have done better but the fog was
restricting them on finding bait.
Well onto my hunting adventures . This might be my worst year yet . I have
hunted every morning before work for the the past few weeks and have not been
able to connect with a big buck. 2 days ago I had a monster and I mean monster 8
pointer 30 yards away for over and hour and couldn't get a shot! It's just not
happenin for me this year. I've passed dozens of small bucks but still no
monsters presenting me a shot. Only plus side is I got 2 nice does this yet in
the early season so I have plenty of meat . Well this Saturday I leave for Ohio
for a week of archery hunting with my friends. Hopefully we all tag out that
would be amazing . Well that's all I have for the week to report, hopefully I'll
have a big buck next week to show everyone . Tight lines !!!!


11-5-With the good weather Tuesday and the water off Cape May finally down to 54 degrees I blew off work for the day and headed down to my boat in Wildwood. We left the dock at 7AM on Tuesday 11/4/14 an after fueling up we headed to the Cape May rips. They were very calm and no other boats fishing there. We cruised through and not marking a thing so thought since we were here we would drift some eels and luck. We saw a few boats anchored up in the DE Bay and headed there but still no luck as waster was moving to fast. So we headed closer to shore a couple miles out from where the ferry docks and much more calm water and started getting bites....the wrong kind this time all sharks. Oh well we heard guys on the radio pick up a 38" and a 45" Striper so thought our spot was as good as any and the weather and calm water made it a great day even though we struck out. About 3pm we pulled anchor had headed for dinner by boat at the Lobster House in Cape May...delicious! Brian Brown

10-29-Will, Joe Magee captain of the F/V Irish Rover out of Cape May New Jersey. I'm a friend of Paul Jonovic from Golden Point Marina here. I thought I’d send you a report on Tuesday fishing at the Cape May Reefs. Tuesday was really the only good day while the wind laid down and we got favorable SW winds… We steamed out around 6am to the morning and headed to the north side of the CM Reefs around Rail cars 5 and 1 (See map below.) We stared a NW drift from about the middle of the box and drifted over reefs 5 and 1. First drive we picked up two blues and a keeper sea bass. A few drifts later we caught another keeper Sea Bass. We battled blues and even Mackerel through the remainder of the morning. In the afternoon we anchored up and positioned ourselves over one of the reefs and started chunking amix of freshly caught bluefish (cut bait) and other assorted bait that we brought. We created quite the feeding frenzy with the blues and mackerel and boated a few dozen of them. Great day out on the boat… We saw the head boat Porgy IV out there as well, tried to reach him on the radio to let him know where we were hitting them but no response…
Rest of the week look like NW winds (blah…) Good news is that usually after a long run of NW winds (and drop in water temp of course...) the stripers tend to migrate down the coast to Cape May and eventually into the Bay. The hope is that we’ll be lighting it up with monster stripers soon… I’ll send reports as things progress…

10-28-Shit blew up tonight, got the call. Crazy striper blitz! Boats found them on there way in from the blues grounds. The boats hung around for an hr and left them biting. Bass up to 45lbs landed. Im headed there in the AM. Point Pleasant each boat averaged 30 bass in that hr Derek

10-26-I took my father in-law fishing today, we woke up at 4:30am because right now it is strictly a morning bite. This will all change shortly for sure. The good news is that we have massive schools of Menhaden (Bunker--bait fish) instead of the typical Fall sand Eels. Big bait (Bunker) means a better shot at big fish and today we landed 3 fish up to 35lbs. The boat is running great and I rewarded her by giving her a full detail after today's bloodbath. We also lost 3 fish so there was lots of action and no Bluefish around so that made it even better. Again, this will change, but right now if you're not out there before the sun comes up you might as well stay home. I actually ran aground today while running in the dark, the long awaited dredging project in our inlet is underway though and by deviating amere 20 feet out of the channel I got stuck but managed to get us out of there after a couple scary minutes. I am doing a lot of touring this Fall and Winter but I'm going to try and get out whenever I can. Please let me know if you're interested in getting in on the action! -Mickey

Oct. 17 -- Went to Mercer Lake for just a few hours. Quite a few hits on spinners and spoons, and some catches too, though nothing huge: just a couple largemouth, nothing bigger than a pound.

10-6-I sat in the trees also took this one @ 43 yds after watching him and his big brothers play grab ass for a wile. Seven point got 97 lbs back from the butcher shop.
Took 3 doe also to date have 3 more tags to fill. Have seen more deer this year in 5D than I have seen in a long time. Be safe out in the trees Joe

Joseph Kieffer been out twice archery hunting, I am seeing some good doe but none have given me a shot yet. Gonna head out again tomorrow morning in montgomery county.

My buddy jack was in the Delaware bay and him and 2 other guys caught 15-17 amberjack Drew


Northern bass action took a step backwards with increasing numbers of shorts and teen-sized bass mixing in with some slammer bluefish. The Cape May Rips produced some big cows for those trolling plugs or eeling, while blackfish and other bottom species entertain. New Jersey's tog bag limit goes up to six on November 16.

Got my striper back from the taxidermist this past week and I have to say what a great job Mike of Coastal Fiberglass Fish Mounts did this fish. Anyone needs a great job done I highly recommend you to check them out.

Local story done one Brinkman's Bait and Tackle -







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